List of famous jazz singers with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history.

Jazz singers are musicians who compose and sing jazz music, a genre dating back to early 1800s. Jazz singers are often composers also and play instruments and compose songs and albums for the music lovers. A jazz singer is often associated with other forms of music like blues, reggae and ragtime. Jazz singers often form a band with other members playing instruments like guitar, piano etc. Jazz singers travel a lot of places across the globe to play for their fans. Like many other musicians Jazz singers offer their audiences a different world to unwind and let go. This genre of music has survived for a century now and is still as famous as ever. Jazz singers have now modernized their music and there are new forms like acid jazz which include modern elements like synthesizer, whereas Jazzcore is for heavy metal lovers and Punk jazz combines with punk rock music. However, the jazz music is still popular for its inherent charm and the singers are working hard to keep the tradition alive. From Miles Davis to Wynton Marsalis, there have been eminent jazz singers around the world who have redefined the art time and again. To discover more about famous Jazz singers enter this space and read their biographies which include their life histories, interesting facts and trivia.

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