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(YouTube Star)

Birthday: July 22, 2010 (Cancer)

Born In: Rivers State, Nigeria

Emanuella Samuel is a young comedienne from Nigeria who has featured in tons of videos on YouTube. She mainly features in Mark Angel Comedy videos. Emanuella first rose to fame when she appeared in Mark Angel’s comedy video ‘My Real Face’. Since then she has appeared in number of Angel’s videos. Emanuella Samuel is one of the most repeated artists in his videos and most liked too. Their collaboration is what makes Mark Angel’s videos extraordinary and likeable. The two have number of videos together and their content is different each time. Their settings, cultural background and natural acting are what makes the audience tick and come back for next video. Emanuella’s innocence and unique style of acting has set her apart from other YouTubers of her generation.
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Also Known As: Emmanuella

Age: 13 Years, 13 Year Old Males

Notable Alumni: Brighton Gate Academy School

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education: Brighton Gate Academy School

awards: Nigerian Teen Choice Award for Choice Young Online Sensation

Emanuella Samuel has become an internet sensation in no time due to her numerous videos. Her video first appeared on YouTube with another comedian Mark Angel. She is mainly known for videos such as ‘My Real Face’ and ‘Emanuella Sleep’ on YouTube. Apart from this, she has also appeared in number of videos on YouTube. In one of the videos, ‘Maths Teacher’ one can see Samuel sitting along with bunch of children in a classroom. It is a comedy video where the teacher is trying to teach the kids Math as the students sit clueless and crack jokes for the viewers.
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In another such video titled ‘Who Died’ Samuel had the viewers in splits as she and Angel presented another hilarious and different content to the viewers. There is another video named ‘Police Officers’ where Samuel brags about her uncle having a farm full of weed. Two police officers overhear her conversation and thinking that Samuel is an innocent, little girl persuade her to direct them towards her uncle’s farm. When they all reach their destination they find out that her uncle has the unwanted plants known as weed, and not the drug they were searching for. The video is hugely popular and people in the comment section couldn’t stop praising the video. It is this kind of different content that makes Samuel and Angel stand out from other YouTubers.
In one of Mark Angel’s videos, you can also find him teaching Samuel English. In the video, ‘After School Lesson’ Angel is seen teaching ‘antonyms’ to Samuel who is having hard time learning.
Mark Angel’s YouTube channel is flooded with number of videos which he posts as episodes. In most of his videos, one can find Samuel at her best. The reason these videos are hit with the viewers is that they are shot at real locations and have captured the reality of Nigeria. Unlike other YouTubers who shoot their videos in their plush apartments and bungalows, these videos are shot outside their small cottages and houses. This is the reason why, they look more realistic and audience can connect with them.
Emanuella Samuel won the G Influence Niger Delta Special Talent Award in 2015. In addition to this, she has also won ‘Nigerian Teen Choice Award for Choice Young Online Sensation’.
As per news reports, Samuel has announced that she is going to be part of a Walt Disney project very soon.
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Personal Life
Emanuella Samuel was born on 22 July 2010 in Nigeria. She is the cousin of Mark Angel, the famous Nigerian YouTuber and comedian.

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