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Galia Grainger is a British weight-loss expert, TV personality, and entrepreneur. Check out this biography to know about her childhood, family life, achievements and fun facts about her.

Quick Facts

Birthday: June 10, 1958

Nationality: British, Uzbekistan

Famous: British Women Gemini Women

Age: 61 Years, 61 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Gemini

Also Known As: Mrs Weightloss, Detox Diva, The Slim Reaper, Diet Dominatrix

Born in: Uzbekistan

Famous as: Weight Loss Guru

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Galia Grainger, often referred to as the ‘diet dominatrix’ and ‘the slim reaper’, is a weight-loss expert, TV personality, and entrepreneur. She is best known for running her retreats in East Sussex and Devon that concentrate on weight loss and help people boost their lifestyles. Originally from Uzbekistan, Grainger came to the UK in 1989 and started working in Oxford Street in an administrative role. In some time, her increasing weight posed a problem to her everyday activities. She decided to lose weight by following her Russian grandmother’s diet. This was a success and Grainger wanted to share this with the world. She decided to spend her savings and create ‘Slimmeria’, a retreat, in 2010 for those who wanted to lose weight. Her brusque and matter-of-fact behavior appealed to many and the retreat became famous in no time. Theis allowed her to become a popular figure. In 2017, she started hosting the reality TV series ‘Celebrity Fat Fighters’ and worked with celebrities to help them lose weight. She is currently the face of the Channel 4 program ‘The Extreme Diet Hotel’.

  • Galia, a former resident of former USSR, moved from Latvia to Britain in 1989 in search of employment. She started working in Oxford Street in an administrative role and later moved into property development. It was around the same time she faced problems due to her weight. She had put on considerable weight because of her heavy intake of junk food that was omnipresent. She reached a breaking point when she turned 50 and decided to take control of her body. She followed her grandmother’s regime, which involved fasting and natural eating. When this worked for her, she decided to bring her ideas to the market as it was a lucrative market. She converted the Bread and Breakfast her husband ran to a weight-loss retreat called ‘Slimmeria’ in Crowhurst, East Sussex.
  • Her Sussex retreat was successful in no time. Her no-nonsense and sometimes dominating approach ensured that the participants received what they asked for – to lose weight in a short span of time. Soon enough, she built another retreat of a similar nature in Merlin Court, Ilfracombe in Devon. Over time, her methods earned her the tags ‘diet dominatrix’ and ‘the slim reaper’ as she didn’t mince words while training her participants to stick to a regimented diet. The promise of shedding weight within a week appealed to many others, and her ‘Slimmeria’ retreats witnessed a greater success as the years passed.
  • In January 2017, she started hosting the reality weight-loss TV series ‘Celebrity Fat Fighters’ for the UK channel TLC. In the series, celebrities are taken to her retreat in Sussex and are forced with a strict diet and training regime to lose weight. Celebrities for this season included Sandi Bogle, Lateysha Grace, Jennifer Ellison, Stevi Ritchie, James Bennewith, Danny Miles, and Riley Carter Millington. The series was widely watched. She was next seen hosting the channel 4 program ‘The Extreme Diet Hotel’ which followed the same premise as ‘Celebrity Fat Fighters’. Her unconventional methods were highlighted again in the documentary series. Today, she remains a popular weight-loss guru and runs two successful weight-loss retreats.
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Personal Life
  • Galia Grainger was born on 10 June, 1958 in Uzbekistan. She spent her formative years in Latvia before moving to the UK, in 1989. Grainger hasn’t revealed any information about her childhood or family. She is currently married and has a son. Despite a strict regiment, Grainger loves eating healthy and prefers caviar and cabbage along with fruits. She is also a health fanatic and constantly works out.
  • Galia drives a scarlet sportscar that a unique number plate ‘AM I 2 FAT’. Galia confessed that this is a question she asks herself every day and wanted to make it a significant part of her life.

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