Cancer women are sensitive, loyal and emotional beings. Read this article to know more about personality traits and characteristic features of Cancer woman.

Famous Cancer Women

We give you two situations - a strong willed and persistent girl who talks her mind and portrays herself as a bubble, effervescent girl-next-door and a reserved and docile girl who shies away from crowd and loves to be in her shell. If you think we are talking about two different girls, then you are completely wrong. A Cancer woman can be both of those, and all in the same hour. Ruled by the moon, Cancerian women are emotional, sensitive, friendly and caring females who look at the world with a rose-tinted glass. They are homely individuals who pay utmost priority to their family and friends. The only thing that works against them is their tremendous mood swings. They may be chirpy one moment, somber the other and distant the next. Cancer woman take to their symbol of the zodiac sign very seriously. As such, they often demonstrate traits of a crab. Just like a crab is tough from the outside and mushy from the inside, similarly a Cancer female may seem cold and distant from the outside but if you look deep within, she would be sensitive and loving at heart.  To know more about the traits and characteristics of a Cancer female, look through the following lines.

  • Ada Yonath
    Ada Yonath

    Famous as: Scientist

    Born on: 22 June 1939


    Born in: Jerusalem, Isreal

    Nationality: Israeli

  • Alice Munro
    Alice Munro

    Born on: 10 July 1931

    Born in: Wingham, Ontario, Canada


    Nationality: Canadian

  • Anne Morrow Lindbergh
    Anne Morrow Lindbergh

    Famous as: Renowned Author & Aviator

    Born on: 22 June 1906

    Died on: 07 February 2001


    Born in: Englewood, New Jersey

    Nationality: American

  • Arianna Huffington
    Arianna Huffington

    Born on: 15 July 1950

    Born in: Athens, Greece


    Nationality: American

  • Babe Didrikson Zaharias
    Babe Didrikson Zaharias

    Born on: 26 June 1911

    Died on: 27 September 1956


    Born in: Port Arthur

    Nationality: American

  • Barbara Cartland
    Barbara Cartland

    Born on: 09 July 1901

    Died on: 21 May 2000


    Born in: Edgbaston, Birmingham

    Nationality: British

  • Berenice Abbott
    Berenice Abbott

    Born on: 17 July 1898

    Died on: 09 December 1991


    Born in: Springfield, Ohio

    Nationality: American

  • Camilla Parker Bowles
    Camilla Parker Bowles

    Born on: 17 July 1947

    Born in: London, England


    Nationality: British

  • Camille Corot
    Camille Corot

    Born on: 16 July 1796

    Died on: 22 February 1875


    Born in: Paris

    Nationality: French

  • Carly Simon
    Carly Simon

    Born on: 25 June 1945

    Born in: New York City


    Nationality: American

  • Charles Whiteman
    Charles Whitman

    Born on: 24 June 1941

    Died on: 01 August 1966


    Born in: Lake Worth, Florida, United States

    Nationality: American

  • Charlotte Perkins Gilman
    Charlotte Perkins Gilman

    Famous as: Writer

    Born on: 03 July 1860

    Died on: 17 August 1935


    Born in: Hartford, Connecticut

    Nationality: American

  • Cicely Saunders
    Cicely Saunders

    Born on: 22 June 1918

    Died on: 14 July 2005


    Born in: Barnet, Hertfordshire, England

    Nationality: British

  • Debbie Harry
    Debbie Harry

    Born on: 01 July 1945

    Born in: Miami


    Nationality: American

  • Diahann Carroll
    Diahann Carroll

    Born on: 17 July 1935

    Born in: The Bronx, New York


    Nationality: American

  • Diane Kruger
    Diane Kruger

    Born on: 15 July 1976

    Born in: Algermissen


    Nationality: German

  • Emma Goldman
    Emma Goldman

    Born on: 27 June 1869

    Died on: 14 May 1940


    Born in: Kaunas

    Nationality: American

  • Estee Lauder
    Estee Lauder

    Famous as: American Businesswoman

    Born on: 01 July 1906

    Died on: 24 April 2004


    Born in: Corona, Queens, New York

    Nationality: American

  • Florence Ballard Chapman
    Florence Ballard

    Born on: 30 June 1943

    Died on: 22 February 1976


    Born in: Detroit, Michigan

    Nationality: American

  • Frances Cleveland
    Frances Cleveland

    Born on: 21 July 1864

    Died on: 29 October 1947


    Born in: Buffalo, New York

    Nationality: American

  • Frida Kahlo
    Frida Kahlo

    Born on: 06 July 1907

    Died on: 13 July 1954


    Born in: Coyoacán

