Libra men are idealistic, peace-loving and easily sociable people. Read this article to know more about personality traits and characteristics of Libra man.

Famous Libra Men

Falling in the eighth house and ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, the zodiac sign Libra is denoted by weighing scales. Much like it symbol, men who fall under this zodiac sign seek balance in their life. They have a keen sense of justice and virtue of fair game and are great at managing conflicts. Librans are great listeners and thus make great friends with people. Easily sociable, they are idealistic and peace loving people who have a kind, caring and sympathetic nature. However, this does not mean that the scales are weighed under positive traits. Libran men have a negative side to their personality as well, the most profound of being his indecisive and gullible nature. While the first does not allow them to take a decision in life, the second makes them swayed by others opinion and beliefs so much so that whatever decision they take they tend to change it. Another thing which works against them is that Libran men often get confused in challenging situations and can get quite temperamental. To know more about Libran men, their characteristic profile and their personality traits, read through the following lines.

  • A. J. Liebling
    A. J. Liebling

    Famous as: Journalist

    Born on: 18 October 1904

    Died on: 28 December 1963


    Born in: New York City

    Nationality: American

  • A. P. Herbert
    A.P. Herbert

    Famous as: Humorist, Novelist, Playwright & Law Reform Activist

    Born on: 24 September 1890

    Died on: 11 November 1971


    Born in: Ashtead, Surrey

    Nationality: Briton

  • A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
    A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

    Famous as: President of India, Scientist

    Born on: 15 October 1931


    Born in: Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu

    Nationality: Indian

  • Abdullah Ibrahim
    Abdullah Ibrahim

    Famous as: Pianist, Composer

    Born on: 09 October 1934


    Born in: Cape Town

    Nationality: South African

  • Abraham Whipple
    Abraham Whipple

    Famous as: Revolutionary Commander

    Born on: 26 September 1733

    Died on: 27 May 1819


    Born in: Providence, Rhode Island

    Nationality: American

  • Adlai Stevenson I
    Adlai Stevenson I

    Famous as: 23rd Vice President of the United States

    Born on: 23 October 1835

    Died on: 14 June 1914


    Born in: Christian County

    Nationality: American

  • Adrian Kantrowitz
    Adrian Kantrowitz

    Famous as: Cardiac Surgeon

    Born on: 04 October 1918

    Died on: 14 November 2008


    Born in: New York

    Nationality: American

  • Al Yankovic
    Al Yankovic

    Born on: 23 October 1959

    Born in: Downey, California


    Nationality: American

  • Albert Ellis
    Albert Ellis

    Born on: 27 September 1913

    Died on: 24 July 2007


    Born in: Pittsburgh

    Nationality: American

  • Alberto Giacometti
    Alberto Giacometti

    Born on: 10 October 1901

    Died on: 11 January 1966


    Born in: Stampa

    Nationality: Swiss

  • Aleister Crowley
    Aleister Crowley

    Born on: 12 October 1875

    Died on: 01 December 1947


    Born in: Leamington Spa

    Nationality: Briton

  • Alexander Bain
    Alexander Bain

    Born on: 01 October 1811

    Died on: 02 January 1877


    Born in: Watten

    Nationality: Scottish

  • Alexander Severus
    Alexander Severus

    Famous as: Roman Emperor

    Born on: 01 October 0208

    Died on: 19 March 0235


    Born in: Arca Caesarea (modern Akkar, Lebanon)

    Nationality: Italian

  • Alexander Turney Stewart
    Alexander Turney Stewart

    Famous as: Entrepreneur

    Born on: 12 October 1803

    Died on: 10 April 1876


    Born in: Lisburn

    Nationality: Irish

  • Alfred Nobel
    Alfred Nobel

    Born on: 21 October 1833

    Died on: 10 December 1896


    Born in: Stockholm, Sweden

    Nationality: Swedish

  • Alvin Toffler
    Alvin Toffler

    Born on: 04 October 1928


    Nationality: American

  • Amiri Baraka
    Amiri Baraka

    Born on: 07 October 1934

    Born in: Newark


    Nationality: American

  • Arthur M Schlesinger
    Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.

