The British army is the principal land warfare force of United Kingdom. First established in 1660, the British army has resisted numerous wars, battles and conflicts, including the Seven Years' War, Napoleonic Wars, Crimean War, First World War and Second World War. With repeated victories, the British army has established itself as one of the world's leading military powers. It is this status that has allowed Britain to become a world power. And much of the credit for the same goes to the brave, valiant and heroic British soldiers who have even sacrificed their life for the welfare of the country. British soldiers have a fiery sense of patriotism and a deep passion for nationalism. They truly abide by the British army’s official motto, ‘Be the Best’. They are well-equipped to combat situations and are well-trained to take up leadership roles whenever needed. Check this section and know interesting facts about the life of British soldiers.
Walter RaleighWalter Raleigh
22 January 1554
Politician, Writer, Explorer, Aristocrat
Wilfred OwenWilfred Owen
18 March 1893

Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of EssexRobert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex
10 November 1565
Political figure

Richard Francis BurtonRichard Francis Burton
19 March 1821

Siegfried SassoonSiegfried Sassoon
08 September 1886

Bernard Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of AlameinBernard Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein
17 November 1887
Allied Commander in World War II
Horatio NelsonHoratio Nelson
29 September 1758

John SmithJohn Smith
06 January 1580

Jack ChurchillJack Churchill
16 September 1906
Military personnel

Dennis NilsenDennis Nilsen
23 November 1945
Trade unionist, Serial killer
John Churchill, 1st Duke of MarlboroughJohn Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough
26 May 1650
English soldier and statesman

Adrian Carton de WiartAdrian Carton de Wiart
05 May 1880
Military personnel
Bill MillinBill Millin
14 July 1922

Noor Inayat KhanNoor Inayat Khan
01 January 1914
poet, writer, children's writer

Simon MannSimon Mann
26 June 1952
Mercenary, Officer
Simon Fraser, 15th Lord LovatSimon Fraser, 15th Lord Lovat
09 July 1911
Politician, Justice of the Peace, Military

Banastre TarletonBanastre Tarleton
21 August 1754
Politician, Military personnel
Odette HallowesOdette Hallowes
28 April 1912
Intelligence agent

Andy McNabAndy McNab
28 December 1959
Writer, Autobiographer, Novelist, Soldier

Robert NairacRobert Nairac
31 August 1948
John McAleeseJohn McAleese
25 April 1949

Paddy MaynePaddy Mayne
11 January 1915
Solicitor, Rugby union player, Military personnel,
Nicholas AlkemadeNicholas Alkemade
10 December 1922

William Slim, 1st Viscount SlimWilliam Slim, 1st Viscount Slim
06 August 1891
politician, officer

Guy GibsonGuy Gibson
12 August 1918
Military personnel

Lawrence OatesLawrence Oates
17 March 1880
Explorer, Military personnel
Harry PatchHarry Patch
17 June 1898
Simon WestonSimon Weston
08 August 1961
Writer, Soldier

Alan Brooke, 1st Viscount AlanbrookeAlan Brooke, 1st Viscount Alanbrooke
23 July 1883
Military personnel

Orde WingateOrde Wingate
26 February 1903

Frederick BrowningFrederick Browning
20 October 1896
Military personnel
Stewart MenziesStewart Menzies
30 January 1890
Intelligence officer

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Arthur PercivalArthur Percival
26 December 1887
Military personnel

John Jellicoe, 1st Earl JellicoeJohn Jellicoe, 1st Earl Jellicoe
05 December 1859
Politician, Military personnel

John Fisher, 1st Baron FisherJohn Fisher, 1st Baron Fisher
25 January 1841

David Beatty, 1st Earl BeattyDavid Beatty, 1st Earl Beatty
17 January 1871
Politician, Military personnel
Brian HorrocksBrian Horrocks
07 September 1895
Athletics competitor, Military personnel

Arthur Tedder, 1st Baron TedderArthur Tedder, 1st Baron Tedder
11 July 1890
Politician, Military personnel
Henry TandeyHenry Tandey
30 August 1891

