Aaron Fuller Bio

(American YouTuber and TikToker)

Birthday: March 6, 2000 (Pisces)

Born In: Wichita Falls, Texas, United States

Aaron Fuller is an American internet celebrity, model, and actor. He first became famous on the internet when he befriended TikTok star and model turned actress Grace Auten. Thanks to his charming personality, Aaron now enjoys a decent fan following on social media. While he has more than 318000 followers on the popular photo and video sharing site Instagram, he has accumulated over 550,000 followers on TikTok. He also owns a self-titled YouTube channel, which has more than 137000 subscribers. Apart from posting videos on his channel, Aaron Fuller regularly appears in the videos posted by other YouTubers and vloggers.

Quick Facts

Age: 23 Years, 23 Year Old Males


siblings: Lauren Ramos

Born Country: United States

U.S. State: Texas

Social Media Fame

Aaron Fuller became active on social media to overcome an anxiety disorder he suffered since his middle school days. He used social media to connect with unknown people, which helped him speak his heart out. He started off with Twitter by posting random thoughts. Aaron Fuller later joined TikTok and Instagram as well, and became popular on both the platforms.

Since Aaron Fuller is blessed with good looks, his photos caught the attention of many and very soon, he became a popular Instagrammer. His breathtaking photographs helped him gain a good fan following. Thereafter, he started live streaming his videos on YouNow, which led to an expansion of his fan base. Aaron Fuller befriended many established social media stars, which would later help his YouTube career.

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In 2016, Aaron Fuller created a self-titled YouTube channel and posted a few videos on it. Apart from posting videos on his channel, he also appeared in his collaborative channel, Trash. Collaborations with famous internet celebrities helped Aaron Fuller increase his followers on social media.

With rising fame and popularity, Aaron Fuller has invited controversies as well. He has been accused of using people to gain popularity on various social media. Initially, he was appreciated for proclaiming with confidence that he is gay. Aaron Fuller spoke about his sexual orientation in one of his videos and also posted a ‘boyfriend tag’ along with his then boyfriend, Jackson Krecioch. In the video, they were seen discussing their relationship and also told their fans about how they met.

Jackson first saw Aaron on the collaborative YouTube channel ‘Trash’ and liked him instantly. After a few days, he met Aaron with the help of some of his fellow YouTubers. They then started posting videos together and looked happy in their videos. Few days later, they posted another video, in which they broke up in front of their fans. Jackson later accused Aaron Fuller of cheating on him. He also said that he was using him to gain popularity on YouTube.

A few days later, another YouTuber named Tana Mongeau posted a video on the collaborative channel Trash, in which she called Aaron ‘a snake.’ She too accused him of using people for his own gains. She also announced that Aaron would not be a part of the collaborative channel anymore. Aaron later posted a video on his channel in which he confessed that he was indeed using others to achieve fame.

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Personal Life

Aaron Fuller was born on March 6, 2000, in Wichita Falls, Texas. He has a sister named Lauren Ramos, but he hadn’t met her until June 2016. Aaron has dated fellow social media celebrity Imari Stuart.

After attending a private school for a few years, Aaron Fuller was enrolled at another school, which completely ruined his school education. Aaron couldn’t get along with his new classmates, which eventually gave rise to anxiety disorders and several other health issues. He started skipping his classes, which affected his studies.

Aaron Fuller could not handle the pressure and hence called it quits. He dropped out of high school and turned his attention towards social media. He was highly criticized and was judged when he decided to drop out of high school. Some of his haters said that he left high school, for all he wanted to do was to become famous on social media. 

During his middle school, Aaron Fuller took part in musical theatres. He also actively participated in his school plays, which helped him shed his fears. He is friends with Instagram star Taylor Johnson and actress Skai Jackson

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