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(YouTube Star)

Birthday: January 4, 1997 (Capricorn)

Born In: Schofield, Wisconsin, United States

Christopher O'Flyng, also known as Chris O'Flyng, is one of the most famous YouTube personalities. He is popular for his comedy videos that he posts on his YouTube channel. He is also famous for his cringe-worthy challenge videos. Contrasting to his happy-go-lucky image that he portrays on social media, Chris has shown his sensitive side too, by posting a few issue-based videos. He became prominent after he started posting videos, featuring his views on various issues like homosexuality, unsafe daredevil stunts and other youth-oriented issues. Ever since Chris stepped into the web world, many of his videos and clips have gone viral. Of late, he started showcasing his talent on other social media platforms too, like Instagram and Snapchat. All his channels have over 1.1 million subscribers and together, they have accumulated over 80 million views so far. He is an aspiring filmmaker and is currently working on developing a few stories.

Quick Facts

Also Known As: Chris O'Flyng

Age: 27 Years, 27 Year Old Males

Born Country: United States

Height: 6'0" (183 cm), 6'0" Males

U.S. State: Wisconsin

Chris commenced his YouTube career in 2011. He was inspired by the comedy videos posted on YouTube by the comedy group, ‘Smosh’. Intrigued by the overwhelming response their channel received, Chris made up his mind to build a career in this field.
He started following the style of YouTube personality and comedian, Ryan Higa which helped him to shape his career. He convinced his friend Luke Korn, who was also a newbie, to make videos along with him. For the next three years, Chris and Luke posted their videos on the channel ‘UncleKornicob’ which they created together. Chris eventually went solo and launched his own channel, ‘Christopheroflyng’.
The first video that Chris posted after the launch of his channel was titled, ‘My name is Chris O'Flyng’. He started off by posting comedy videos and eventually tried his hand at posting various other videos as well. Chris expanded his range by incorporating different elements into his comedy videos. Videos involving mimicries, lip-syncs, stand-ups and crazy challenges garnered him a huge number of followers.
He then shifted his focus toward making some serious, issue-based videos. Chris spoke about many youth-related issues that were considered taboo. He debuted in this new genre with a video in which he openly discussed his sexual orientation. Chris made perfect use of his social media fame to tell his own life story. He confessed about being a multi-sexual and advocated self-acceptance. He lashed out at people who are shallow-minded and those who take pride in being judgemental.
This video inspired many of its viewers and encouraged them to come out of their shells. Chris then came up with the idea of one-on-one candid chats with his fans. The idea created quite a flurry on the internet.
Chris’ videos have been pivotal in bringing the LGBT community in front of the camera to spread the message of unconditional love and to let others know of their desire to be socially accepted.
From confessions to candid chats, everything that Chris has done to date has been admired by his fans and other YouTubers. For a young man, Chris has displayed an amazing sense of responsibility, for he is often involved in charities. Recently he got himself associated with WhyHunger, a non-profit organization, working to put an end to hunger and poverty. This tie-up connected people from different walks of life to support the movement.
Chris then started asking for donations and in exchange offered a free trip and a coffee date. Chris had some brilliant ideas in his mind and needed to raise a huge fund in order to execute his ideas. Hence, he launched his own line of clothing which is sold online at District Lines.
The next set of videos posted by Chris featured life lessons that he had learned from his own experiences. One such video taught its viewers how to deal with heartbreaks and the depression that invariably follows. He spoke about suicidal tendencies that he had after he broke up with his YouTuber boyfriend, Matthew Lush.
Chris launched another YouTube channel, ‘OffTheRails’ in September 2016. The channel has already accumulated about 46 thousand subscribers and 19 million views.
There was a point in time when Chris had to face haters too. A blogger claimed that Chris has faked many of his posts and videos. The blogger called the post, which claimed that Chris’ house was on fire, a sham.
One more post from July 2016 that lashed out at Chris for faking his experience of being raped by a woman created quite a stir. The one who posted the video accused Chris of using the social media platform and his popularity to lie about something very sensitive. Chris’ action was considered hurtful by many real victims. Many bloggers even suggested that Chris must be put behind bars for his irresponsible posts.
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Film Debut
Chris will soon be seen on the big screen as he is all set to make his film debut. He will be playing the lead role in the upcoming horror flick, ‘Soul Reaper’. In the film, Chris will play the role of Mike, a lionhearted guy who is stalked by a serial killer hidden in the woods. The film will be directed by James Crow and will be distributed by4Digital Media.
Personal Life
Chris was born on January 4, 1997 in Wisconsin, USA. He completed his high school education from D C Everest High School. Growing up in Wisconsin was not easy for him as the town had no prominent entertainment industry. This made Chris feel like a misfit as his sole aim was to make a name for himself in the entertainment field. Thanks to the internet, Chris managed to realize his dream and is now well on his way to becoming a star that he always wanted to be.

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