    Born on: 15 October 1917

    Died on: 28 February 2007


    Born in: Columbus

    Nationality: American

  • Arthur Miller
    Arthur Miller

    Born on: 17 October 1915

    Died on: 10 February 2005


    Born in: Harlem, New York City, United States

    Nationality: American

  •  Arthur Rimbaud
    Arthur Rimbaud

    Famous as: Poet

    Born on: 20 October 1854

    Died on: 10 November 1891


    Born in: Charleville-Mézières

    Nationality: French

  • Bam Margera
    Bam Margera

    Born on: 28 September 1979

    Born in: West Chester


    Nationality: American

  • Barry Marshall
    Barry Marshall

    Born on: 30 September 1951

    Born in: Kalgoorlie, Western Australia


    Nationality: Australian

  • Bela Lugosi
    Bela Lugosi

    Born on: 20 October 1882

    Died on: 16 August 1956


    Born in: Lugos, Austria-Hungary

    Nationality: Hungarian

  • Brett Favre
    Brett Favre

    Born on: 10 October 1969

    Born in: Gulfport, Mississippi


    Nationality: American

  • Buster Keaton
    Buster Keaton

    Born on: 04 October 1895

    Died on: 01 February 1966


    Born in: Piqua, Kansas, USA

    Nationality: American

  • Carlo Urbani
    Carlo Urbani

    Famous as: Epidemiologist

    Born on: 19 October 1956

    Died on: 29 March 2003


    Born in: Castelplanio

    Nationality: Italian

  • Charles Ives
    Charles Ives

    Famous as: American Modernist Composer

    Born on: 20 October 1874

    Died on: 19 May 1954


    Born in: Danbury

    Nationality: American

  • Chester A. Arthur
    Chester A. Arthur

    Famous as: 21st President of the USA

    Born on: 05 October 1829

    Died on: 18 November 1886


    Born in: Fairfield, Vermont

    Nationality: American

  • Chevy Chase
    Chevy Chase

    Famous as: Comedian, Actor

    Born on: 08 October 1943


    Born in: New York City

    Nationality: American

  • Chris LeDoux
    Chris LeDoux

    Born on: 02 October 1948

    Died on: 09 March 2005


    Born in: Biloxi, Mississippi, United States

    Nationality: American

  • Christopher Wolfgang Alexander
    Christopher Alexander

    Born on: 04 October 1936


    Born in: Vienna, Austria

  • Clarence Walton Lillehei
    Clarence Walton Lillehei

    Famous as: Pioneer of Open-Heart Surgery

    Born on: 23 October 1918

    Died on: 05 July 1999


    Born in: Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Nationality: American

  • Cliff Richard
    Cliff Richard

    Born on: 14 October 1940

    Born in: Lucknow


    Nationality: Briton

  • Clive Owen
    Clive Owen

    Born on: 03 October 1964

    Born in: Keresley


    Nationality: Briton

  • Cordell Hull
    Cordell Hull

    Famous as: Secretary of State, USA

    Born on: 02 October 1871

    Died on: 23 July 1955


    Born in: U.S.

