They came, they saw, they changed and they went away – great souls who left behind their heroic deeds that transformed the society for good. It is to these extraordinary souls that we owe much of our current society. India has been the land of rich cultural heritage and legacy. Once a conservative society, the country today is at par with the most contemporary countries and cities of the world. But much of that has been possible due to its long list of social reformers who fought relentlessly till death to bring about social justice in the country. It is to these reformers that we credit breaking away our society from the traditional jinx and opening up to new societal bliss that allowed girl education, right of women to vote, child upliftment, widow remarriage, abolishment of caste system, child-marriage, polygamy and untouchability, helping the needy and the downtrodden, and so on. Mother Teresa, Swami Vivekanand, Dr BR Ambedkar, Ishwar Chand Vidyasagar, Baba Amte, Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, are some of the famous Indian social reformers. Check this section and find out about the life and revolutionary deeds of these noble social reformers of India.
Raja Ram Mohan RoyRaja Ram Mohan Roy
22 May 1772
socio-religious reformer
Jyotiba PhuleJyotiba Phule
11 April 1827
Social Reformer

Ishwar Chandra VidyasagarIshwar Chandra Vidyasagar
26 September 1820
Social Reformer, Philosopher

Savitribai PhuleSavitribai Phule
03 January 1831
Social Reformer, Poet

 Dadabhai NaorojiDadabhai Naoroji
04 September 1825

Dayanand SaraswatiDayanand Saraswati
12 February 1824
Indian philosopher
Baba AmteBaba Amte
26 December 1914

Ahmed Raza Khan BarelviAhmed Raza Khan Barelvi
14 June 1856
Islamic Scholar, Reformer

Narayana GuruNarayana Guru
20 August 1856
Spiritual Leader, Social Reformer
Vinoba BhaveVinoba Bhave
11 September 1895
Social Reformer

Mahadev Govind RanadeMahadev Govind Ranade
18 January 1842
Judge, Social Reformer
Dhondo Keshav KarveDhondo Keshav Karve
18 April 1858
Social Reformer and Educator

Bindeshwar Pathak Bindeshwar Pathak
02 April 1943
Founder of Sulabh International

02 July 1968

Kanshi RamKanshi Ram
15 March 1934

Bipin Chandra PalBipin Chandra Pal
07 November 1858
Keshab Chunder SenKeshab Chunder Sen
19 November 1838

1380 AD

Shiv Narayan AgnihotriShiv Narayan Agnihotri
20 December 1850
Hindu social reformer