Women born under the sun sign Gemini are blessed with multiple personalities. Go through this article to get details about traits and characteristics of Gemini woman.

Have you ever seen a kaleidoscope? If yes, then you would know that every time you rotate it, you witness an absolutely different pattern of an image. Wondering what has that to do with a Gemini woman? Well, everything, for just like a kaleidoscope, a Gemini woman changes at the blink of an eye. Ruled by the Twins, change is the only thing that is constant for a Gemini woman when it comes to her personality traits. Just like you rise to a different sun shine each day, same way you witness a different aspect in a Gemini woman with each passing day, and each of the aspect is as much hers as was the last one. Gemini woman is known for her multiple personality traits. She is pleasant one moment, irritated the next, baffled the third and passionate the fourth. So much so is the change that she herself gets perplexed by the complexity of her being. Nonetheless, Gemini women have a friendly disposition. They are frank, smart, witty, independent, talkative and intelligent. With the following lines, explore some more facets of Gemini women and see if you can deal with them or not.

A. J. LangerA. J. Langer

22 May 1974

Columbus, Ohio, United States


Adriana LimaAdriana Lima

12 June 1981

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil


Adrienne BarbeauAdrienne Barbeau

11 June 1945



Alanis MorisetteAlanis Morisette

01 June 1974



Alexandra FeodorovnaAlexandra Feodorovna

06 June 1872

17 July 1918



Alexis SmithAlexis Smith

08 June 1921

09 June 1993

Penticton, British Columbia


Amy ClampittAmy Clampitt

15 June 1920

10 September 1994

New Providence, Iowa


Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie
(Actress, Filmmaker, Activist)

04 June 1975

Los Angeles, California, U.S


Anna KournikovaAnna Kournikova
(Tennis Star)

07 June 1981

Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union


Anne FrankAnne Frank

12 June 1929

01 March 1945

Frankfurt am Main, Weimar Germany


Anne MurrayAnne Murray

20 June 1945

Springhill, Nova Scotia, Canada


Ashley OlsenAshley Olsen

13 June 1986

Sherman Oaks, California, U.S.


Aung San Suu KyiAung San Suu Kyi
(Political Leader (Freedom Fighter) of Myanmar)

19 June 1945



Bar RefaeliBar Refaeli
(Fashion Model, TV Host, Businesswoman)

04 June 1985

Hod HaSharon


Barbara BushBarbara Bush
(Former First Lady of the U.S)

08 June 1925



Barbara McClintockBarbara McClintock

16 June 1902

02 September 1992



Barbara StanwyckBarbara Stanwyck

16 June 1907

20 January 1990

Brooklyn, New York, U.S.


Benazir BhuttoBenazir Bhutto

21 June 1953

27 December 2007



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Bertha von SuttnerBertha von Suttner
(Pacifist, First Woman to Receive the Nobel Peace Prize)

09 June 1843

21 June 1914

Prague, Bohemia, Austrian Empire


Betty WilliamsBetty Williams
(President of the ‘World Centers of Compassion for Children’ and Founder of 'Community for Peace People')

22 May 1943



Brooke ShieldsBrooke Shields
(Actress and Model)

31 May 1965



Caroline Jones ChisholmCaroline Chisholm
(Immigrant Welfare Activist)

30 May 1808

25 March 1877

Wootton, Northampton, England


Carroll BakerCarroll Baker

28 May 1931

Johnstown, Pennsylvania, United States


Dorothy McGuireDorothy McGuire

14 June 1916

14 September 2001

Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.


Elisabeth HasselbeckElisabeth Hasselbeck
(Talk Show Host)

28 May 1977



Elizabeth Garrett AndersonElizabeth Garrett Anderson
(Mayor of Aldeburgh)

09 June 1836

17 December 1917



Elizabeth HurleyElizabeth Hurley

10 June 1965

Basingstoke, Hampshire, England


Faith EvansFaith Evans

10 June 1973



Frances BurneyFrances Burney

13 June 1752

06 January 1840

King's Lynn


Francesca Angelucci CapaldiFrancesca Angelucci Capaldi

08 June 2004

La Jolla, California, United States


Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of RussiaGrand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia
(Daughter of Tsar Nicholas II)

18 June 1901

17 July 1918



Gwendolyn BrooksGwendolyn Brooks
(Poet, Writer)

07 June 1917

03 December 2000



Haneen ZoabiHaneen Zoabi
(Member of the Knesset)

23 May 1969



Harriet Beecher StoweHarriet Beecher Stowe

14 June 1811

01 July 1896



Hattie McDanielHattie McDaniel

10 June 1895

26 October 1952



Heidi KlumHeidi Klum
(Model, Fashion Designer)

01 June 1973

Bergisch Gladbach, West Germany


Helen TaftHelen Herron Taft
(First Lady of the United States)