    Nationality: American

  • David Ben-Gurion
    David Ben-Gurion

    Born on: 16 October 1886

    Born in: Płonsk, Poland


    Nationality: Israeli

  • Desmond Tutu
    Desmond Tutu

    Famous as: Outspoken critic of apartheid

    Born on: 07 October 1931


    Born in: Klerksdorp

    Nationality: South African

  • Dizzy Gillespie
    Dizzy Gillespie

    Famous as: American jazz musician

    Born on: 21 October 1917

    Died on: 06 January 1993


    Born in: Cheraw, South Carolina, United States

    Nationality: American

  • Dmitry Shostakovich
    Dmitry Shostakovich

    Famous as: Composer, songwriter

    Born on: 25 September 1906

    Died on: 09 August 1975


    Born in: Saint Petersburg

    Nationality: Soviet Russian

  • EE Cummings
    E. E. Cummings

    Famous as: Poet

    Born on: 14 October 1894

    Died on: 03 September 1962


    Born in: Cambridge, Massachusetts

    Nationality: American

  • Elie Wiesel
    Elie Wiesel

    Famous as: Writer & Author

    Born on: 30 September 1928


    Born in: Transylvania

    Nationality: Romanian, American

  • Ferdinand Foch
    Ferdinand Foch

    Born on: 02 October 1851

    Died on: 20 March 1929


    Born in: Tarbes, France

    Nationality: French

  • Franz Joseph Liszt
    Franz Joseph Liszt

    Famous as: Composer, pianist, conductor and teacher

    Born on: 22 October 1811

    Died on: 31 July 1886


    Born in: Raiding, Hungary

    Nationality: Hungarian

  • Friedrich Nietzsche
    Friedrich Nietzsche

    Famous as: Philosopher and Philologist

    Born on: 15 October 1844

    Died on: 25 August 1900


    Born in: Röcken-bei-Lützen, Kingdom of Prussia

    Nationality: German

  • George C. Scott
    George C. Scott

    Born on: 18 October 1927

    Died on: 22 September 1999


    Born in: Wise, Virginia, U.S

    Nationality: American

  • George Gershwin
    George Gershwin

    Famous as: Composer

    Born on: 26 September 1898

    Died on: 01 January 1970


    Born in: Brooklyn

    Nationality: American

  • Gore Vidal
    Gore Vidal

    Born on: 03 October 1925

    Died on: 31 July 2012


    Born in: West Point

    Nationality: American

  • Heinrich Schütz
    Heinrich Schütz

    Famous as: Composer, Organist

    Born on: 08 October 1585

    Died on: 06 November 1672


    Born in: Bad Köstritz

    Nationality: German

  • Henry Graham Greene -  English Writer
    Henry Graham Greene

    Born on: 02 October 1904

    Died on: 03 April 1991


    Born in: Berkhamste

    Nationality: Briton

  • Horatio Nelson
    Horatio Nelson

    Born on: 29 September 1758

    Died on: 21 October 1805


    Born in: Burnham Thorpe

    Nationality: Briton

  • Howard Florey
    Howard Florey

    Famous as: Pathologist and Pharmacologist

    Born on: 24 September 1898

    Died on: 21 February 1968


    Born in: Adelaide, Australia

    Nationality: Australian

  • Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
    Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar

