Physicians are God-send angels for they are directly involved with saving and treating people from sickness and medical ailments. They are the healers from infirmity and the face of good health and well-being. With the advancement of science and technology, the field of medicine has also rapidly augmented. Today, physicians or doctors, as they are popularly referred to as, are categorized under various specialities, such as audiologists, allergists, cardiologists, anesthesiologists, gynaecologists, internal medicine specialists, neurologists, physiologists, radiologists and so on. Apart from this, physicians also practice traditional methods such as Ayurveda, homeopathy and so on. Every country in the world has its own list of physicians who have greatly contributed to the field of medicine through their research, finding and medical practice. In Germany too, there have been numerous physicians who have been responsible for some of the major advancement in the field of science. Some of them include: Samuel Hahnemann who created alternative medicine in the form of homeopathy, Karl Brandt a surgeon who served as Hitler’s escort physician, and Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland who became the most eminent German physician of his time. Go through this write-up to find out more about the life and works of famous German physician.
Erik EriksonErik Erikson
15 June 1902
American-German psychologist
Ernst HaeckelErnst Haeckel
16 February 1834
Biologist, Physician, Philosopher & Artist

Rudolf VirchowRudolf Virchow
13 October 1821
Doctor, Anthropologist

Samuel HahnemannSamuel Hahnemann
10 April 1755
Founder of Homeopathy

Hermann von HelmholtzHermann von Helmholtz
31 August 1821
Physicist and Physician

Hans EysenckHans Eysenck
04 March 1916
Otto Heinrich WarburgOtto Heinrich Warburg
08 October 1883
Physiologist & Physician

Hans Adolf KrebsHans Adolf Krebs
25 August 1900

Otto Fritz MeyerhofOtto Fritz Meyerhof
12 April 1884
Physician and Biochemist

Ursula von der LeyenUrsula von der Leyen
08 October 1958
Physician, Politician
Magnus HirschfeldMagnus Hirschfeld
14 May 1868
Physician, Writer, Psychologist, Screenwriter,

Theodor MorellTheodor Morell
22 July 1886
Karen HorneyKaren Horney
16 September 1885

Paul SchäferPaul Schäfer
04 December 1921

Aribert HeimAribert Heim
28 June 1914
Military physician, Ice hockey player, Torturer,
Franz MesmerFranz Mesmer
23 May 1734
Physician, Astrologer

Heinrich Cornelius AgrippaHeinrich Cornelius Agrippa
14 September 1486
Karl JaspersKarl Jaspers
23 February 1883
Philosopher, Psychiatrist, Physician, Theologian,

Irmfried EberlIrmfried Eberl
08 September 1910
Physician, Psychiatrist

Alois AlzheimerAlois Alzheimer
14 June 1864
Psychiatrist, Neuropathologist
Herta OberheuserHerta Oberheuser
15 May 1911
Military physician, Physician

Johann Friedrich BlumenbachJohann Friedrich Blumenbach
11 May 1752
Karl GebhardtKarl Gebhardt
23 November 1897
Surgeon, Torturer, University teacher

Max GersonMax Gerson
18 October 1881

Johann Friedrich StruenseeJohann Friedrich Struensee
05 August 1737
Politician, Physician

Ludwig StumpfeggerLudwig Stumpfegger
11 July 1910
Military physician, Physician, Surgeon, Torturer
Fritz PerlsFritz Perls
08 July 1893
Psychologist, Psychiatrist
Eduard WirthsEduard Wirths
04 September 1909
Military physician, Torturer

Marianne KochMarianne Koch
19 August 1931
Actor, Television presenter, Physician, Internist

Fritz PfefferFritz Pfeffer
30 April 1889

Sigmund RascherSigmund Rascher
12 February 1909
Physician, Torturer
Viktor BrackViktor Brack
09 November 1904

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Ernst-Günther SchenckErnst-Günther Schenck
03 October 1904
Surgeon, University teacher

Richard von Krafft-EbingRichard von Krafft-Ebing
14 August 1840
Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Physician, University

Ernst-Robert GrawitzErnst-Robert Grawitz
08 June 1899
Military physician, Internist, Torturer

Werner HaaseWerner Haase
02 August 1900
Physician, University teacher
Werner ForssmannWerner Forssmann
29 August 1904
Military physician, Surgeon, Urologist,

Wolfram SieversWolfram Sievers
10 July 1905
Kurt SchneiderKurt Schneider
07 January 1887
Military physician, Psychologist, Psychiatrist,

Ernst KretschmerErnst Kretschmer
08 October 1888

Gerhard DomagkGerhard Domagk
30 October 1895
Biochemist, Physician, University teacher
Harry BenjaminHarry Benjamin
12 January 1885
Endocrinologist and sexologist

Franz Joseph GallFranz Joseph Gall
09 March 1758
Physician, Neuroscientist
Carl WernickeCarl Wernicke
15 May 1848
Anatomist, Physician, Neuroscientist,

Eugen FischerEugen Fischer
05 July 1874
Anthropologist, Physician, Racial hygienist,

Otto LoewiOtto Loewi
03 June 1873

Johanna BudwigJohanna Budwig
30 September 1908
Chemist, Biochemist, Inventor, Physician

Ludwig GuttmannLudwig Guttmann
03 July 1899
Ernst Heinrich WeberErnst Heinrich Weber
24 June 1795
Psychologist, Physician

Julius von MayerJulius von Mayer
25 November 1814
Physicist, Physician

Dorothea ErxlebenDorothea Erxleben
13 November 1715

Georg AgricolaGeorg Agricola
24 March 1494
German mineralogist
Heinrich Wilhelm Matthäus OlbersHeinrich Wilhelm Matthäus Olbers
11 October 1758