While talking about greatest athletes of all time, US sport stars have dominated much of the world sports. They are a power bank of everything that it takes to become a greatest athlete - speed, accuracy, quickness, determination, endurance, physical ability and hand-eye coordination. They are specialists in their trade and have excelled in their sports. While the current American athletes are noteworthy and remarkable, one cannot but restrain from mentioning legendary American athletes such as Carl Lewis and Jesse Owens. Both former track and field athletes have contributed magnanimously to American athletic achievements in their career as a sprinter and long jumper each. While Lewis has 10 Olympic medals and 10 World Championships in his kitty, Owens won four gold medals in Berlin Olympics in 1936. Other prominent American athletes that the world has seen include Sanya Richard Ross, Ashton Eaton, Allyson Felix, Justin Gatlin, Jackie Joyner Kersee, Lolo Jones and so on. Their impressive career numbers and figures have helped them make their way into history books with their record-setting achievements. To get a brief overview about them and the other renowned American athletes, their life and their journey in sports, go through this section.
Jesse OwensJesse Owens
12 September 1913
Jim ThorpeJim Thorpe
28 May 1888

Dennis WeaverDennis Weaver
04 June 1924

Carl LewisCarl Lewis
01 July 1961

Steve PrefontaineSteve Prefontaine
25 January 1951
Long-distance Runner

Justin Gatlin Justin Gatlin
10 February 1982
Allyson FelixAllyson Felix
18 November 1985
Track and field athlete

Jim KellyJim Kelly
05 May 1946

Wilma RudolphWilma Rudolph
23 June 1940
Jackie Joyner-KerseeJackie Joyner-Kersee
03 March 1962

Christian ColemanChristian Coleman
06 March 1996
Breaux GreerBreaux Greer
19 October 1976
Olympic Athlete

Dot JonesDot Jones
04 January 1964

Ashton EatonAshton Eaton
21 January 1988

Gail DeversGail Devers
19 November 1966

Michael JohnsonMichael Johnson
13 September 1967
American olympic athlete
Maurice GreeneMaurice Greene
23 July 1974
Track & Field Sprinter

Rudolph IngramRudolph Ingram
13 August 2011

Florence Griffith JoynerFlorence Griffith Joyner
21 December 1959

Allison StokkeAllison Stokke
22 March 1989
Paul DePodestaPaul DePodesta
16 December 1972
Chief strategy officer

Jim RyunJim Ryun
29 April 1947
Marion JonesMarion Jones
12 October 1975
Basketball player, Sprinter

Aimee MullinsAimee Mullins
20 July 1976

Cameron WinklevossCameron Winklevoss
21 August 1981
Entrepreneur, Rower
Lolo JonesLolo Jones
05 August 1982
Sprinter, Bobsledder, Athletics competitor

Clarence ClemonsClarence Clemons
11 January 1942
Dave MirraDave Mirra
04 April 1974
Extreme sports athlete

Woody StrodeWoody Strode
25 July 1914
American athlete

Dominique MoceanuDominique Moceanu
30 September 1981
Artistic gymnast
Mary Lou RettonMary Lou Retton
24 January 1968
Artistic gymnast

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Kathrine SwitzerKathrine Switzer
05 January 1947
Journalist, Athletics competitor, Non-fiction
Greg LouganisGreg Louganis
29 January 1960

Matt MiazgaMatt Miazga
19 July 1995
Association football player

Tommie SmithTommie Smith
06 June 1944
Sprinter, American football player

Nils LofgrenNils Lofgren
21 June 1951
Alexander RossiAlexander Rossi
25 September 1991
Racecar driver
Rulon GardnerRulon Gardner
16 August 1971
Amateur wrestler, Mixed martial artist

Cael SandersonCael Sanderson
20 June 1979
Amateur wrestler, Coach

Kerri Walsh JenningsKerri Walsh Jennings
15 August 1978
Volleyball player, Beach volleyball player

John CarlosJohn Carlos
05 June 1945
Sprinter, Athletics competitor, Association
Max PaciorettyMax Pacioretty
20 November 1988
Ice hockey player