    Famous as: Social Reformer, Philosopher

    Born on: 26 September 1820

    Died on: 29 July 1891


    Born in: Paschim Midnapore District, West Bengal, India

    Nationality: Indian

  • Ivan Pavlov
    Ivan Pavlov

    Born on: 26 September 1849

    Died on: 27 February 1936


    Born in: Ryazan, Russia

    Nationality: Russian

  • Ivo Andric
    Ivo Andric

    Born on: 09 October 1892

    Died on: 13 March 1975


    Born in: Travnik

    Nationality: Yugoslav

  • Jack Dee
    Jack Dee

    Famous as: Stand-Up Comedian & Actor

    Born on: 24 September 1961


    Born in: Bromley

    Nationality: Briton

  • Jackson Browne
    Jackson Browne

    Born on: 09 October 1948

    Born in: Heidelberg, Germany


    Nationality: German, American

  • Jean-Claude Van Damme
    Jean-Claude Van Damme

    Famous as: Martial Artist & Actor

    Born on: 18 October 1960


    Born in: Sint-Agatha-Berchem

    Nationality: Belgian

  • Jean-Philippe Rameau
    Jean-Philippe Rameau

    Famous as: Music composer and theorist

    Born on: 25 September 1683

    Died on: 12 September 1764


    Born in: Dijon

    Nationality: French

  • Jerry Jones
    Jerry Jones

    Famous as: Owner of NFL's Dallas Cowboys Team

    Born on: 13 October 1942


    Born in: Los Angeles, California

    Nationality: American

  • Jesse Jackson
    Jesse Jackson

    Famous as: Civil Rights Activist

    Born on: 08 October 1941


    Born in: Greenville

    Nationality: American

  • Jim Elliot
    Jim Elliot

    Famous as: Missionary

    Born on: 08 October 1927

    Died on: 08 January 1956


    Born in: Portland, Oregon

    Nationality: American

  • Jim Rogers
    Jim Rogers

    Born on: 19 October 1942

    Born in: Baltimore, Maryland, USA


    Nationality: American

  • Jimmy Carter
    Jimmy Carter

    Born on: 01 October 1924

    Born in: Plains, Georgia, U.S.


    Nationality: American

  • Jock Stein
    Jock Stein

    Famous as: Football Manager

    Born on: 05 October 1922

    Died on: 10 September 1985


    Born in: Burnbank, South Lanarkshire, Scotland

    Nationality: Scottish

  • John Dean
    John Dean

    Famous as: Author

    Born on: 14 October 1938


    Born in: Akron

    Nationality: American

  • John Dewey
    John Dewey

    Famous as: American Philosopher, Psychologist and Educational Reformer

    Born on: 20 October 1859

    Died on: 01 June 1952


    Born in: Burlington, Vermont

    Nationality: American

  • John Kenneth Galbraith
    John Kenneth Galbraith

    Born on: 15 October 1908

    Died on: 29 April 2006


    Born in: Iona Station

    Nationality: Canadian

  • John Krasinski
    John Krasinski

    Famous as: Actor, Director, Screenwriter

    Born on: 20 October 1979


    Born in: Newton

    Nationality: American

  • John Marshall
    John Marshall

    Born on: 24 September 1755

    Died on: 06 July 1835


    Born in: Germantown

    Nationality: American

  • John Mellencamp
    John Mellencamp

    Famous as: Musician, Singer-Songwriter

    Born on: 07 October 1951


    Born in: Seymour

    Nationality: American

  • John Wilkes
    John Wilkes

    Born on: 17 October 1725

    Died on: 26 December 1797


    Born in: Clerkenwell, London

    Nationality: Briton

  • Jonathan Edwards
    Jonathan Edwards

    Born on: 05 October 1703

    Died on: 22 March 1758


    Born in: East Windsor

    Nationality: American

  • Kirk Cameron
    Kirk Cameron

    Born on: 12 October 1970

    Born in: Panorama City, California, United States


    Nationality: American

  • Lal Bahadur Shastri
    Lal Bahadur Shastri

    Born on: 02 October 1904

    Died on: 11 January 1966


    Born in: Ramnagar, Varanasi, United Provinces, British Raj

    Nationality: Indian

  • Le Corbusier
    Le Corbusier

    Famous as: Architect

    Born on: 06 October 1887

    Died on: 27 August 1965


    Born in: La Chaux-de-Fonds

    Nationality: French, Swazi

  • Lech Walesa
    Lech Walesa

    Famous as: Former President of Poland

    Born on: 29 September 1943


    Born in: Popowo, Poland

    Nationality: Polish

  • Lee Harvey Oswald
    Lee Harvey Oswald

    Born on: 18 October 1939

    Died on: 24 November 1963


    Born in: New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.

    Nationality: American

  • Lee Iacocca
    Lee Iacocca

    Born on: 15 October 1924

    Born in: Allentown, Pennsylvania, U.S.


    Nationality: American

  • Leo Burnett
    Leo Burnett

    Famous as: Businessman, Advertising Executive

    Born on: 21 October 1891

    Died on: 07 June 1971


    Born in: St. Johns, Michigan U.S.

