Alyssa Kulani Bio

(Canadian Social Media Celebrity and YouTuber)

Birthday: September 25, 1999 (Libra)

Born In: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Alyssa Kulani is a YouTuber known for sharing inspirational content on her self-titled channel. Through her positive advice videos, she has been providing a helping hand to those who are struggling in their lives. Her purpose is to imbue in them a sense of self-confidence and make their difficult times easier. Today, Kulani has emerged as a much-loved vlogger on YouTube. Besides being a YouTuber, she is a trained dancer who is proficient in many dance forms, including lyrical, jazz and ballet. She is a talented beauty and fashion guru as well and frequently updates her followers about the current beauty and fashion trends. Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Kulani is a very sweet and friendly woman. She is extremely close to her mother and states that she is her best friend.
Rise to Fame
Alyssa Kulani joined YouTube in November 2011 with her first video being “Day Vlog- Getting Braces’. On October 27, 2015 she uploaded her first ever beauty video called 'My Everyday Makeup Routine 2015'. This was followed by a number of beauty vlogs including ‘All About Eyelash Extensions’, 'Summer Makeup Routine & BeautyCon LA,' 'Dying My Hair Purple,’ and ‘Getting Lip Injections’, to name a few. All these beauty videos garnered massive attention from women all across the globe.
Kulani soon started sharing collaborative videos with her friend, YouTuber Tanner Stewart. The two made a number of videos on challenges and pranks, all of which were found to be extremely funny and entertaining by their fans. This, in turn, drastically increased the subscriber count on her channel and she began getting more views on her videos.
To date, Kulani has shared a lot of videos on her channel that promote positivity among people dealing with hatred, negativity, or other difficult emotions in life. Through these videos, she tries to convey to her viewers that we should all live our lives to the fullest and not bother about what others think.
Three of the most popular videos on her channel are ‘Telling my best friend I like him. “PRANK’’, 'dating my best friend for 24 hours' and 'truth or dare with my best friend'. As of now, these vlogs have accumulated millions of views each. One of the most recent videos by the YouTuber is ‘cutting & dying my hair pink.’ She has garnered over half a million subscribers on her channel. Her Instagram handle also has a substantial fan base.
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Family & Personal Life
Alyssa Kulani was born on September 25, 1999 in Calgary, Canada. She has a close friend named Tanner Stewart who is also a YouTuber known for his videos on pranks, tags, reactions and challenges. Although Kulani has many a time mentioned that she isn’t dating him and makes videos with him as a couple just for fun, her fans are not convinced! She is quite close to her mother and cites her to be her best friend.

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