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Cameron Cook is an American TikTok (earlier known as star and internet personality. Find more about his personal & family life, girlfriend, interesting facts, age, trivia and more.

Quick Facts

Birthday: March 18, 2001

Nationality: American

Age: 18 Years, 18 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Pisces

Also Known As: Cameron Cook

Born in: Birmingham, England

Famous as: TikTok ( star, internet personality & muser


siblings: Kesly Cook, Shelley Cook

City: Birmingham, England

Popularity Index
TikTok Stars #190 Social Media Stars #695
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Cameron has a message for the word – “a quitter never wins and a winner never quits.” Striving to live by this adage, Cameron has gained fame through the videos he posts on the famous app (now known as TikTok) where he has proudly claimed over 850K fans on the app. As a fantastic muser, Cameron has great expressions, which he uses liberally on TikTok. He is also popular on Twitter and Instagram, with thousands of followers on the former despite registering only a few months back in February 2016. In his mid-teens, with his youthful and boyish charm, he is a favorite among the teenagers with many of his fans claiming that they want to be like him. His cute and delightful appearance coupled with his funky hairstyle make him a winner when it comes to ‘cool and casual’ style.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
  • Cameron Cook, also known as Cameron Jack before TikTok happened to him, was a newbie in the social networking world. He introduced himself to the world of social media in 2012. He registered on a number of social media sites, exploring new avenues as a young teenager, and in a couple of years TikTok happened. After uploading a few of his videos, he gained a lot of popularity on the app, and within a few weeks he became a star. Within months he was known to many viewers who used the app and soon his fame spread to other forums. People started liking and tagging their friends on his videos. TikTok recently published a compilation of his best uploads that has acquired thousands of views.
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What Makes Cameron Cook So Special
  • In addition to his lovely expressions and boyish charm, one can’t miss that gorgeous mane he is gifted with. Cameron has it all, whether it be perfect expressions to a song or comic relief through Vines, he can confidently claim a steadily growing fan base. He has great sense of timing that is evident in his videos. At puberty, Cameron has a deep, raspy voice and a calm demeanor, giving him an edge over the others in the faceoff with other TikTok stars.
Beyond Fame
  • Cameron Cook is still in school. He loves hanging out with his friends and often complains of the dilemma he faces of school being fun with all his friends and the love he receives from his classmates, and the monotonous classes and homework he has to complete before deadlines. As a matter of fact, you would be surprised to know that he loves sitting for examinations and tests. Well, that’s a part of schooling, and Cameron Cook does it well. Cameron is a huge admirer of Shane Dawson, the American songwriter, comedian and YouTube personality. He once stated on his Twitter account that if Shane Dawson ever followed him on Twitter his life would be complete. He also participated in the SITC (Summer in the City) which is the UK YouTube’s mega annual event.
Behind The Curtains
  • Young Cameron was born in England and was raised there. His parents were in a live-in relationship when they conceived Cameron. He has two beautiful sisters, who have appeared in some of his TikTok (earlier known as videos. Life was not easy for Cameron as a child. At a very young age he witnessed his parent’s separation. He had to overcome this trauma at a very early stage in his life.
  • Cameron also has a step sister now. Being the only boy among the four siblings, Cameron is showered with a lot of love from his sisters. He is also friends with some of the big names of TikTok like Baby Ariel, whom he follows on Twitter. Cameron isn’t dating anyone at the moment. Though it is rumored that he was dating a teenage girl and recently broke up, there isn’t any evidence to confirm the same. Cameron is young and has plenty of time to make it big in the industry; however we know that whatever he chooses to do, he is surely going to make a name for himself.
  • Cameron’s parents were unmarried and split up a few years after Cameron was born.

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Last Updated : November 09, 2016
Cameron Jack Cook

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