Anne, Queen of Great BritainAnne, Queen of Great Britain
06 February 1665, British
Queen of Britan
Elizabeth I of EnglandElizabeth I of England
07 September 1533, British
Queen of England

1542 AD, Indian
Akbar's Third Wife

Mary II of EnglandMary II of England
30 April 1662, British
Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland

Maria Theresa of SpainMaria Theresa of Spain
10 September 1638, Spanish, French
Queen of France

Catherine I of RussiaCatherine I of Russia
15 April 1684, Russian
Empress of Russia
Anne of AustriaAnne of Austria
22 September 1601, Spanish, French
Queen of France

Anne of DenmarkAnne of Denmark
12 December 1574, Danish, British
Queen of England

Henrietta Maria of FranceHenrietta Maria of France
25 November 1609, French
Queen of England
Queen NzingaQueen Nzinga
1583 AD, Angolan
17th Century Queen of Angola

Hausa Queen AminaHausa Queen Amina
1533 AD, Nigerian
Queen of Nigeria
14 April 1675, Indian
Regent of Maratha Empire

Kösem SultanKösem Sultan
1589 AD, Turkish
Ottoman sultana

Nur JahanNur Jahan
31 May 1577, Afghan, Indian

Catherine of BraganzaCatherine of Braganza
25 November 1638, Portuguese

Christina, Queen of SwedenChristina, Queen of Sweden
18 December 1626, Swedish
Queen ChristinaQueen Christina
07 December 1626, Swedish

Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of BohemiaElizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia
19 August 1596, British

Mary, Princess Royal and Princess of OrangeMary, Princess Royal and Princess of Orange
04 November 1631, British, Scottish

Turhan SultanTurhan Sultan
1627 AD, Turkish
Mary of ModenaMary of Modena
05 October 1658, Italian, British

Sophia Dorothea of CelleSophia Dorothea of Celle
15 September 1666, German
Anne Marie Louise d'Orléans, Duchess of MontpensierAnne Marie Louise d'Orléans, Duchess of Montpensier
29 May 1627, French

Natalya NaryshkinaNatalya Naryshkina
01 September 1651, Russian

Maria MiloslavskayaMaria Miloslavskaya
11 April 1624, Russian
Queen consort
Anne Geneviève de BourbonAnne Geneviève de Bourbon
28 August 1619, French