Chris Dixon Bio


Birthday: June 10, 1996 (Gemini)

Born In: Jersey, United Kingdom

Chris Dixon is known mainly for his excellent gaming commentary. He found immense popularity after he created an account on YouTube, which initially went by the name ‘Sirhcchris2010’ later changed to ‘ChrisMD.’ He posts fun commentary on FIFA game, and has also collaborated with many other YouTube gamers. On his main channel he has 348 videos and almost 3 million subscribers. He also has another channel where he uploads vlogs, called ‘Chrismdixon10’, but he hardly posts on that channel. Chris is also followed on other social sites, and he has 957K followers on Instagram and around 433K fans on Twitter. His Facebook page too has numerous supporters. Chris keeps his fans updated with his latest tours, matches and videos via Twitter. His video content is fresh, relatable and hilarious. His advice to future YouTubers is to keep their content “unique.”

Quick Facts

British Celebrities Born In June

Also Known As: Chris Michael Dixon

Age: 27 Years, 27 Year Old Males


siblings: Kelly Dixon

Born Country: England

Height: 5'11" (180 cm), 5'11" Males

City: Saint Helier, England

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
It was in 2010, during his high school years when Chris uploaded his first video to YouTube. It was a ‘Call of Duty’ gameplay video. However, his passion for making videos didn’t begin then; when he was much younger, he along with his sister and his cousins had recorded three gameplay videos of ‘Nerf War’, which he never uploaded. After he reached 1 million subscribers, he posted the first Nerf video, which received millions of views. He published the second after he hit the 2 million subscriber mark and will soon publish the third as he is currently at 2.9 million subscribers. His video ‘FIFA 15 – the Draft |the Final’ which was a battle against Josh Zerker, won him many subscribers. Chris also plays as a tackling midfielder, for a local football team at the Fortress. At the ‘Ultimate Sunday League Footballer’, he plays against popular YouTubers such as ‘Miniminter’ and ‘Manny’. In 2016, he also played in the ‘Charity Football Match’ for ‘Allstars’. He was credited as the best player in the tournament. Later that year in September, he played the ‘Wembley Cup’ against Spencer FC team and was awarded ‘Best Skill of the Match.’
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What Makes Chris Dixon So Special
Youthful and energetic, Chris is breathtakingly cute and has won the hearts of many young ladies. He has a huge female fan following; he is charming and full of life. He loves adding humor to everything he does. He is also very hardworking and has always believed in following his dreams. He is grateful to his supporters for subscribing to his channel. He mentions that there aren’t as many people on the island where he lives yet he has a spectacular amount of fans. He has excellent montage skills too, which he uploads on his account to amuse his subscribers.
Beyond Fame
He is a huge football fan and he supports Arsenal. He says that it goes back a long way as his father too is a huge arsenal fan and he has grown up rooting for the team. He loves playing video games, and needless to say, his favorite game is FIFA. Apart from football, he can skillfully play tennis; in fact he has won a championship in tennis. He also had an accident when practicing tennis, where the racket hit him just above his left eye and he had to be rushed to the hospital; he still has the scar. His favorite movie is ‘Lord of the Rings: Part III.’He had braces when he began uploading videos and was very conscious of them. His favorite TV show is ‘Sherlock’ and he is mad about chicken nuggets.
Behind the Curtains
He was born and raised in Jersey. He was a bright student in school. He has always had plenty of friends. He has a sister named Kelly. She has featured in his videos along with his cousins Jenny and Ollie, who Chris is very fond of. After he finished schooling he began uploading videos on YouTube. His parents were initially not keen on him giving so much of his time to YouTube as they thought that it wouldn’t be productive and it won’t make a good career. But once they saw the support he received from the audience and the scope it had, they gave him all the support he required. Chris loves his family; he is very close to his grandmother too! He had his first girlfriend when he was in 6th grade;she was more of a best friend though. He isn’t dating anyone presently, and is focusing on his career.

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