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(Instagram Star)

Birthday: March 23, 2004 (Aries)

Born In: Yorkshire

Daisy Tomlinson is a social-media influencer from England and is better known as the younger half-sister of 'One Direction' star Louis Tomlinson. Daisy has a twin sister named Phoebe and two elder sisters. The Tomlinson twins rose to prominence by performing cover versions of popular tracks of 'One Direction.' Daisy also often makes appearances on Phoebe’s 'YouTube' channel. She has an 'Instagram' account, too, where she has gained a decent fan base. Daisy supported Briana Jungwirth, Louis's girlfriend and the mother of his child, when the latter was attacked by online trolls. Daisy has two half-siblings from her mother’s marriage to Dan Deakin.
Quick Facts

British Celebrities Born In March

Also Known As: Daise

Age: 20 Years, 20 Year Old Females


father: Mark Tomlinson

mother: Johannah Deakin

siblings: Charlotte, Félicité, Phoebe

City: Yorkshire, England

Birth & Personal Life
Daisy was born Daisy Freya Tomlinson, on March 23, 2004, in Doncaster, a town in Yorkshire, northern England, to Johannah Poulston and her second husband, Mark Tomlinson. Her twin sister, Phoebe, is 8 to 10 minutes older than her. Daisy has two elder sisters, namely, Félicité and Charlotte. Her elder half-brother, Louis Tomlinson was born to Johannah and her former husband Troy Austin. Daisy has another set of twin half-siblings, Doris and Ernest, from her mother’s marriage to Dan Deakin. They married in 2014, after Johannah divorced Mark Tomlinson. Daisy lost her mother in December 2016, after she succumbed to a long battle with an aggressive form of leukemia.
Daisy is also known as “Daise” and is also sometimes called “Daze.” She is in a relationship with Tom Sharman, whom she has been dating since 2017. Daisy and Phoebe are identical twins. However, they can be distinguished by their teeth. Daisy does not have gaps between her teeth, while Phoebe has them.
Daisy is an ardent animal lover. She loves dogs and horses. Like her sister, she loves baked beans. She enjoys making loom bands with Phoebe.
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Rise to the Fame
Daisy was about 6 years old when Louis became a star. He had already released a few hits as part of his band. This later helped Daisy and Phoebe earn a significant fan base. The twins displayed an interest in music since an early age. They would often sing cover versions of Louis’s songs and share them on social media. This caught the attention of many, and the Tomlinson twins became popular soon.
Daisy and Phoebe also often appear on Charlotte’s 'Snapchats.' They have also appeared in 'One Direction's' movie 'This Is Us.'
Daisy does not own a 'YouTube' channel but often appears on Phoebe’s channel. She has appeared in a couple of makeup and skincare routine clips for Phoebe’s channel. Daisy has also performed the popular whisper challenge with Phoebe.
Daisy is mostly active on 'Instagram,' where her posts have earned her about 600 thousand followers. Although she is relatively new in the social-media arena, she has already been a victim of internet trolls. Daisy once defended Louis’s girlfriend, Briana Jungwirth, against 'Instagram' trolls. Briana had posted a comment on one of Daisy’s 'Instagram' pictures, to which she had replied with a “thank you.” However, Briana was soon attacked by internet trolls for making fun of mental disorders. Briana was also criticized for being with Louis only for fame and money. Daisy soon came to Briana’s defense and fought the trolls.

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