    Nationality: Mexican

  • George Sand
    George Sand

    Born on: 01 July 1804

    Died on: 08 June 1876


    Nationality: French

  • Ginger Rogers
    Ginger Rogers

    Born on: 16 July 1911

    Died on: 25 April 1995


    Born in: Independence, Missouri, USA

    Nationality: American

  • Imelda Marcos
    Imelda Marcos

    Born on: 02 July 1929

    Born in: Manila


    Nationality: Filipino

  • Judy Chicago
    Judy Chicago

    Born on: 20 July 1939

    Born in: Chicago, Illinois


    Nationality: American

  • Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar

    Born on: 13 July 0100

    Died on: 15 March 0044


    Born in: Rome

    Nationality: Roman

  • June Carter Cash
    June Carter Cash

    Born on: 23 June 1929

    Died on: 15 May 2003


    Born in: Maces Spring, Virginia

    Nationality: American

  • Kathy Bates
    Kathy Bates

    Famous as: Actress and film director

    Born on: 28 June 1948


    Born in: Memphis

    Nationality: American

  • Lil’ Kim
    Lil’ Kim

    Born on: 11 July 1974

    Born in: Brooklyn, New York, U.S.


    Nationality: American

  • Lindsay Lohan
    Lindsay Lohan

    Born on: 02 July 1986

    Born in: New York City


    Nationality: American

  • Liv Tyler
    Liv Tyler

    Born on: 01 July 1977

    Born in: New York City


    Nationality: American

  • Lizzie Andrew Borden
    Lizzie Borden

    Born on: 19 July 1860

    Died on: 01 June 1927


    Nationality: American

  • Lucille Clifton
    Lucille Clifton

    Born on: 27 June 1936

    Died on: 13 February 2010


    Born in: New York, United States

    Nationality: American

  • Meryl Streep
    Meryl Streep

    Born on: 22 June 1949

    Born in: Summit, New Jersey, U.S.


    Nationality: American

  • Michelle Branch
    Michelle Branch

    Born on: 02 July 1983

    Born in: Phoenix, Arizona


    Nationality: American

  • Molly Brown
    Molly Brown

    Born on: 18 July 1867

    Died on: 26 October 1932


    Born in: Hannibal, Missouri, U.S.

    Nationality: American

  • Monica Lewinsky
    Monica Lewinsky

    Born on: 23 July 1973

    Born in: San Francisco, California, U.S.


    Nationality: American

  • Natalie Wood
    Natalie Wood

    Born on: 20 July 1938

    Died on: 29 November 1981


    Born in: San Francisco, California, U.S

    Nationality: American

  • Pamela Anderson
    Pamela Anderson

    Born on: 01 July 1967

    Born in: Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada


    Nationality: Canadian

  • Pearl Buck
    Pearl Buck

    Born on: 26 June 1892

    Died on: 06 March 1973


    Born in: Hillsboro

    Nationality: American

  • Princess Diana
    Princess Diana

    Born on: 01 July 1961

    Died on: 31 August 1997


    Born in: Sandringham

    Nationality: British

  • Rose Kennedy
    Rose Kennedy

    Born on: 22 July 1890

    Died on: 22 January 1995


    Born in: Cleveland,New York, U.S.

    Nationality: American

  • Tichina Arnold
    Tichina Arnold

    Born on: 28 June 1969


    Nationality: American

  • Tracey Emin
    Tracey Emin

    Born on: 03 July 1963

    Born in: Croydon, London, England


    Nationality: British

  • Virginia Satir
    Virginia Satir

    Born on: 26 June 1916

    Died on: 10 September 1988


    Born in: Wisconsin

    Nationality: American

  • Wilma Rudolph
    Wilma Rudolph

    Born on: 23 June 1940

    Died on: 12 November 1994


    Born in: Saint Bethlehem, Tennessee

    Nationality: American

  • Abigail Van Buren
    Abigail Van Buren

    Born on: 04 July 1918

    Died on: 16 January 2013


    Born in: Sioux City

    Nationality: American

  • Alexis Herman
    Alexis Herman

    Born on: 16 July 1947

    Born in: Mobile


    Nationality: American

  • Amantine

    Born on: 01 July 1804

    Died on: 08 June 1876


    Born in: Paris

    Nationality: French

  • Amy Vanderbilt
    Amy Vanderbilt

    Born on: 22 July 1908

    Died on: 27 December 1974


    Born in: New York City, New York, U.S.

    Nationality: American

  • Angela Dorothea Merkel
    Angela Dorothea Merkel

    Born on: 17 July 1954

    Born in: Hamburg, West Germany


    Nationality: German

  • Anna Akhmatova
    Anna Akhmatova

    Born on: 23 June 1889

    Died on: 05 March 1966


    Born in: Odessa, Russian Empire

    Nationality: Soviet Russian

  • Anna Marie Quindlen
    Anna Marie Quindlen

    Born on: 08 July 1952

    Born in: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.


