List of famous folk singers with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history.

Different countries all across the globe offer a different musical flavor with folk music keeping the essence of each culture alive. Folk singers are regional singers who represent the culture and tradition of a region and have been carrying it forward for centuries. Evolving since 20th century, folk singers have kept history alive and today their music is gaining even more popularity. Historically, singing during work and carrying out chores, Folk singers did not have a traditional book to pass on these songs. However, eventually some of them created albums and CDs to find a wider audience. In nations where there are many immigrants, Folk Singers pass on their culture to the younger generation like the Punjabi Canadians and Greek Australians. Their songs are today considered important piece of art and are slowly being reinvented for the present day audiences. From India to China and from the Balkans to the Celtics, every country and region has their own folk singers and music which is a reminder of home and family. Folk singers have made it possible to keep our roots alive and cherish the music which is our own. Enter this site to read more about famous Folk Singers. Discover interesting trivia, life histories and facts from their biographies.

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