Capricorn women are blessed with versatile personality. Check out this article to know more about personality traits & characteristic features of Capricorn women.

Famous Capricorn Women

So, you have been charmed by the ultra-feminine looks, the charming grace and the flawless etiquettes of a Capricorn woman? Well, you are not the one to be blamed. Anyone can be enchanted by this charismatic disposition? A Capricorn woman is a perfect personification of grace and good breeding. She is the one who would get her act straight, whether in public or private. She appears to be confident and has a steely determination to realise her dreams, goals and aspirations in life. However, behind that ah-so-perfect exterior is a soft, protected heart that needs assurance and reassurance time and again, like any other women. A Capricorn woman strongly feels for her family and makes every effort to support them, emotionally and financially. In matters of love, Capricorn women are cautious by nature and do not like to be rushed. Once committed, they stay true to their partners and support them in every way they can. If you want to get detailed information of Capricorn women, then browsing through these lines would be a great idea.

  • Aaliyah

    Famous as: Singer, Dancer, Actor & Model

    Born on: 16 January 1979

    Died on: 25 August 2001


    Born in: New York City

    Nationality: American

  • Alexandra Ripley
    Alexandra Ripley

    Born on: 08 January 1934

    Died on: 10 January 2004


    Nationality: American

  • Alice Paul
    Alice Paul

    Born on: 11 January 1885

    Died on: 09 July 1977


    Born in: Mount Laurel Township

    Nationality: American

  • Annie Lennox
    Annie Lennox

    Born on: 25 December 1954


    Nationality: Scottish

  • Ava Gardner
    Ava Gardner

    Born on: 24 December 1922

    Died on: 25 January 1990


    Born in: Smithfield, North Carolina, U.S

    Nationality: American

  • Carla Bruni
    Carla Bruni

    Born on: 23 December 1967

    Born in: Turin, Italy


    Nationality: French, Italian

  • Carol Ann Duffy
    Carol Ann Duffy

    Born on: 23 December 1955

    Born in: Glasgow


    Nationality: British

  • Clara Barton
    Clara Barton

    Born on: 25 December 1821

    Died on: 12 April 1912


    Born in: North Oxford, Massachusetts, U.S.

