Short story is a genre of literature that basically deals with prose fictions that are tailored to be read in a single sitting itself. They may or may not have a moral value attached to them and are purely written to provide readers with a sense of blessing. Though almost everyone loves to read, the heaviness of a book and its never-ending pages seem to be a major put-off for most. Furthermore, not many are game with the gravity of the plot and its characters that novels throw in. It is here that short stories come as a respite – they are light, they are entertaining and they are everyone’s cup of tea. They are a boon for on-and-off readers and a great break-off for regular ones. India has been the address of many prolific writers who have influenced an entire generation. They have greatly contributed to English literature, portraying the rich culture and heritage of the land and the society. While India is filled with authors and novelists who have greatly contributed in the genre of short stories as well, some of them worth mentioning are Rokheya Sakhawat Hossain, Prajwal Parajuly, R. K. Narayan, Munshi Premchand, Mrinal Pandey, Jhumpa Lahiri, Ruskin Bond, Vikram Seth, Rabindranath Tagore, Khushwant Singh and so on. Know more about famous Indian short story writers, their life and their works.
Rabindranath TagoreRabindranath Tagore
07 May 1861
Ruskin BondRuskin Bond
19 May 1934

Munshi PremchandMunshi Premchand
31 July 1880
Novelist and Author

Mulk Raj AnandMulk Raj Anand
12 December 1905

Sarat Chandra ChattopadhyaySarat Chandra Chattopadhyay
15 September 1876

R. K. NarayanR. K. Narayan
10 October 1906

Devdutt PattanaikDevdutt Pattanaik
11 December 1970

Mahasweta DeviMahasweta Devi
14 January 1926
Human rights activist, Writer, Poet, Novelist,
Thakazhi Sivasankara PillaiThakazhi Sivasankara Pillai
17 April 1912

O.V. VijayanO.V. Vijayan
02 July 1930
Qurratulain HyderQurratulain Hyder
20 January 1927

Bharati MukherjeeBharati Mukherjee
27 July 1940