Throughout history, there have been many Australian women novelists who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great Australian female novelists such as P. L. Travers, Catherine Helen Spence, Colleen McCullough, Trudi Canavan, Kerry Greenwood.
P L TraversP. L. Travers
09 August 1899, Australian
Writer & Journalist
Catherine Helen Spence Catherine Helen Spence
31 October 1825, Australian
Author, Journalist & Politician

Colleen McCulloughColleen McCullough
01 June 1937, Australian
Novelist, Writer, Neurologist, Biographer, Science

Kerry GreenwoodKerry Greenwood
17 June 1954, Australian
Novelist, Playwright, Writer, Poet lawyer, Science

Kathy LetteKathy Lette
11 November 1958, Australian

Trudi CanavanTrudi Canavan
23 October 1969, Australian
Graphic designer, Writer, Novelist, Science
Helen GarnerHelen Garner
07 November 1942, Australian
Journalist, Novelist, Screenwriter

Jennifer RoweJennifer Rowe
02 April 1948, Australian
Writer, Novelist, Children's writer

Christina Ellen SteadChristina Ellen Stead
17 July 1902, Australian