Ryan McDonaghRyan McDonagh
13 June 1989
Ice hockey player

Johnny GaudreauJohnny Gaudreau
13 August 1993
Ice hockey player

Dean KarnazesDean Karnazes
23 August 1962
Ultramarathon runner

Tyson GayTyson Gay
09 August 1982
Sprinter, Athletics competitor
Earl WoodsEarl Woods
05 March 1932
Baseball player, Writer, Military personnel

Delilah DiCrescenzoDelilah DiCrescenzo
07 February 1983
Athletics competitor
Dominique DawesDominique Dawes
20 November 1976
Artistic gymnast

Doug McDermottDoug McDermott
03 January 1992
Basketball player

Mary DeckerMary Decker
04 August 1958
Long-distance runner, Middle-distance runner,
Floyd CollinsFloyd Collins
20 July 1887

Galen RuppGalen Rupp
08 May 1986
Long-distance runner, Athletics competitor
Shannon MooreShannon Moore
27 July 1979

Georgina BloombergGeorgina Bloomberg
20 January 1983

James van RiemsdykJames van Riemsdyk
04 May 1989
Ice hockey player

Bob HayesBob Hayes
20 December 1942
Olympic athlete

Dick FosburyDick Fosbury
06 March 1947
Athletics competitor, Politician
Avery BrundageAvery Brundage
28 September 1887
Art collector, Basketball player, Athletics

Edwin MosesEdwin Moses
31 August 1955
Athletics competitor

Bob BeamonBob Beamon
29 August 1946
Athletics competitor

Paul RabilPaul Rabil
14 December 1985
Lacrosse player
J. C. Watts, Jr.J. C. Watts
18 November 1957

Suzy Favor HamiltonSuzy Favor Hamilton
08 August 1968
Athletics competitor, Call girl
Brian NicholsBrian Nichols
10 December 1971
Spree killer

Billy MillsBilly Mills
30 June 1938
Officer, Marathon runner, Long-distance runner,

Alberto SalazarAlberto Salazar
07 August 1958
Marathon runner, Athletics competitor
Rafer JohnsonRafer Johnson
18 August 1935
Actor, Athletics competitor

Picabo StreetPicabo Street
03 April 1971
Olympic athlete
Dave WottleDave Wottle
07 August 1950

Simone ManuelSimone Manuel
02 August 1996
American olympic athlete

Debi ThomasDebi Thomas
25 March 1967
Figure skater
Ron TurcotteRon Turcotte
22 July 1941

Sara McMannSara McMann
24 September 1980
Mixed martial artist, Amateur wrestler
Carmelita JeterCarmelita Jeter
24 November 1979
Sprinter, Athletics competitor

Mal WhitfieldMal Whitfield
11 October 1924
Officer, Middle-distance runner, Sprinter, Coach,

Blake WheelerBlake Wheeler
31 August 1986
Ice hockey player

Betty RobinsonBetty Robinson
23 August 1911
Karch KiralyKarch Kiraly
03 November 1960
Volleyball player, Beach volleyball player
Florence Griffith-JoynerFlorence Griffith-Joyner
21 December 1959
American track and field athlete

Eric HeidenEric Heiden
14 June 1958

Tatyana McFaddenTatyana McFadden
21 April 1989
Cross-country skier, Athletics competitor

Frank ShorterFrank Shorter
31 October 1947
Marathon runner, Long-distance runner, Athletics
Ibtihaj MuhammadIbtihaj Muhammad
04 December 1985

Amos Alonzo StaggAmos Alonzo Stagg
16 August 1862

Meb KeflezighiMeb Keflezighi
05 May 1975
Marathon runner, Long-distance runner, Athletics

Victor EspinozaVictor Espinoza
23 May 1972

Evelyn AshfordEvelyn Ashford
15 April 1957
American olympic athlete
Jeb CorlissJeb Corliss
25 March 1976

Jeremy WarinerJeremy Wariner
31 January 1984
Ralph MetcalfeRalph Metcalfe
29 May 1910

Danell LeyvaDanell Leyva
30 October 1991
Artistic gymnast
Al OerterAl Oerter
19 September 1936
Painter, Athletics competitor
Bruce BaumgartnerBruce Baumgartner
02 November 1960