Roy UrquhartRoy Urquhart
28 November 1901

David Hart DykeDavid Hart Dyke
03 October 1938
Military personnel
Gonville BromheadGonville Bromhead
29 August 1845
Military personnel

Leonard CheshireLeonard Cheshire
07 September 1917
Aviator, Military personnel
Maurice WilsonMaurice Wilson
21 April 1898

William E. FairbairnWilliam E. Fairbairn
28 February 1885

H. JonesH. Jones
14 May 1940

John ChardJohn Chard
21 December 1847
Engineer, Military personnel

Bob AstlesBob Astles
1924 AD
Claude ChoulesClaude Choules
03 March 1901

John Bowes-LyonJohn Bowes-Lyon
01 April 1886
Stockbroker, Cricketer

Roberta CowellRoberta Cowell
08 April 1918
Racecar driver, Fighter pilot

Sir Henry Wilson, 1st BaronetSir Henry Wilson, 1st Baronet
05 May 1864
Politician, Military personnel
Bernard Freyberg, 1st Baron FreybergBernard Freyberg, 1st Baron Freyberg
21 March 1889
Politician, Officer

Ted BriggsTed Briggs
01 March 1923
Dominic McGlincheyDominic McGlinchey
1954 AD
Irish National Liberation Army

Edward Pellew, 1st Viscount ExmouthEdward Pellew, 1st Viscount Exmouth
19 April 1757
Politician, Military personnel

Roger BushellRoger Bushell
30 August 1910
Victor Duleep SinghVictor Duleep Singh
10 July 1866

Cuthbert Collingwood, 1st Baron CollingwoodCuthbert Collingwood, 1st Baron Collingwood
26 September 1748
Politician, Officer
Robert Stanford TuckRobert Stanford Tuck
01 July 1916
Fighter pilot

Henry AllinghamHenry Allingham
06 June 1896
Soldier, Autobiographer

Albert BallAlbert Ball
14 August 1896
Aviator, Military personnel
Edmund Ironside, 1st Baron IronsideEdmund Ironside, 1st Baron Ironside
06 May 1880
Politician, Diarist, Writer, Military personnel

George Brydges Rodney, 1st Baron RodneyGeorge Brydges Rodney, 1st Baron Rodney
13 February 1719
Adam FergusonAdam Ferguson
20 June 1723
Philosopher, Librarian, Historian, Soldier,

Patrick FergusonPatrick Ferguson
04 June 1744
Military personnel

Jack CornwellJack Cornwell
08 January 1900

Nick HoughtonNick Houghton
18 October 1954
Military personnel
Henry HavelockHenry Havelock
05 April 1795
Military personnel
Noel Godfrey ChavasseNoel Godfrey Chavasse
09 November 1884
Military physician, Athletics competitor

Adrian BradshawAdrian Bradshaw
1958 AD
military personnel

Lanoe HawkerLanoe Hawker
30 December 1890
Aviator, Military personnel

George CarteretGeorge Carteret
1610 AD
Leone Sextus TollemacheLeone Sextus Tollemache
10 June 1884

Russell WilliamsRussell Williams
07 March 1963
serial killer

Richard Dannatt, Baron DannattRichard Dannatt, Baron Dannatt
23 December 1950

Peter TownsendPeter Townsend
22 November 1914
aviator, writer

William RoyWilliam Roy
04 May 1726
Cartographer, Engineer, Geographer
Basil Liddell HartBasil Liddell Hart
31 October 1895

Robert FordRobert Ford
29 December 1923
Mark WrightMark Wright
22 April 1979
military personnel

Charles WagerCharles Wager
24 February 1666
Diplomat, Politician

Mike JacksonMike Jackson
21 March 1944
Patrick MahoneyPatrick Mahoney
1827 AD
Armed force officer

Robert ShieldsRobert Shields
1827 AD
British Army
Tim CollinsTim Collins
31 March 1960
military personnel

Robert RogersRobert Rogers
07 November 1731
soldier, privateer

John FrostJohn Frost
31 December 1912

Craig HarrisonCraig Harrison
31 October 1974