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Ben De Almeida is a Canadian-born American 'TikTok' star, better known as ‘benoftheweek.’ Check out this biography to know about his childhood, family, personal life, etc.

Quick Facts

Birthday: September 8, 1999

Nationality: American, Canadian

Age: 20 Years, 20 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Virgo

Born Country: Canada

Born in: Edmonton, Alberta

Famous as: TikTok Star

City: Edmonton, Canada

Popularity Index
Vloggers #864 TikTok Stars #235 Comedy YouTubers #130 YouTubers #1473
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Ben De Almeida is a Canadian-born American 'TikTok' comedy skit creator. He runs all his social-media accounts using the pseudonym ‘benoftheweek,' which has now become synonymous with comedy and fun. Ben creates comedy sketches on 'TikTok,' through which he has won millions of hearts. All his 'YouTube' channels contain similar type of content. This proves that he is one of the most consistent comedy vlog creators of his time. Ben has a charm, and his manner of interaction with viewers has made him stand out from the crowd. Ben's sole motive of venturing into social media was to entertain people and provide them a few moments of joy and laughter. Considering his sizable number of followers on social media, one can say that Ben has fulfilled his motive to an extent.

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Rise to Fame
  • Ben began his journey in the social-media scene with 'TikTok' back when it was known as '' He would regularly watch the memes available on 'TikTok' and found it funny. Ben loved the idea of entertaining people through a social-media platform and always had an interest in performing in front of the camera. Hence, he decided to join the brigade. Soon, he became a 'TikTok' user. Ben posts his lip-sync performances, which are quite entertaining to watch, on the platform. However, the primary reason of Ben's fame on 'TikTok' is his stark resemblance to popular actor Noah Centineo. In his 'TikTok' description, Ben has mentioned that he is an ugly cousin of the actor. His talent and looks were instrumental in making his 'TikTok' videos viral. Currently, Ben has acquired over 995 thousand ‘TikTok’ fans and more than 24 million heart emojis.
  • Ben's next venture was on 'YouTube.' He created his first channel on the platform in 2010. He deleted it in 2013. Ben created a new channel titled 'BENOFTHEWEEK' in April that year. The channel hosts comedy videos on various subjects. Even though Ben is quite regular in posting videos on the channel, he is still miles away from crossing the million-subscriber mark. Currently, 'BENOFTHEWEEK ' has around 12 thousand subscribers. In one of his vlogs, Ben told his viewers that he did not venture into 'YouTube' for money but solely for entertaining people. Ben does not want his viewers to get disturbed by unnecessary ads for money. Thus, he has turned off ads for his channel. It is assumed that the number of subscribers on his channel is not that impressive due to this reason.
  • Ben owns an 'Instagram' page, too, where he posts selfies and random pictures. He shared the pictures from his 2018 'VidCon' trip on the page. Currently, Ben has over 73 thousand 'Instagram' followers. His range of 'benoftheweek' shirts is available on ''
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Family & Personal Life

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Last Updated : June 18, 2019
Ben De Almeida

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