Brooke Bridges Bio

(TikTok Star)

Birthday: March 7, 1990 (Pisces)

Born In: Manvel, Texas, United States

Brooke Bridges is an American social-media personality. She is primarily known as a 'TikTok' star and has earned millions of fans on the platform. Brooke has created over 400 'TikTok' videos to date, which have all garnered millions of eyeballs. She also creates content for her self-titled 'YouTube' channel. The channel mostly showcases her travel vlogs. A travel lover, Brooke has traveled to various places across the US. However, her birthplace, Texas, has her heart. Brooke has not been able to build up impressive fan base on 'YouTube' and has a little over 13 thousand subscribers on her channel. She has 'Instagram' and 'Twitter' accounts, too.
Quick Facts

Age: 34 Years, 34 Year Old Females


mother: Jackie

siblings: Brittany

Born Country: United States

U.S. State: Texas, African-American From Texas

Social Media Career
Brooke has primarily made her career in the social-media arena. However, she started her professional life at the age of 16, working with 'Radio Disney.' Brooke continued to work with 'Radio Disney' for the next 5 years.
Brooke launched her self-titled 'YouTube' channel in July 2006. The channel hosts a variety of content, such as challenges, tag videos, Q&A, DIYs, hauls, and travel vlogs. Brooke has featured her sister and mother in a few of the videos on her channel. She has also collaborated with some of her friends for challenge videos. Brooke once made a vlog where she gave tips to deal with the menace of bullying. Despite being on 'YouTube' for over a decade now, Brooke has uploaded very few videos. As a result, she has few subscribers on her channel.
On the contrary, Brooke is quite popular on 'TikTok' (formerly ''). She is known for her lip-sync performances on the app, for which has earned more than 23 million "hearts" to date. Brooke has over a million 'TikTok' fans. She once made a 'YouTube' video that featured her mother learning to create 'TikTok' videos. Brooke also has an 'Instagram' account, where her amazing pictures have earned her over 57 thousand followers. She has a little over 3 thousand 'Twitter' followers.
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Personal Life
Brooke was born on March 7, 1990, in Manvel, a city in Brazoria County, Texas, US. Her mother's name is Jackie. She has a sister named Brittany. Brooke currently lives in Los Angeles, but she misses being in Texas.
Brooke enjoys traveling a lot. In one of her 'YouTube' videos, she has stated that she has inherited her love for travel from her mother who worked as a travel agent. Brooke also loves to attend concerts.
Brooke is obsessed with reality shows. She watches almost all the reality shows on TV, but her all-time favorite is 'Big Brother.' Brooke wishes to appear on the show someday. 'AMC's original series 'The Walking Dead' is also among her favorite TV shows. Brooke enjoys watching football, and her favorite sport is soccer. She has a crush on social-media star Cole LaBrant.
Brooke loves dolphins but is scared of spiders. Since her childhood, she has been collecting 'Hello Kitty' “goodies,” as she loves the Japanese fictional cartoon character to the core. Her favorite dishes are warm brownies with vanilla ice cream and mac and cheese with bacon. Brooke loves collecting footwear, and a pair of 'Michael Kors' heels gifted to her by her mother is her most preferred in the collection.

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