Taurus women are the friendliest of the entire zodiac sign. Read this article to know more about personality traits and characteristics of Taurus woman.

Go through your list of friends and check their birthdays. You are sure to spot one or more Taurus female in your group. Cross check it with a few other people and the results would surely leave you surprised. Almost everyone would have a Taurean female in their friends’ list. That is what Taurus women are all about – being true friends! Ruled by Venus and symbolized by the bull, women belonging to this sun sign are born between April 21st and May 21st. They are the most loving, compassionate and reliable of the lot and have an artistic bent of mind. Taurean women are basically introvert in their approach, with considerable moral and emotional courage. They are as feminine as any other female, but minus the unnecessary tantrums. They are friend’s friends and believe in constant loyalty and devotion. To know more about the personality traits of Taurus women, browse through the following lines.


05 May 1988



Adrienne RichAdrienne Rich

16 May 1929

27 March 2012

Baltimore, Maryland, United States


Akua DansuaAkua Dansua
(Ghanaian Politician)

23 April 1958



Alma GluckAlma Gluck

11 May 1884

27 October 1938

Ias,i, Bucharest, Romania


Angela CarterAngela Carter

07 May 1940

16 February 1992

Eastbourne, England


Anita LoosAnita Loos

26 April 1889

18 August 1981

Mount Shasta


Anna JamesonAnna Jameson
(Writer, Women Rights Activist)

19 May 1794

17 March 1860



Anne BaxterAnne Baxter

07 May 1923

12 December 1985

Michigan City


Audrey HepburnAudrey Hepburn
(Film actress)

04 May 1929

20 January 1993



Barbra StreisandBarbra Streisand

24 April 1942

Brooklyn, New York, U.S.


Behati PrinslooBehati Prinsloo
(Fashion Model)

16 May 1989



Belly BoydBelle Boyd
(Confederate Spy in the American Civil War)

09 May 1844

11 June 1900

Martinsburg, Virginia


Bettie PageBettie Page

22 April 1923

11 December 2008

Nashville, Tennessee, US


Birgit NilssonBirgit Nilsson
(Opera Singer)

17 May 1918

25 December 2005

Västra Karup


Calamity JaneCalamity Jane

01 May 1852

01 August 1903

Princeton, Missouri


Candace NelsonCandace Nelson
(Pastry Chef)

08 May 1974

Carol BurnettCarol Burnett

26 April 1933

San Antonio


Catherine the GreatCatherine the Great

02 May 1729

17 November 1796



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Chantal KreviazukChantal Kreviazuk

18 May 1974

Holne, Devon, England


Charlotte BronteCharlotte Bronte

21 April 1816

31 March 1855

Thornton, Yorkshire, England


Cherilyn SarkisianCherilyn Sarkisian

20 May 1946

El Centro


Claudia KarvanClaudia Karvan
(Film actress)

19 May 1972



Daniela SilivasDaniela Silivaș

09 May 1972

Deva, Transylvania


Daphne du MaurierDaphne du Maurier

13 May 1907

19 April 1989



Dolley MadisonDolley Madison

20 May 1768

12 July 1849

Guilford County


Donatella VersaceDonatella Versace

02 May 1955

Reggio di Calabria, Italy


Dorothy HodgkinDorothy Hodgkin

12 May 1910

29 July 1994



Evita PeronEvita Peron

07 May 1919

26 July 1952

Los Toldos, Argentina


Florence NightingaleFlorence Nightingale

12 May 1820

13 August 1910



Golda MeirGolda Meir

03 May 1898

08 December 1978

Kiev, Russian Empire


Grace JonesGrace Jones

19 May 1948

Spanish Town


Harper LeeHarper Lee

28 April 1926

19 February 2016



Inge LehmannInge Lehmann
(Seismologist, Geophysicist)

13 May 1888

21 February 1993

Østerbro, Denmark


Jane JacobsJane Jacobs
(Journalist, Author, Activist)

04 May 1916

25 April 2006

Scranton, Pennsylvania, U.S.


Jane McGrathJane McGrath
(England-born Australian cancer support campaigner)

04 May 1966

22 June 2008



Joanna LumleyJoanna Lumley

01 May 1946



Kamla Persad-BissessarKamla Persad-Bissessar
(Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago)

22 April 1952



Karmen PedaruKarmen Pedaru
(Fashion model)

10 May 1990



Katharine HepburnKatharine Hepburn

12 May 1907

29 June 2003



Katherine Anne PorterKatherine Anne Porter
(Journalist, Essayist, Writer, Novelist)

15 May 1890

18 September 1980

Indian Creek, Texas, U.S.


