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Eloise Mitchell is an English YouTube vlogger. Check out this biography to know about her family, personal life, including her age, birthday, etc.

Quick Facts

Birthday: February 9, 2002

Nationality: British

Boyfriend: Jake Spink

Age: 17 Years, 17 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Born in: England

Famous as: vlogger


father: Rob Mitchell

mother: Sue

siblings: Jake

City: Hertfordshire, England

Popularity Index
Vloggers #693 YouTubers #964
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Eloise Mitchell is an English YouTube vlogger. Her channel has more than 218,000 subscribers. Eloise posts hauls, challenges, and DIY videos on her YouTube channel, which has so far gathered over four million views from all its videos. In her successful career as a YouTube star, Eloise has collaborated with many fellow social media stars, including her own brother Jake Mitchell. Apart from YouTube, Eloise is also famous on Twitter and Instagram as well.

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Early Life & Career
  • Eloise Mitchell was born on February 9, 2002, in England, to Sue and Rob Mitchell. She was raised along with her older brother, Jake. Both Jake and Eloise developed interest towards social media very early in their life. Eloise started uploading videos and pictures at the age of 13, when she created her Twitter account and YouTube page. Eloise gained popularity after she started giving away gifts to her subscribers. Gradually, all her videos started accumulating impressive number of views. This encouraged Eloise to come up with a variety of videos like challenges, shopping hauls, make up hauls, and other beauty-related videos.
  • She started collaborating with many other internet stars, including her brother. In fact, she has pitted her brother against her boyfriend in some of her videos. All these videos have contributed to the total number of views, which currently stands at over four million. Some of the most viewed videos in her channel are ‘2017 Birthday Haul,’ ‘Surprising My Boyfriend with his Dream Presents,’ ‘What I Got For Christmas,’ and ‘Surprising My Brother & All About My Piercings.’
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  • Eloise Mitchell is also known for contributing content on other social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram. Her official Instagram page, where she posts pictures that displays her amazing collection of clothes, has more than 247,000 followers. Eloise uses her Twitter page to sell clothes on an online platform called ‘Depop Shop.’ She also uses her Twitter account to connect with her fans and followers. Currently, she has more than 35,000 followers on her Twitter page. Apart from social media activities, Eloise is focused on her education as well.
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Personal Life & Family
  • Eloise Mitchell is close to her family. She often features her father, Rob, in her YouTube videos and appears frequently on her mother’s Instagram page. Eloise often collaborates with her brother Jake for many of her videos. She has also featured her boyfriend, Jake Spink, in a number of videos. Eloise met Jake Spink on Facebook, in January 2015. They started dating in September 2016 and have remained together ever since. Before Jake Spink, Eloise was in a relationship with a guy named Ben. Eloise Mitchell loves animals, which is pretty evident on her Instagram page. Dogs, horses, rabbits, and donkeys are some of the animals featured on her official Instagram account. She also loves playing sports. During her high school days, Eloise was part of the cheerleading and netball team.

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Last Updated : October 17, 2018
Eloise Mitchell

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