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Birthday: April 8, 1989 (Aries)

Born In: Hornchurch, London Borough of Havering

Alex Day is an accomplished English musician, vocalist, writer, and vlogger who earned a permanent place in music annals when over 50,000 copies of his song “Forever Yours” were sold in just one week. The song inched its way to the 4th position in the ‘UK Singles Chart’ meriting an entry in the ‘Guinness Book of World Records’ for being the bestselling single by an independent musician. Alex is also an inveterate ‘YouTuber’ having created a channel named ‘Nerimon’ when he was just 17. He has also founded a music band ‘Chameleon Circuit’ with fellow vloggers Chris Beattie, Liam Dryden, and Charlie McDonnell. The fact that he recorded, released, and promoted his own music steering clear of established record labels, not only boosted his self-confidence as a singer but also enabled him to build a massive fan base. Till date, he has 2 EPs and 4 albums to his credit out of which 3 songs were listed in ‘UK Top 40’ hits. Apart from being a gifted vocalist and musician, he’s also an ace instrumentalist skilled in playing bass guitar, drums, keyboard, ukulele, and the ‘Appalachian dulcimer’-a fretted string instrument. He also tried his hand in writing a novella titled ‘The Underground Storyteller’, which was rejected by publishers following which he proclaimed that he would publish it on his own.
Childhood & Early Life
Alex Richard George Day was born on 8 April 1989, in Hornchurch, London Borough of Havering. Alex may have inherited his music composition skills from his father who was a musician of repute. His mother was employed in a large and renowned retail establishment.
After passing out of high school, he enrolled at Swansea University, but his growing obsession with music and recording footages on YouTube put paid to his education.
At the age of 17, he fashioned and uploaded his own channel on YouTube naming it ‘Nemiron’ and He was employed at the Apple store situated on Regent Street in London from 2009 to 2013.
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Alex Day gave vent to his innate penchant for music by purchasing a guitar in 2005. In 2006, he started his YouTube channel, ‘Nemiron’, and spent the better part of his growing up years creating music independently as well as vlogging.
In 2008, a close-knit group of YouTubers of which he was a member, launched ‘Chameleon Circuit’—a musical band. The band came out with its self-titled debut album on 1 June 2009. The band released its second album, ‘Still Got Legs’, in 2011.
Alex Day released his debut album, ‘Parrot Stories’ in April 2009. He followed it by an EP, ‘117% Complete’, in March 2010. The EP comprised of tracks dedicated to video games, such as Pokemon.
He released his second album ‘The World is Mine (I Don’t Know anything)’ in June 2010. It contained soundtracks characterized by electronic-dance music playing in the background.
Day came up with a second EP, ‘Soup Sessions: Acoustic’, in November 2010. It that included songs from the 2nd album recorded with acoustic instruments, ostensibly to please fans of his first studio album.
”Forever Yours”, the lead single whose release was timed with Yuletide in 2011 created history by reaching the 4th position in ‘UK Singles chart’. That the single was recorded and released by Alex without the backing of any record label made his accomplishment all the more extraordinary and creditable
The unprecedented success of “Forever Yours” corroborated the influence and reach of social media as Alex had exploited YouTube optimally to promote the single.
On April 1, 2012, Day released his second single, ”Lady Godiva”. It was the cover version of a song originally released by Peter and Gordon in 1966. Copies of this single were up for sale in record stores throughout UK following Alex’s deal with HMV. It was for the first time that Alex had released an album physically.
In May 2012, he released three single: ‘This Kiss’, ‘She Walks Right through Me’, and ‘Good Morning Sunshine’ on a single day. The singles were a big hit, selling nearly 1, 50,000 copies.
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On 17 March 2013, Alex released his third album ‘Epigrams and Interludes’. The album featured each and every single that Day had composed and released in the past after “Forever Yours”. The release of a musical video titled ‘I’ve Got What it Takes’ featuring his girlfriend ‘Carrie Hope Fletcher’, Khyan Mansley, and Tom Ridgewell followed soon after.
The year 2014 saw, Alex taking a long-term break as he did not release any single or album. He deleted all relevant information from his official website and images of countryside replaced the content. He just uploaded a video on ‘Nemiron’ named ‘The Past’ in which he expressed his opinions and views regarding the accusations heaped upon him by his fans and fellow musicians.
Alex published his self-written book ‘The Underground Storyteller’ in 2014 following its rejection by the publishers.
On 10 January 2015, Alex Day returned to the musical realm after a hiatus of almost two years by uploading a single “Scared like Me” on YouTube. Alex made it known that he’d be releasing three singles on a gradual basis and all these singles would be incorporated in the 4th album titled ‘Nowhere Left to Hide’
He proclaimed that he’d focus on writing books after copies of his 4th album were prepared for release.
Towards the end of January 2016, Alex declared that an album titled Split Infinities containing 5 newly recorded songs would be released sooner or later.
Major Works
Alex Day has released a total of 4 albums-‘Parrot Stories’, ‘The World is Mine’, ‘Epigrams and Interludes’, and ‘Nowhere Left to Hide’- in a 6-year period spanning from 2009 to 2015. The launch of every album was preceded by the release of singles.
”Forever Yours” was Day’s first single that sold more than 50,000 copies in a single week, outdoing sales of high profile musicians including ‘Katy Perry’ and ‘Rihanna’. Alex, later on, released 11 variations of this single and said that profits earned from sales of these alternative versions would be donated to a charity.
Alex’s 2nd single ‘Lady Godiva’ achieved the 15th spot on ‘UK Top 20 Hits’.
Personal Life & Legacy
Until 2013, Alex Day used to live with his friend Charlie McDonnell, an English vlogger, musician, filmmaker and author.
Alex Day declared on Valentine’s Day in 2014 that he was dating Carrie Hope Fletcher, a fellow YouTuber since October of 2013. Nevertheless, Carrie Fletcher publicized their split on Twitter just a month after.
Alex was alleged to be an atheist but later on started to show an inclination for Buddhist principles. He uploads vlogs on his ‘The Daily Day’ channel that are orientated around Buddha’s teachings and positive energy.
His previous girlfriend ‘Kristina Horner’ composed a song based around Alex Day.
Of the numerous lyrics that Alex had written, his favorite ones include ‘If you ever need me, I’m only a vodka away from you’, ‘Everything’, and ‘I could bake a chocolate cake for you with tiers up to the moon’
Charlie McDonnell, Day’s colleague and mate, once indicted him for behaving immodestly with a few women and having a ‘manipulative relationship’. Day’s attempts to make up with Charlie came a cropper.

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