Alex French Bio

(American TikTok Star)

Birthday: March 19, 2003 (Pisces)

Born In: Texas, United States

Alex French is an American social-media influencer who rose to fame with her 'TikTok' videos. The Texan internet sensation has been trending on the platform since she released her first video, even though the video did not show her lip-sync or dance to a song. Instead, it showed her say “hi” on camera. Over the years, Alex has managed to garner millions of ''views'' on the platform. She, however, does post lip-sync and dance performances on 'TikTok’ now, but her random videos that show her giving a tour of her mansion, featuring her brothers, or faking a fall, have amassed more ''views.'' Her overnight fame on 'TikTok' has boosted her fan base in the platform, which is now over 3 million.
Quick Facts

Age: 21 Years, 21 Year Old Females

Born Country: United States

U.S. State: Texas

Rise to Fame
Alex's meteoric rise to stardom is not only shocking but also projects the fact that these days, literally anyone can be a star by just posting content on 'TikTok.' She started her 'TikTok' account in late 2019. One of her most popular posts on the platform was a video of her saying “hi.” It went viral and amassed around 2 million ''views'' in just 2 days! The video has been parodied and referenced by several other 'TikTok' users to date, which has helped Alex gain more fans on the platform. Subsequently, she posted several comedy and lip-sync videos showcasing her high-energy dance, which caught the attention of many. She posted a lip-sync dance performance on the song 'One Wish' by Ray J to celebrate her feat of reaching 400 thousand followers on 'TikTok.'
In a short span of time, Alex has accumulated around 3.2 million followers and 137 million ''likes'' on 'TikTok.'
She also has an 'Instagram' page that houses a number of her pictures. The profile has gained approximately 393 thousand followers. She does not own a 'YouTube' channel, but her loyal followers often post her video compilations on their channels.
On December 23, 2019, the 'YouTube' channel 'Rayhart Twins' posted a video titled 'The Rise and Fall of Alex French on TikTok.' In the video, the Rayhart twins spoke about how Alex's overnight fame was confusing and stated that it had lowered the standards of social-media influencers. They mocked her silly videos that did not showcase any of her talents but still managed to garner viewers. The twins also mentioned one of her videos where she showed her mansion and her opulent lifestyle, which contradicted her other video, in which Alex had said she was broke and needed money. Some of the comments on the video even questioned if Alex faked her soft, broken voice to allure the audience.
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Family & Personal Life
Alex French was born on March 19, 2003, in Texas, U.S. Her father, Bart French, is the vice-president of development at a real-estate firm Her mother's name is Stephanie French. Alex has three brothers, Owen French, Charlie French, and James French, who have appeared in a few of her 'TikTok' videos.
Alex has attended the 'McKinney Boyd High School' in Texas. She actively participates in Christian youth programs. She has traveled to Brazil on a mission to learn about issues such as poverty and the condition of the Amazon there. In the summer of 2019, Alex visited South America to provide aid to underprivileged children.
Alex's dog, Annie, owns a separate 'Instagram' account.

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