Famous People From Greece
Find out more about the greatest Greek Film & Theater Personalities, including Elia Kazan, Yorgos Lanthimos, Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece, Irene Papas and Melina Mercouri.
John CassavetesJohn Cassavetes
09 December 1929
Elia KazanElia Kazan
07 September 1909
Director, Actor, Producer

Michael CacoyannisMichael Cacoyannis
11 June 1921
Film Director

Costa GavrasCosta Gavras
12 February 1933
Film Director

Zach GalifianakisZach Galifianakis
01 October 1969

Maria MenounosMaria Menounos
08 June 1978
Yorgos LanthimosYorgos Lanthimos
1973 AD
film director, theatre director, screenwriter,

Pavlos, Crown Prince of GreecePavlos, Crown Prince of Greece
20 May 1967

Irene PapasIrene Papas
03 September 1926

Ariane LabedAriane Labed
08 May 1984
12 February 1933
Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter, Actor

Princess Alexia of Greece and DenmarkPrincess Alexia of Greece and Denmark
10 July 1965
George P. CosmatosGeorge P. Cosmatos
04 January 1941
Film director, Screenwriter

Prince George of Greece and DenmarkPrince George of Greece and Denmark
24 June 1869

Princess Irene of Greece and DenmarkPrincess Irene of Greece and Denmark
11 May 1942
Sakis RouvasSakis Rouvas
05 January 1972
Singer, Film producer, Dancer, Actor,

0600 BC
Actor, poet, playwright, writer
Lindsay ArmaouLindsay Armaou
18 December 1978

Theo AngelopoulosTheo Angelopoulos
27 April 1935

Princess Katherine of Greece and DenmarkPrincess Katherine of Greece and Denmark
04 May 1913
Despina VandiDespina Vandi
22 July 1969
Singer, Actor, Model

Aliki VougiouklakiAliki Vougiouklaki
20 July 1934
Actor, Singer, Film actor
Romain GavrasRomain Gavras
04 July 1981
Actor, Film director

Katina PaxinouKatina Paxinou
17 December 1900

Sofía of SpainSofía of Spain
02 November 1938