Find out more about the greatest German Astronomers, including Nicolaus Copernicus, Johannes Kepler, Carl Friedrich Gauss, William Herschel and Philip Melanchthon.
Johannes KeplerJohannes Kepler
27 December 1571
Astronomer, Mathematician & Astrologer
William HerschelWilliam Herschel
15 November 1738
Astronomer, Composer

Caroline HerschelCaroline Herschel
16 March 1750

Johann Heinrich LambertJohann Heinrich Lambert
26 August 1728
Mathematician, Physicist and Astronomer

Carl F. GaussCarl F. Gauss
30 April 1777

Otto Wilhelm von StruveOtto Wilhelm von Struve
07 May 1819
Carl Friedrich GaussCarl Friedrich Gauss
30 April 1777
Mathematician, Geophysicist, Astronomer, Science

Karl SchwarzschildKarl Schwarzschild
09 October 1873
Physicist, Astronomer, Astrophysicist, University

Johann Georg FaustJohann Georg Faust
1480 AD
astrologer, astronomer

Nicholas of CusaNicholas of Cusa
1401 AD
mathematician, astronomer, diplomat, philosopher
Ernst ChladniErnst Chladni
30 November 1756
Physicist, Astronomer

Philip MelanchthonPhilip Melanchthon
Joseph von FraunhoferJoseph von Fraunhofer
06 March 1787
Physicist, Astronomer, Chemist

August Ferdinand MöbiusAugust Ferdinand Möbius

06 June 1436
Astronomer, Mathematician, Historian of
Heino FalckeHeino Falcke

Petrus ApianusPetrus Apianus
Friedrich BesselFriedrich Bessel
22 July 1784
Astronomer, Mathematician, University teacher

Johann Elert BodeJohann Elert Bode

Johannes HeveliusJohannes Hevelius
28 January 1611
Astronomer, Entrepreneur, Cartographer
Johann Gottfried GalleJohann Gottfried Galle
09 June 1812
Astronomer, University teacher

Philipp MelanchthonPhilipp Melanchthon
16 February 1497
Max WolfMax Wolf
21 June 1863

Christopher ClaviusChristopher Clavius

Simon MariusSimon Marius

Johann Adam Schall von BellJohann Adam Schall von Bell
Johann BayerJohann Bayer
Walter BaadeWalter Baade

Friedrich Georg Wilhelm von StruveFriedrich Georg Wilhelm von Struve
15 April 1793

David GansDavid Gans

Michael MaestlinMichael Maestlin
Johann Franz EnckeJohann Franz Encke

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Christian Heinrich Friedrich PetersChristian Heinrich Friedrich Peters
19 September 1813
American-German astronomer

Karl Ludwig HardingKarl Ludwig Harding
29 September 1765

Karl Wilhelm ReinmuthKarl Wilhelm Reinmuth
04 April 1892

Heinrich Wilhelm OlbersHeinrich Wilhelm Olbers
11 October 1758
Heinrich Wilhelm Matthäus OlbersHeinrich Wilhelm Matthäus Olbers
11 October 1758

Maria Margarethe KirchMaria Margarethe Kirch
Ernst Wilhelm Leberecht TempelErnst Wilhelm Leberecht Tempel
04 December 1821
German astronomer

Johann BodeJohann Bode
19 January 1747