    Nationality: American

  • Lin Yutang
    Lin Yutang

    Born on: 10 October 1895

    Died on: 26 March 1976


    Born in: Banzai, Pinghe, Zhangzhou, Fujian

    Nationality: Chinese

  • Luca Marenzio
    Luca Marenzio

    Famous as: Composer & Singer

    Born on: 18 October 1553

    Died on: 22 August 1599


    Born in: Coccaglio

    Nationality: Italian

  • Luciano Pavarotti
    Luciano Pavarotti

    Born on: 12 October 1935

    Died on: 06 September 2007


    Born in: Modena

    Nationality: Italian

  • Ludwig von Mises
    Ludwig von Mises

    Famous as: Economist, Philosopher, Sociologist

    Born on: 29 September 1881

    Died on: 10 October 1973


    Born in: Lviv

    Nationality: Austrian

  • Mahatma Gandhi
    Mahatma Gandhi

    Famous as: For His Philosophy of Truth and Non-violence

    Born on: 02 October 1869

    Died on: 30 January 1948


    Born in: Porbandar, Kathiawar Agency, British Indian Empire

    Nationality: Indian

  • Mario Lopez
    Mario Lopez

    Born on: 10 October 1973

    Born in: San Diego, California, U.S


    Nationality: American

  • Mario Puzo
    Mario Puzo

    Famous as: Novelist, Screenwriter

    Born on: 15 October 1920

    Died on: 02 July 1999


    Born in: Manhattan

    Nationality: Italian, American

  • Martin Heidegger
    Martin Heidegger

    Famous as: German Philosopher

    Born on: 26 September 1889

    Died on: 26 May 1976


    Born in: Meßkirch, Baden,, German Empire

    Nationality: German

  • Matthew Henry
    Matthew Henry

    Born on: 18 October 1662

    Died on: 22 June 1714


    Born in: Flintshire

    Nationality: Briton

  • Meghnad Saha
    Meghnad Saha

    Famous as: Physicist

    Born on: 06 October 1893

    Died on: 16 February 1956


    Born in: Shaoratoli, Dhaka, Bangladesh, British India

    Nationality: Indian

  • Michael Crichton
    Michael Crichton

    Born on: 23 October 1942

    Died on: 04 November 2008


    Born in: Chicago

    Nationality: American

  • Michel Foucault
    Michel Foucault

    Born on: 15 October 1926

    Died on: 25 June 1984


    Born in: Poitiers

    Nationality: French

  • Miguel de Cervantes
    Miguel de Cervantes

    Famous as: Novelist

    Born on: 29 September 1547

    Died on: 22 April 1616


    Born in: Alcalá de Henares

    Nationality: Spanish

  • Murray Walker
    Murray Walker

    Famous as: Formula One Commentator & Journalist

    Born on: 10 October 1923


    Born in: Hall Green, Birmingham, England

    Nationality: Briton

  • Norm MacDonald
    Norm MacDonald

    Born on: 17 October 1963

    Born in: Quebec City, Quebec, Canada


    Nationality: Canadian

  • Oscar Wilde
    Oscar Wilde

    Famous as: Playwright, Poet and Author

    Born on: 16 October 1854

    Died on: 30 November 1900


    Born in: Dublin

    Nationality: Irish

  • P G Wodehouse
    P G Wodehouse

    Famous as: Playwright and Author

    Born on: 15 October 1881

    Died on: 14 February 1975


    Born in: England, UK

    Nationality: Briton, American

  • Paul Dukas
    Paul Dukas

    Famous as: Composer

    Born on: 01 October 1865

    Died on: 17 May 1935


    Born in: Paris

    Nationality: French

  • Paul Pierce
    Paul Pierce

    Famous as: NBA small forward

    Born on: 13 October 1977


    Born in: Oakland

    Nationality: American

  • Pedro Almodovar Caballero
    Pedro Almodovar

    Born on: 25 September 1949

    Born in: Calzada de Calatrava, Ciudad Real, Spain


    Nationality: Spanish

  • Pele

    Born on: 23 October 1940

    Born in: Tres Coracoes, Brazil


    Nationality: Brazilian

Libra Man Personality Traits & Characteristics

The Bright Side
You need someone to laugh with, he is there, you need a shoulder to cry on, just ring him up and he’ll come running to you, you are dead tired after the party and need someone to assist you cleaning the mess up, just let him know and he’ll do the honors. Need anything else? A Libran man is a perfect example of a Godsend friend. He is the kind of person whom you can blurt out your innermost secrets and worry not for he would not leak out to anyone. Libran men are good listeners. They would listen to all your hopes, desires, dreams and wishes but if you think that he would understand your innermost emotion, you are wrong. Another significant trait of men under this sun sign is that they aren’t the biased types. So, even if you