The fact that Germany alone has so many Nobel Laureates in chemistry aptly describes the country’s grand contribution in the subject. Their research and investigation in the field of chemistry has been exemplary for mankind as it has led to many discoveries and inventions. Germans scientists have contributed in varied sub-fields of chemistry, such as plant pigmentation, thermochemistry, carotenoids, vitamins, discovery in the field of macromolecular chemistry, and so on that have greatly impacted the life of people. Robert Bunsen was amongst the earliest known German chemists of the world. A pioneer in photochemistry, he developed several gas-analytical methods and was also the man behind the Bunsen burner, named after him, which was used in laboratories then. Some other greatest German chemists of all time include Hermann Emil Fischer, Fritz Haber, Richard Kuhn, Otto Hahn, Kurt Alder, Gerhard Ertl and Stefan W Hell. All of them and many more have left an indelible mark on the field of chemistry and impacted our lives with their outstanding work and contribution. Right from Haber’s development and weaponizing of chlorine and other poisonous gases during World War I to Baeyer’s synthesis of indigo that coloured our jeans blue, German chemists need to be credited time and again. With this segment, find out more about famous German chemists.
Fritz HaberFritz Haber
09 December 1868
Otto HahnOtto Hahn
08 March 1879

Robert BunsenRobert Bunsen
30 March 1811

Carl Bosch Carl Bosch
27 August 1874
Chemist & Engineer

Adolf von BaeyerAdolf von Baeyer
31 October 1835

Wilhelm OstwaldWilhelm Ostwald
02 September 1853
Hermann StaudingerHermann Staudinger
23 March 1881

Walther NernstWalther Nernst
25 June 1864
Physicist and Chemist

Karl ZieglerKarl Ziegler
26 November 1898

Richard KuhnRichard Kuhn
03 December 1900
Eduard BuchnerEduard Buchner
20 May 1860
Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

Hermann Emil FischerHermann Emil Fischer
09 October 1852
Heinrich Otto WielandHeinrich Otto Wieland
04 June 1877
Father of Biochemistry

Manfred EigenManfred Eigen
09 May 1927
Biophysical Chemist

Konrad BlochKonrad Emil Bloch
21 January 1912
Hans Fischer Hans Fischer
27 July 1881

Gerhard HerzbergGerhard Herzberg
25 December 1904
Physical Chemist, Physicist
Kurt AlderKurt Alder
10 July 1902

Ernst Otto FischerErnst Otto Fischer
10 November 1918

Otto DielsOtto Diels
23 January 1876
Friedrich Karl Rudolf Bergius Friedrich Bergius
11 October 1884

Otto WallachOtto Wallach
27 March 1847
Georg WittigGeorg Wittig
16 June 1897
Organic Chemist

Hartmut MichelHartmut Michel
18 July 1948

Paul WaldenPaul Walden
26 July 1863

Max VolmerMax Volmer
03 May 1885
Joachim SauerJoachim Sauer
19 April 1949
Chemist, University teacher
Justus von LiebigJustus von Liebig
12 May 1803
Chemist, Scientist, Inventor, University teacher,

Carl Wilhelm ScheeleCarl Wilhelm Scheele
09 December 1742
chemist, pharmacist

August Wilhelm von HofmannAugust Wilhelm von Hofmann
08 April 1818
Chemist, University teacher

Julius Lothar MeyerJulius Lothar Meyer
19 August 1830
Chemist, University teacher
Friedrich WöhlerFriedrich Wöhler
31 July 1800
German chemist

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Joseph von FraunhoferJoseph von Fraunhofer
06 March 1787
Physicist, Astronomer, Chemist

Johanna BudwigJohanna Budwig
30 September 1908
Chemist, Biochemist, Inventor, Physician

Charles PfizerCharles Pfizer
22 March 1824
Chemist, Entrepreneur

Fritz StrassmannFritz Strassmann
22 February 1902
Chemist, University teacher
Felix HoffmannFelix Hoffmann
21 January 1868
Chemist, Inventor, Pharmacist, Non-fiction writer

Martin Heinrich KlaprothMartin Heinrich Klaproth
01 December 1743
Chemist, Pharmacist, University teacher
Adolf ButenandtAdolf Butenandt
24 March 1903
Biochemist, Chemist, Politician, University

Gerhard ErtlGerhard Ertl
10 October 1936
Physicist, Chemist, University teacher

Richard WillstätterRichard Willstätter
13 August 1872
Hans von Euler-ChelpinHans von Euler-Chelpin
15 February 1873

Friedrich August Kekulé von StradonitzFriedrich August Kekulé von Stradonitz
07 September 1829
German chemist
John Charles PolanyiJohn Charles Polanyi
23 January 1929

Adolf Otto Reinhold WindausAdolf Otto Reinhold Windaus
25 December 1876
German chemist