Kolinda Grabar-KitarovićKolinda Grabar-Kitarović
(Fourth President of Croatia)

29 April 1968



Madeleine AlbrightMadeleine Albright
(Politician & Diplomat)

15 May 1937

Prague, Czechoslovakia


Mallika Sarabhai Mallika Sarabhai
(Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam dancer)

09 May 1954



Margaret of France Margaret of Valois
(Queen consort of France)

14 May 1553

27 March 1615

Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye


Margaret Brooke SullavanMargaret Sullavan

16 May 1909

01 January 1960

Norfolk, Virginia, U.S.


Margot FonteynMargot Fonteyn

18 May 1919

21 February 1991



Maria Gaetana AgnesiMaria Gaetana Agnesi
(Mathematician, Philosopher, Theologian)

16 May 1718

09 January 1799



Maria TheresaMaria Theresa
(Queen regnant)

13 May 1717

29 November 1780

Hofburg Palace


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Taurus Woman Personality Traits & Characteristics

The Bright Side
Taurean women are exactly what every man and woman aspire to be – high on friendship, true on love, committed to relationships and proud of themselves. They are the kind whom you could walk with on any given day and share your joys and sorrows. A Taurean woman is an embodiment of love, trust and friendship. Once yours, she’ll be yours forever but before that happens, she’ll take the world of a time to rest her case. Though Taurean females are feministic in their approach and behavior, emotionally they are tougher than some of the men around. They have an undefeatable emotional strength which makes them capable of handling the severest of problems, without shedding even a single tear. What’s more, they can bear endless pain and stress without even raising their eyebrow for once! As far as friends are concerned, Taurean females pick their friend carefully. It is not the social status or the bank balance that they look for while picking their buddies. Instead, they are friends with those who do not hide their true nature and come across as real people. As such, many a times friends of Taurean females turn out to be weird and strange (no offense though!). Taureans are great listeners, which is what helps them to make friends with people. Another aspect of a Taurean woman is the love for Mother Nature.  She loves to be amidst the bountiful surroundings and adores and respects the gifts of nature.

The Dark Side
Offend this soft, easy-going Taurus and in no time, be prepared to face the bull fight! For, every Taurean, though cool and composed, has the infamous temper which when provoked, can be a matter of concern for people around. So, take care not to aggravate the bull or else the fight would be an unstoppable one. In matters of love, casual flirtations from the partner is okay but it should not exceed the limit or else it wouldn’t take long for the Taurean to get into the avatar of the symbol (i.e. the bull) that rules the zodiac sign. When in public, a Taurean woman expects her partner to take her stand, come what may. If in any case, he fails to stand by her or contradicts her opinion or views, fireworks and sparks are natural to expect. Sometimes, Taurean women come across as lazy individuals who have a tendency to live life the casual way until they find their true calling. Taurean females are possessive about their belongings and find it hard to share, unless the person is really close to her. While mostly humble and stable, some Taurean women can turn out to be materialistic, money-minded, arrogant and flamboyant – a total contrast from their natural self!

Romance Quotient
Love for a Taurean woman is life. She is a firm believer of the values of romance and passion and thus, turns out to be amongst the most dedicated lovers of the zodiac sign. Since she values the temple of love so much, a Taurean woman takes a long time to pick on her soul mate. Lots of consideration, deliberation and contemplation go into the process. But once the choice is made, she gives her heart and soul to the relationship. By nature, Taurean women are extremely romantic and love to share a strong emotional bond with their lover. By no means, does a Taurean woman ever desire to dominate her husband. In fact, she is more than happy to hand over the reins to him and bask in his authority and control. However, if her partner fails to take the lead, she would not think twice before taking the control in her own hands.

What makes a Taurean female different from her counterparts is the lack of female insecurities. When a Taurean picks her partner, she does so with complete trust and faith and expects the same from the other person as well. Loyalty, trustworthiness and dependability are few factors that she does not compromise with. As such, if any woman tries to pry her lover, she comes across as a formidable force to reckon with. She hates double-faced people and cannot tolerate if her partner behaves as one. Taurean females enjoy the closeness of relationship and thrive on affection and intimacy. Anything real attracts the attention of a Taurean woman like nothing else. So, whether it is the fragrance of real roses or the presence of real people, the way to a Taurean’s heart is by being real and genuine! And once she is sure of you, she will be there for you through the thick and thin!

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