02 June 1861

22 May 1943

Cincinnati, Ohio


Helen HuntHelen Hunt

15 June 1963

Culver City


Helena Bonham CarterHelena Bonham Carter

26 May 1966

Golders Green


Hélène CixousHélène Cixous

05 June 1937



Ingrid NewkirkIngrid Newkirk

11 June 1949

United Kingdom


Isadora DuncanIsadora Duncan
(Dancer & Choreographer)

27 May 1877

14 September 1927

San Francisco


Izabella ScorupcoIzabella Scorupco
(Film actress)

04 June 1970



Jamaica KincaidJamaica Kincaid

25 May 1949

St. John's


Jane RussellJane Russell

21 June 1921

28 February 2011

Bemidji, Minnesota


Jaslene GonzalezJaslene Gonzalez

29 May 1986

Puerto Rico


Jeanne CrainJeanne Crain

25 May 1925

14 December 2003

Barstow, California, U.S.


Jeannette RankinJeannette Rankin
(First Woman Elected to U.S Congress)

11 June 1880

18 May 1973



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Gemini Woman Personality Traits & Characteristics

The Bright Side
If you find a female who behaves like a typical woman at one point of time, a nervous-wreck the other minute and an intelligent conversationalist in the next, worry not for there isn’t anything cynical about her. She is just Gemini! A woman with too many traits and too many profiles best describes females who belong to this zodiac sign. She is clever, witty and adventurous. Another typical trait of a Gemini woman is her ability to talk about anything under the sun. So, whether it is a high profile political scenario, a dogmatic religious issue or the frivolous celebrity faux pas, a Gemini would have something to contribute to each and every topic. Interestingly, a Gemini’s constant need for change, movement and communication leaves little or no space for monotony or boredom. A Gemini woman is mostly independent and love to be on her own. Once committed (a tough call), she will never be suspicious of your whereabouts and expect the same from you. Gemini woman makes an excellent hostess and will charm the guests with her grace and elegance. With a Gemini woman, the game of mystery is always on, for you’ll never know what her next move will be!

The Dark Side
How does it sound when we say waking up to a different woman every morning? If you are the Casanova types, exciting can be the answer but for rest, it wouldn’t be anything other than intimidating and nerve-wracking! Well, lower down your brows and rest your nerves for it is not literally that we are talking about. Being with a Gemini woman calls for real guts as she isn’t the one who is easy to catch or keep. Her constantly wandering mind can give any guy a run for his life. Just because she was warm and friendly the first time the two of you met, don’t assume that she’s ready to ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after with you. In fact, we wouldn’t be completely wrong if she ridicules you at the very next meeting! That is Gemini woman for you – simply incomprehensible! In matters of friendship too, Gemini can be a spoilsport. Her constant need for change leads her to make new friends wherever she goes but what fails is her inability to maintain her relationship with her old pals. Additionally, Gemini woman get disinterested in things, stuffs and relationships very soon. She may be with you one moment, someone else the next and a completely different person in the third. So, beware while you are with one!

Romance Quotient
Romance and Gemini woman go hand in hand, but if it is commitment that you are looking for, try the next door please. For, it is quite a task to get a Gemini woman to settle down for a commitment. Since stability and consistency are tangents to her personality traits, the idea of committing to a single person can be a daunting job for her. If you live up to her standards and make her wandering thoughts zero onto you every single time, she’ll be yours forever. However, to do the same, you have to be the man that she is looking for. Now you may ask how to be one? Here’s how. Gemini women aren’t the criticising types. As such, they find something good or positive in each man. And when looking for a potential partner, they want a person who has all those qualities. If you manage to stir a Gemini woman with your excellent conversational skills and strike a chord with her mental, spiritual and physical self, she’ll be yours. But that does not mean she’ll be devoted to you. A Gemini female can look at other guys, even when she is sincerely in love with you. The possibility is greater when she is in her youth. As time passes, you can expect some stability in a Gemini woman.

Romancing a Gemini woman is like enjoying the company of many at the stake of one, for she never is the same person twice. She may be exceedingly sweet one day, and the very next day might turn into your harshest critic and the following day compliment you for something she had just criticised the previous day. But once she meets up her perfect partner, she would reveal all the aspects of her personality. Expression of love takes the primary seat in love for a Gemini woman. She loves small sentimental gestures that keep the romance alive and the relationship kicking. In return, she’ll treat you by being your best friend, your sports partner, your racing competitor and your passionate lover, all at the same time. The key is to keep her mentally excited and her senses stimulated by making her feel challenged and entertained. Just remember the phrase, catching is not the same as keeping when it comes to Gemini woman! So, if you have successfully managed to rope in a Gemini woman as your girlfriend, consider it a job only half done. If you can’t hold her interest for long, then, puff and she’ll be gone to seek greener pastures!

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