Cali Rush Bio

(Canadian Social Media Personality, YouTuber, Dancer, and Singer)

Birthday: January 11, 2014 (Capricorn)

Born In: Canada

Cali Rush is a young Canadian YouTuber, singer and dancer who is a part of YouTube family The Rush Fam that includes her parents, Keshia and Tray Rush, as well as her two siblings Kameiro and Kirah. Apart from the family YouTube channel of the same name, she also appears on their more popular family channel FamousTubeFamily, the family gaming channel FamousTubeGaming, her own personal channel Cali's Playhouse, and on the channels of her mother and siblings. Cali’s family YouTube channel The Rush Fam was one of the finalists of the 12th annual Shorty Awards in 2020. Other than YouTube, she is active on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, and through social media, has promoted products from brands such as Zuru Toys, Molly of Denali and Fisher-Price. She has already released her debut single, Starburst.

Quick Facts

Canadian Celebrities Born In January

Also Known As: Cali Sadé Rushton

Age: 9 Years


father: Tray Rush

mother: Keshia Rush

siblings: Kameiro Rush, Kirah Dior Rush

Born Country: Canada

Rise to Stardom

Cali Rush first appeared on the internet in March 2014 on an Instagram post by her father, Tray, captioned "My motivation”. Born into “The Rush Fam”, Cali featured on videos on various YouTube channels run by her parents since she was a little baby. Her father launched the channel TodayWithTray on September 14, 2015 and uploaded the video, titled FIRST VLOG EVER!, the same day. Cali, who was less than two years old at the time, could be heard calling out to her father from off-camera as he attempted to make the first family vlog on a sleepy morning. She and her older brother were introduced for the first time in that very video. While the channel was initially intended to feature videos focused on Tray’s fatherhood experience, it quickly evolved into a whole-family endeavor in which the two siblings, especially Cali, occupied the center stage. She did make up for her doll in a video posted on October 25th and even participated in the challenge video, BABY DOES BEAN BOOZLED CHALLENGE!!, on November 26th. Apart from videos on her father’s channel, she also began appearing on her mother’s channel, “shortyisdope”, which was created in June 2016. The original channel started by Tray, which was eventually renamed to The Rush Fam” and is the hub for fun family content including vlogs, pranks, challenges and skits, currently boasts of more than 2.28 million subscribers.

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YouTube Journey

Cali Rush got her own personal channel, Cali's Playhouse, on December 6, 2017 and uploaded her first video on the channel, CALI'S FIRST GINGERBREAD HOUSE DIY, days later on December 14. While the channel is primarily focused on Cali’s DIY videos, unboxing and toy reviews, gaming and sports videos, as well as ASMR content, she also uploads other common types of videos like pranks and challenges on the channel. Apart from her older brother and younger sister, her cousin also regularly features on the channel. While Cali has already gathered over 1.09 million followers on her personal channel, the most popular channel shared by the family is called “FamousTubeFamily”, which was created in September 2016 and currently has more than 4.67 million subscribers. The channel features all the family members and usually contains videos of similar types like their original family channel. The family also has a channel created specifically for gaming called FamousTubeGaming on which Cali and her siblings play popular video games such as Minecraft, Fortnite, Roblox, and Mario Kart. Interestingly, while the siblings mostly appear together in the videos on the main family channel and the gaming channel, the top five most popular videos on the family’s original shared YouTube channel, The Rush Fam, are all about Cali.

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Musical Aspirations

Cali Rush mentions her interest in singing and dancing, apart from making YouTube videos, on her Instagram page, run by her mother Keshia, with more than 56K followers. While she often makes dance videos on TikTok, she released the official music video for her debut song, Starburst, on YouTube on May 17, 2021. Weeks later in July, she released a remix version of the song featuring fellow 8-year-old singer Super Siah, a.k.a. Messiah, the eldest son of Evanie and Billy from the B.E.A.M SQUAD channel who has over 4 million (2.08)3 subscribers on YouTube. In December that year, she was featured on the song “Cool Kids” by Siah. Cali releases her songs from their family record label, Rush Entertainment Music Group.

Family & Personal Life

Cali Rush was born as Cali Sadé Rushton on January 11, 2014 in Canada. She is the second of three children of her parents, Keshia and Tray Rush, and has an older brother named Kameiro Rush and a younger sister named Kirah Dior Rush. Both her parents are YouTube content creators and are known for their several family channels. She and her older brother not only have featured on the family channels, but also have their separate YouTube channels. The family has two dogs named Nipsey and Kane.

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