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Quick Facts

Birthday: January 13, 1997

Nationality: British

Age: 23 Years, 23 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Capricorn

Born in: Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Famous as: YouTuber, Instagram Star

City: Cardiff, Wales

Popularity Index
YouTube Pranksters #35 Social Media Stars #111 YouTubers #283
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If you are one of those enthusiasts who eagerly wait for the release of new and latest prank videos online, then you might have come across a host of hilarious prank videos of young, witty and charming Elliot Giles. He is a well-known YouTube star and social media personality from Cardiff, Wales. He is predominantly famous for the prank videos that he creates along with his fellow British YouTube personality, Ben Phillips. From posting his first Vine video on his personal account titled ‘Boys these days find anything hot with a pulse’, Elliot has come a long way. He now makes his fans wait eagerly for his new posts. With time, he made his presence felt on different social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, becoming a sensation, particularly among girls who go gaga over his new posts. This young and talented star, along with his buddy Ben, leaves no stone unturned in tickling the funny bone of his fans and viewers with some awesome, crazy, offbeat and hilarious videos.

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Meteoric Rise to Stardom
  • Elliot Giles was like any other boy until he started gaining attention, thanks to his crazy and amazing videos which he posted on Vine, a video hosting service where users can share their own videos.
  • It all started when this prankster posted his first video on Vine after creating his personal account in October 2014.He then collaborated with another famous YouTube star Ben Phillips in creating several videos that gradually gave the duo a decent recognition online.
  • Elliot then came up with a YouTube channel titled ‘Elliot Giles’ on September 29, 2013. The channel that features Ben’s pranks on Elliot has already garnered more than 109,000 subscribers and more than 12.5 million views. Two of the most popular videos of the channel that surpassed a million views are ‘Ben Phillips Pranks - Pimples Prank’ and ‘Hot Chocolate PRANK’.
  • Elliot came up with another YouTube channel on November 16, 2015. By accumulating more than 388,000 subscribers and over 67 million views, the channel surpassed his previous YouTube channel and furthered the fame of both Elliot and his partner in crime, Ben Phillips.
  • Some of the most popular videos of the channel include ‘Ben Phillips Pranks - The Kidnap’, ‘Sun Bed Glue’ and ‘Fake Lottery’ among many others. On November 26, 2015, Elliot and Ben came up with yet another YouTube channel titled ‘Ben Phillips & Elliot’. The channel, with the help of its prank videos like ‘Ben Phillips & Elliot - Pooping Prank’ and ‘Ben Phillips & Elliot - Drinking Pee Prank’, has gradually amassed over 103,000 subscribers and more than 17 million views.
  • In September 2014, Elliot launched his Twitter account, ‘elliotgilesuk’. The account, in which he welcomes his viewers to follow his interesting journey, has so far managed to garner more than 200,000 followers. He has also managed to make a splash in Instagram with his account ‘elliotgilesuk’. The comical, freaky, peculiar and playful posts that he uploads in this account have earned him more than 800,000 followers.
  • He then created another account in Vine and started to upload videos on the video hosting platform. Much like his YouTube channel, his Vine accounts too, have many of his prank and funny videos that have impressed most of his fans and viewers.
  • Elliot Giles has shared stage with ‘The Vamps’, an all-male pop group from London. The band won the Best British Group award at the 2016 BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards.
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Behind the Curtain
  • Elliot Giles was born on January 13, 1997 in Cardiff, Wales. This joyful and witty YouTube sensation and Instagram star, who makes his fans and viewers around the globe laugh out loud with his humorous, entertaining and engaging posts, likes to keep his personal life under cover.
  • He has not divulged any information about this childhood, education and family. His past and present romantic relationships are also not known. However, this handsome social media personality has managed to capture the attention of many young girls who drool over his photos that he posts on his Instagram account. Many of his female fans have also expressed their interest to get in touch with him.

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