are his best friend or someone close to him, don’t expect him to be by your side when you are wrong. In fact, don’t be surprised if he is the first to point out your mistake. This brings to light another important quality of Libran males – their honest nature. Libran men are true to heart and honest is every matter. For them, a lie is a lie, irrespective of whether it is white or black. One of the lesser known aspects of Libran males is their creativity and intelligence. Libran men are generally calm and composed. As such, it takes more than a brawl and fight to get a Libran male to spew and scrap. In fact, he has utmost capability to manage a conflicting situation and bring peace.

The Dark Side
If you have been thinking that all is good with a Libran man, know that behind all that charm and charisma are a few characteristic features of him that can leave you irritated and vexed. First and foremost, Libra men are indecisive in nature. They take a very long time to make up their mind for even the smallest bit of things. What’s worse, if even after much deliberation, Libran men take a decision, they may change their opinion in a split second if they think they have made a mistake. Expecting a Libran man to take a life-altering decision is way too much as his mind or the consequences around him would make it difficult for him to make a choice. With a Libran man around, instead of taking the decision himself, he would let the coin decide what is best. What causes such behaviour is the easily influenced and gullible trait of a Libran man. Since he listens to his heart more than his mind, it is very easy to mould the thinking of a Libran, the way you like. Since men under this zodiac sign are easily influenced and not active decision makers, they get easily discouraged and disappointed and need to be constantly pepped up. Libran men are self-indulgent and flirtatious. They often spend more than necessary amount on things they might not even look back again, forget using. This attitude though not harmful can be a matter of concern when the credit card bill appears!

Romance Quotient
Have you fallen for a charming and charismatic guy? Is it getting more and more impossible for you to keep him out of your mind? Does his smile get your heart pulsating? Well, by all means, the cupid has struck you and the guy in question is definitely a Libran. For, no other man in the zodiac has the charm and charisma that a Libran guy exudes. What is even more convincing is the fact that the smile of a Libran (and the Libran alone) is so captivating that not even his enemies can resist it. Once in love with a Libra guy, it is impossible to get over it as he would never let you do so. As such, even if you try to back off, he will convince you with such persuasive arguments that you would be left with no other option but to stay. When in love with a Libran, a woman forgets her own existence and immerses herself completely in him. As such, she dreams what he dreams, loves what he loves and finds her happiness in his. However, don’t think that a Libran guy looks for a robot or a partner who has no intellect of her own. In fact, a Libran guy looks for soul mate who is intelligent, smart, good looking and has a knack for effective decision making.

To impress a Libran man, use of flattery and admiration is the key to win his heart. Your sweet talk and molly-cuddling would melt him down and make you an irresistible treat for him. And if he too feels for you in the same way, he would be more than happy to return your affection. Libran men are flirtatious by nature. However, the same only continues until they meet their perfect soul mate or someone who is absolutely compatible. Once in a relationship, Libran men are loyal and trustworthy. However, men under this zodiac sign tend to confuse love with friendship and vice-versa. They keep searching for the perfect girl and if the relationship doesn't turns out to be as they expected it, they become a little heartbroken but move on with life. A lost love or an unpleasant end of a relationship does not affect a Libran too much. Since a Libran man is not much of a decision maker, he is more than glad when the woman in his life takes the initiative and controls the situations. An indecisive woman only adds to the insecurities of a Libran man. To be with a Libran man, just make sure that you fill up for his weakness and life would be as smooth as silk!