David Spencer Bio

(YouTube Star and Gamer Better Known as 'iBallisticSquid')

Birthday: January 29, 1992 (Aquarius)

Born In: Huddersfield, England

David is known to most millenials as the pro Minecraft player who often cheers people up by streaming his games on YouTube. He streams video game walkthroughs since 2012. He found that his streams could be more fun so he stepped his game up working on cheesy vlogs and some really creative Minecraft plays. David Aka Squid was then recognized as a YouTube partner on 25th September 2012. Squiddy focuses mainly on Open-world, sandbox games like Ark, Sims and Skyrim. He’s known for his signature “Hello everybody” opening, which instantly brightens up your day. He often hosts ‘challenges’ within the games and in real life. These challenges are a lot of fun to try among friends or even at a party.

Quick Facts

British Celebrities Born In January

Girlfriend: Sketchasaurus

Also Known As: iBallisticSquid

Age: 32 Years, 32 Year Old Males


siblings: TomoHawk1989 (Older Brother)

Born Country: England

Rise To Stardom
When Squiddy first released his very first YouTube video, he started off as just another-random-guy on YouTube. Ramping his channel’s subscribers and views exponentially, when his channel reached a 100 subscribers, he posted his first vlog. Squiddy mentions that it was the first time he had made a vlog. His YouTube channel iBallisticSquid leaped from just 5000 subscribers to a staggering 2 Million in less than a year, rising at a steady pace of a million subscribers each year since 2014. His Minecraft videos on the other hand are a total hit among the game’s fans. He moves on to make a lot of hilarious play through videos on Skyrim and its mods. The extremely fun Minecraft mods are a delight to even just watch while you’re taking a pizza break between games.
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What Makes David Spencer So Special
The scintillating world of Minecraft is Squiddy’s specialty. The mod and challenges he hosts are followed up by his wide fan base. He’s friends with Joseph Garrett Aka Stampylongnose and AshDubh. This trio makes some of the most hilarious playthroughs, it sometimes their videos feel like they’re the ‘Project X’ team of the gaming world. His creative interests inspire a lot of young gamers who follow his footsteps in experimenting and enjoying the epicness of the virtual world. When asked what is his favorite part being a YouTuber, he lit up with a polite smile and said “my favorite part of being a YouTuber is being able to wake up every day and try and make people smiling and bring joy into you guys' life by being stupid and silly playin’ some stupid game knowing that I could make at least one person happy.” Perhaps it is the state of being skittish, which keeps his videos so entertaining or his creative ways of involving his viewers to join into impressively designed challenges. Who knows? If you were to watch a few videos you might want to play Minecraft and form up a ‘B-Team’, like he did.
Beyond Fame
On the 1st of November 2016, he proudly announced the launch of his very own mobile game called ‘Keepy Ducky’. This game was an idea which he got by playing along with one of his Minecraft friends. After 2 years of hard work he designed with and mentored developers in the making of the game. As he says “Keepy Doo-keh” in his rich Scottish accent, is rated 4.8 stars on Google Play store and it’s also available in Apple’s iOS App Store. It’s a really addictive game which is worth downloading.
Family & Personal Life

David Spencer is currently dating another YouTube star, Sketchasaurus, who brings animated characters to life with her brilliant drawing skills. He proposed to her in May 2019.

David Spencer's username iBallisticSquid comes from him playing Call Of Duty using the ballistic knife often and from when he was at college his friends called him ‘Squidward’, a character from ‘Spongebob Squarepants’ because he was grumpy most of the time. He has three cats, two dogs and a tarantula, whose names are Willow, Ollie, Church, Marley, Lilly and Calypso respectively.

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