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Anto Garabet is an Armenian-American YouTube star. Check out this biography to know about his birthday, childhood, family life, achievements and fun facts about him.

Quick Facts

Birthday: July 15, 1993

Nationality: American, Armenian

Girlfriend: Stephanie

Age: 26 Years, 26 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Cancer

Born Country: Armenia

Born in: Armenia

Famous as: YouTuber

Popularity Index
Vloggers #1022 Instagram Stars #131
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Anto Garabet is an Armenian-American YouTube star and social media influencer who has garnered popularity through his YouTube channel, AntoDaBoss. A native of Armenia, Garabet moved to America with his family when he was nine years old. While he was not involved in any sport in high school, he loved watching them nonetheless. He started making videos when he was in middle school with the aspiration of becoming a filmmaker someday. Garabet set up his YouTube channel in June 2009 and the first video was uploaded in March 2010. Since then, he has accumulated almost a million subscribers and nearly 300 million views on his channel. He is quite popular on other social media platforms as well, with about 70 thousand Instagram followers and about 90 thousand followers on Twitter. His content is mostly gaming related. However, he does make other types of videos, including Q&As, and vlogs. Garabet also has a clothing line and his merchandise is sold through his website.

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Rise to Fame
  • While Anto Garabet was still in Armenia, he played football/soccer. After the family moved to the US, he played softball as well. However, since middle school, he has not participated in any sport or physical activity. As a teenager, he became more interested in filmmaking instead. He made several short films and screened them for his fellow students.
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  • In June 2009, Garabet set up his YouTube channel, AntoDaBoss. He did not post any content in the initial months. He uploaded his first video, titled ‘NBA 2k10 Where Amazing Does Not Happen’, in March 2010. It took a while for the channel to gain traction but soon enough, he began to garner a loyal audience. The games that feature on his channel are Madden, NBA 2K, and FIFA. He also posts videos of him playing indoor games such as fear pong and Jenga.
  • These days, all of his videos score hundreds of thousands of views within a few days of being uploaded. The most watched video on his channel is ‘Madden 18 Longshot Walkthrough - The Beginning Ep.1’ with 3.4 million views. It was posted in August 2017. Some of his other popular videos are ‘Madden 15 - Gauntlet With The Washington Redskins’ (2.1 million views), ‘Madden 18 Longshot Walkthrough - Draft Combine Ep.2’ (1.7 million views), ‘Madden 18 Longshot Walkthrough - High School Ep.3’ (1.5 million views), and ‘Lonzo Ball Destroyed Me In NBA Live 18!’ (1.4 million views).
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Personal Life
  • Anto Garabet was born on July 15, 1993, in Armenia. He has two older sisters who have appeared in several of his videos. He spent the early years of his life in Armenia. According to him, his family went through its share of struggles back then. When he was nine years old, he relocated to America along with the rest of his family and eventually settled in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • He has a girlfriend named Stephanie, who has also appeared in many of his videos.

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Last Updated : August 23, 2018
Anto Garabet

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