Alex Erin Bio

(American Internet Celebrity)

Birthday: March 2, 2000 (Pisces)

Born In: California, United States

Alex Erin is an American internet celebrity, famous for his YouTube and (now known as TikTok) videos. Alex is a trans-man, who was declared female at birth. He is now identified as a transgender male and his transitional journey has inspired many people across the globe. One can find his story time videos on his self-titled YouTube channel. The channel also contains challenge videos and vlogs. He is equally popular on the social network app TikTok, where he has more than 550,000 fans. Other TikTok users have uploaded many of his TikTok compilations on YouTube. Alex has a twin sister named Ashley Potter, who has appeared in some of his videos. He joined 'The Revolution Tour,' with various other TikTok creators in 2017.

Quick Facts

Gender: transgender

Age: 24 Years

Born Country: United States

U.S. State: California

Personal Life & Family

Alex was born on March 2, 2000, in California, U.S.A. He has two elder sisters and a twin sister. While his eldest sister, Taylor, is serving in the Navy, his second eldest sister, Jade, lives with her boyfriend and is currently pursuing her college education. His twin sister, Ashley Potter, appears frequently in his YouTube videos.

Alex’s favorite holiday destination is Hawaii and his favorite food is Pizza & Pesto.
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Transitional Journey & Social Media
Right from his childhood, Alex could neither accept the fact that he is a girl nor could he behave like one. He had a tough time growing up with a confused state of mind. While he was studying in his elementary school, Alex knew he was different, but could not figure out what exactly his problem was.

Alex was tagged as a tomboy by his friends and schoolmates as he loved dressing up like a boy. He was not a likable child, for people thought he was weird in many ways. When he was in his first grade, he had a crush on a girl who was in her late teens. Alex even thought of jumping off a cliff just to impress her! Though he was interested in girls, he wasn’t aware of his sexuality, until he started attending his middle school.

When Alex developed a sense of fashion, he realized that he had a natural inclination towards apparel and accessories meant for boys. Unlike other teenage girls, he did not like wearing makeup and was not interested in doing other things that a teenage girl would enjoy doing. He was then completely convinced that he was not heterosexual.

Initially, he thought that he was bisexual and tried dressing up like a girl with the help of his sister. Unfortunately, it did not help as his confusion regarding his sexuality continued to linger on. He also developed a few body image issues as he started developing breasts at the time of his puberty. He hated that phase of his life and was deeply disturbed by it. This eventually led to anxiety and Alex secluded himself from the world around him.

Things got better in his high school freshman year. By then, he had started dressing up like a boy and felt more comfortable. Though his body image issues were beginning to fade off, he was still unaware of his sexuality. To know more about himself, he started dating both the genders with little success.

During the summer of 2015, he decided to cut his long hair and for the first time, he loved the way he looked. He also started dressing up like a boy and that had a huge impact on his social life as well. He made many friends and started spending time with them. Alex was in his sophomore year when one of his mother’s friends asked him to get himself a chest binder. He followed her advice and that changed his life forever.

The chest binder made him look more like a boy, which in turn boosted his self-confidence. Alex finally realized that he was a transgender and was elated to figure out his sexuality. He is yet to undergo sex reassignment surgery (SRS), but has plans for it. Right now he wants to focus on his education and is also saving money to undergo sex reassignment surgery, which involves the removal of breast tissue. His parents have been extremely supportive throughout his journey and they continue to do so.

Throughout his transitional journey from being a confused child to transgender, social media has always been his biggest support. Posting dance videos on TikTok helped Alex reach out to people and to establish his identity. When he created his YouTube channel in 2016, all he wanted was to be accepted the way he is. His stories have inspired many people, who face similar situations. Alex has managed to accumulate more than 25,000 subscribers on YouTube and enjoys a huge fan following on other social media platforms as well.

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