    Nationality: American

  • Elizabeth David
    Elizabeth David

    Born on: 26 December 1913

    Died on: 22 May 1992


    Nationality: British

  • Janis Joplin
    Janis Joplin

    Famous as: Singer

    Born on: 19 January 1943

    Died on: 04 October 1970


    Born in: Port Arthur, Texas, United States

    Nationality: American

  • Joan Chandos Baez - American Folk Singer
    Joan Chandos Baez

    Born on: 09 January 1941

    Born in: Staten Island


    Nationality: British, American

  • Kate Moss
    Kate Moss

    Famous as: Supermodel

    Born on: 16 January 1974


    Born in: Croydon

    Nationality: British

  • Pat Benatar
    Pat Benatar

    Famous as: Singer-songwriter, Musician

    Born on: 10 January 1953


    Born in: Brooklyn, New York, U.S

    Nationality: American

  • Patti Smith
    Patti Smith

    Born on: 30 December 1946

    Born in: Chicago, Illinois, USA


    Nationality: American

  • Sophie Gengembre Anderson
    Sophie Gengembre Anderson

    Famous as: Painter

    Born on: 27 December 1904

    Died on: 10 March 1903


    Born in: Paris

    Nationality: British

  • Susan Sontag
    Susan Sontag

    Born on: 16 January 1933

    Died on: 28 December 2004


    Born in: New York City

    Nationality: American

Capricorn Woman Personality Traits & Characteristics

The Bright Side
Immaculate etiquettes, conventional look, composed disposition and balanced thinking – a Capricorn woman is all of that and much more. Ruled by the planet Saturn, Capricorn women are the epitome of grace and poise. They have the inherent sense of social elegance and undoubtedly, are the most sophisticated, cultured and classy of the lot. A Capricorn woman is cool, calm and collected but don’t get deceived by this. Behind the charming grace and subtlety is the fierce determination and will power to achieve the goals and aims in life. Capricorn women are fuelled by the deep desire to be secured, respected and given the reins of control in life. However, what differentiates them from other women is that they are not bothered by what means or ways they achieve the same. A Capricorn woman is like the goat, who aims of having a better view of the surrounding by reaching the top of the hill. It does not matter from where she starts or what path she takes or how much time she needs to reach the same. What she is sure of is that she would attain the same. So whether it is switching to the role of a teacher, an executive of a firm, a CEO of an MNC or simply, as a wife of a highly ambitious man, a Capricorn would make sure that her desires are met. She is the lover of practicality and reality and does not waste time in illogical fantasies. What’s more, Capricorn women are mostly attractive and appealing!

The Dark Side
If by reading all the above, you have concluded that Capricorn women probably are the perfect females out of all the zodiacs, pause. There is a negative side to women born under this sun sign as well. Though not prominent, the negativity shows up when a Capricorn woman does not have it her way. She is stubborn and egoistical and can even get dominating. Also, a Capricorn woman can be extremely gloomy and depressive. What’s worse, she would not budge from her “feeling blue mode” for a long time. So, if you have upset your Capricorn girl for something, be prepared she’ll take a long time to come over it. And if the matter was a serious one, she can brood over it for even months in a row. Pessimism is a prominent trait that is seen in women born under this zodiac sign. When things do not seem to occur their way, negativity often crops up in Capricorn females. Since Capricorn woman like to be right always, they cannot stand being called wrong or incorrect. As such, it is best to not get in an argument with a Capricorn woman or else you would have a hard time winning her back. Another negative trait of a Capricorn woman is her revengeful attitude. Though she is calm and composed most of the times, when provoked, she can get into her alpha female avatar. However, Capricorn women are the not the ones to strike back with grudge and hatred. Instead, they are the masters of Silent Treatment. So, if your Capricorn girl has stopped talking to you or is treating you in a different way be sure she is cross with you! Make amendments fast!

Romance Quotients
Don’t get opinionated by her conventional looks and modern approach, a Capricorn woman is the traditional girl at heart who values love and keeps it in the highest pedestal of life. She is a worshipper of old customs and rituals and takes to heart the intricacies and sophistication of love. This, however, by no ways mean that to impress a Capricorn girl, all you need to do is get her a bouquet of red roses and take her out for a candle light dinner. Don’t even think about it. She is the practical and logical lover who does not pay much importance to these fanciful expressions of love. A Capricorn woman neither falls in love at the first sight nor idles her time in mindless flirtations. Love for her is a serious stuff that should not be trifled with.  A Capricorn woman would marry only when she is sure that the man in question could attend to her needs for security, authority, respect and position. When her needs are met, a Capricorn woman would give her all to the relationship, even if it means, throwing up on her career and putting on the garb of a homemaker. You need to understand that a Capricorn woman’s ultimate aim in life is to get herself secured, earn a respect and position in the society and have an authority over things. She does not care how she gets the same.

Being in a relationship with a Capricorn man is challenging. She is not the one who would openly display her feelings nor does she like to be rushed in matters of love. A Capricorn woman would carefully consider everything before she opens her heart to you. Only those worthy are blessed with the love of a Capricorn woman. Since security is what a Capricorn woman seeks for in a relationship, invite her to your ship of romance only when you are hundred percent sure that you are sailing on safe waters. A Capricorn female hates dishonesty and expects her partner to be absolutely honest. Marrying a Capricorn girl is like marrying her entire family. Just like you respect your Capricorn partner, similarly you have to respect and regard her family and relatives as well. If you fail to do so or criticize her family, he would never forgive you. On the other hand, a Capricorn woman would treat your family as her own and attend to their most smallest of needs. Capricorn women make excellent wives. With them around, you can be sure to come back from work to a spotless home and disciplined and organized children. What’s more, your bread would be perfectly baked and the coffee would taste just right. Need anything else?