If you thought Poland was all about pierogies, paczki and Pope John Paul II, you are definitely in for a surprise. The country is home to a rich mix of traditional culture and contemporary philosophy. And taking its legacy forward are its nationals who have contributed much to make Poland what it is today. Polish men, with their outstanding skills and talent, have greatly augmented the country’s rich landscape. They have done exceedingly well as scientists, lawyers, artists and historians. One more sphere where Polish people have outshined their European counterparts is literature. Poland has been home to several classic litterateurs who have done their country proud through their novels, poems, essays and literary pieces. The fact that Poland has to its credit five Nobel Prize winners in literature alone explicitly clarifies the fact - Henryk Sienkiewicz, Władysław Reymont, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Czesław Miłosz and Wisława Szymborska have played an instrumental role in popularising Polish literature on the world forum. Though they come from different backgrounds and belong to different artistic movements, one thing that unites them together is their excellence in literature. They stood firm against the political, social and economic turbulence in Poland, not letting any of them affect their creativity and outpouring. It is to these great Polish literary giants and others that we dedicate this section. Find out more about their life and works of famous Polish writers.
Joseph ConradJoseph Conrad
03 December 1857
Zbigniew BrzezinskiZbigniew Brzezinski
28 March 1928
Former Diplomat, Political Scientist

Isaac Bashevis SingerIsaac Bashevis Singer
21 November 1902

Sergiusz PiaseckiSergiusz Piasecki
01 April 1901

Wisława SzymborskaWisława Szymborska
02 July 1923
Nobel Laureate in Literature

Czesław MiłoszCzesław Miłosz
30 June 1911
Andrzej SapkowskiAndrzej Sapkowski
21 June 1948

Benoit MandelbrotBenoit Mandelbrot
20 November 1924
Mathematician, Economist, Professor, Scientist,

Henryk SienkiewiczHenryk Sienkiewicz
05 May 1846
Writer, Novelist, Screenwriter, Journalist

Janusz KorczakJanusz Korczak
22 July 1878
Educationist, Pediatrician, Children's writer
Adam MickiewiczAdam Mickiewicz
24 September 1798

Anne ApplebaumAnne Applebaum
25 July 1964
Columnist, Historian, Writer, Non-fiction writer,
Raphael LemkinRaphael Lemkin
24 June 1900
Lawyer, Peace researcher

L. L. ZamenhofL. L. Zamenhof
15 December 1859
Linguist, Ophthalmologist, Inventor, Poet,

Ferdinand LassalleFerdinand Lassalle
11 April 1825
Writer, Politician, Economist, Lawyer, Philosopher
Hilary KoprowskiHilary Koprowski
05 December 1916
Virologist, Immunologist

Olga TokarczukOlga Tokarczuk
29 January 1962
Novelist, Writer, Psychologist
Osip MandelstamOsip Mandelstam
15 January 1891
Poet, Writer, Translator, Literary critic,

Christa WolfChrista Wolf
18 March 1929
Writer, Screenwriter, Politician, Unofficial

Richard PipesRichard Pipes
11 July 1923
Historian, Writer, University teacher
Alain FinkielkrautAlain Finkielkraut
30 June 1949
Philosopher, Radio personality, Writer, University

Gerda Weissmann KleinGerda Weissmann Klein
08 May 1924
Author, Writer
Bruno SchulzBruno Schulz
12 July 1892
Writer, Painter, Literary critic

Gerhart HauptmannGerhart Hauptmann
15 November 1862
Playwright, Poet, Writer, Novelist,

Witold GombrowiczWitold Gombrowicz
04 August 1904
Writer, Playwright, Novelist, Diarist, Poet lawyer

Avraham SternAvraham Stern
23 December 1907
Poet, Writer
Felix HausdorffFelix Hausdorff
08 November 1868
Mathematician, Writer, Topologist, University
Tadeusz BorowskiTadeusz Borowski
12 November 1922
Journalist, Poet, Writer

Joseph Freiherr von EichendorffJoseph Freiherr von Eichendorff
10 March 1788
Novelist, poet, essayist

Tadeusz MazowieckiTadeusz Mazowiecki
18 April 1927
Politician, Writer, Journalist, Trade unionist

Catherine RadziwillCatherine Radziwill
30 March 1858
Siegbert TarraschSiegbert Tarrasch
05 March 1862
Chess player

Thomas BlattThomas Blatt
15 April 1927

Jan KochanowskiJan Kochanowski
1530 AD

Adam MichnikAdam Michnik
17 October 1946
Journalist, Writer, Trade unionist

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Julian TuwimJulian Tuwim
13 September 1894
Ignacy KrasickiIgnacy Krasicki
03 February 1735

Siegfried LenzSiegfried Lenz
17 March 1926
Screenwriter, Writer, Journalist, Children's
Ferdynand Antoni OssendowskiFerdynand Antoni Ossendowski
27 May 1878
physicist, chemist, biologist, explorer,

Adam ZagajewskiAdam Zagajewski
21 June 1945

Maria KonopnickaMaria Konopnicka
23 May 1842
Writer, poet
Agnieszka OsieckaAgnieszka Osiecka
09 October 1936

Jan BrzechwaJan Brzechwa
15 August 1898
Andrzej Frycz ModrzewskiAndrzej Frycz Modrzewski
20 September 1503

Leszek EngelkingLeszek Engelking
02 February 1955
Polish poet

Slavomir RawiczSlavomir Rawicz
01 September 1915

Juliusz SłowackiJuliusz Słowacki
04 September 1809

Mikołaj HussowczykMikołaj Hussowczyk
1480 AD
poet, writer
Mikołaj RejMikołaj Rej
04 February 1505
poet, writer

Miłosz BiedrzyckiMiłosz Biedrzycki
1967 AD

Ryszard KapuścińskiRyszard Kapuściński
04 March 1932

Stanisław KonarskiStanisław Konarski
30 September 1700
Pedagogue, educational reformer, political writer,
Stanisław LemStanisław Lem
12 September 1921

Sławomir MrożekSławomir Mrożek
29 June 1930
Dramatist, cartoonist
Władysław BartoszewskiWładysław Bartoszewski
19 February 1922
Journalist, Politician, Diplomat, Historian,

Władysław OrkanWładysław Orkan
27 November 1875

Władysław Stanisław ReymontWładysław Stanisław Reymont
07 May 1867
Władysław SyrokomlaWładysław Syrokomla
17 September 1823
linguist, translator, poet, writer

Władysław SzpilmanWładysław Szpilman
05 December 1911
Pianist, Composer, Musician, Writer, Songwriter