    Nationality: British, American

  • Anne Hutchinson
    Anne Hutchinson

    Born on: 20 July 1591

    Died on: 20 August 1643


    Born in: Alford

    Nationality: American

  • Aphra Behn
    Aphra Behn

    Born on: 10 July 1640


    Died on: 16 April 1689

  • Ashley Michelle Tisdale
    Ashley Michelle Tisdale

    Born on: 02 July 1985

    Born in: Deal, New Jersey, U.S


    Nationality: American

  • Ask Ann Landers
    Ask Ann Landers

    Born on: 04 July 1918

    Died on: 22 July 2002


    Nationality: American

  • Barbara Deming
    Barbara Deming

    Born on: 23 July 1917

    Died on: 02 August 1984


    Born in: New York City

    Nationality: American

  • Bess Myerson
    Bess Myerson

    Born on: 16 July 1924


    Nationality: American

  • Bessie Emery Head
    Bessie Emery Head

    Born on: 06 July 1937

    Died on: 17 April 1986


    Nationality: South African

  • Christina Ellen Stead
    Christina Ellen Stead

    Born on: 17 July 1902

    Died on: 31 March 1983


    Nationality: Australian

  • Cyndi Lauper
    Cyndi Lauper

    Born on: 22 June 1953

    Born in: New York City


    Nationality: American

  • Deborah Moggach
    Deborah Moggach

    Born on: 28 June 1948


    Nationality: British

  • Diane Hegarty
    Diane Hegarty

    Born on: 10 July 1942


    Nationality: American

  • Dorothy Thompson
    Dorothy Thompson

    Born on: 09 July 1893

    Died on: 30 January 1961


    Born in: New York City

    Nationality: American

  • Emma Lazarus
    Emma Lazarus

    Born on: 22 July 1849

    Died on: 19 November 1887


    Nationality: American

  • Emmeline Pankhurst
    Emmeline Pankhurst

    Born on: 04 July 1858

    Died on: 14 June 1928


    Born in: Moss Side, Manchester

    Nationality: British

  • Fanny Fern
    Fanny Fern

    Born on: 09 July 1811

    Died on: 10 October 1872


    Nationality: American

  • Faye Wattleton
    Faye Wattleton

    Born on: 08 July 1943


    Nationality: American

  • Gilda Susan Radner
    Gilda Susan Radner

    Born on: 28 June 1946

    Died on: 20 May 1989


    Born in: Detroit, Michigan, United States

    Nationality: American

  • Gisele Bündchen
    Gisele Bündchen

    Born on: 20 July 1980

    Born in: Três de Maio,, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


    Nationality: Brazilian

  • Iris Murdoch
    Iris Murdoch

    Born on: 15 July 1919

    Died on: 08 February 1999


    Born in: Dublin, Ireland

    Nationality: Irish

  • Jerry Faye Hall
    Jerry Faye Hall

    Born on: 02 July 1956

    Born in: Gonzales, Texas, United States


    Nationality: American

  • Jessica Ann Simpson
    Jessica Ann Simpson

    Born on: 10 July 1980

    Born in: Abilene


    Nationality: American

  • Jhumpa Lahiri
    Jhumpa Lahiri

    Born on: 11 July 1967

    Born in: London


    Nationality: Indian, American

  • Karen Sunde
    Karen Sunde

    Born on: 18 July 1942


    Nationality: American

  • Katrina Kaif
    Katrina Kaif

    Born on: 16 July 1984

    Born in: Hong Kong


    Nationality: British

  • Kevin Norwood Bacon
    Kevin Norwood Bacon

    Born on: 08 July 1958

    Born in: Philadelphia


    Nationality: American

  • Kristen Anne Bell
    Kristen Anne Bell

    Born on: 18 July 1980

    Born in: Huntington Woods


    Nationality: American

  • Lisa Deshaun Leslie-Lockwood
    Lisa Deshaun Leslie-Lockwood

    Born on: 07 July 1972


    Nationality: American

  • Marianne Williamson
    Marianne Williamson

    Born on: 08 July 1952

    Born in: Houston


    Nationality: American

  • Mary McLeod Bethune
    Mary McLeod Bethune

    Born on: 10 July 1875

    Died on: 18 May 1955


    Born in: Mayesville

    Nationality: American

  • Missy Elliot
    Missy Elliot

    Born on: 01 July 1971

    Born in: Portsmouth


    Nationality: American

  • Octavia Butler
    Octavia Butler

    Born on: 22 June 1947

    Died on: 24 February 2006


    Born in: Pasadena

    Nationality: American

  • Pamela Denise Anderson
    Pamela Denise Anderson

    Born on: 01 July 1967

    Born in: Ladysmith


    Nationality: Canadian

  • Peace Pilgrim
    Peace Pilgrim

    Born on: 18 July 1908

    Died on: 07 July 1981


    Born in: Egg Harbor City

    Nationality: American

  • Pearl Sydenstricker Buck
    Pearl Sydenstricker Buck

    Born on: 26 June 1892

    Died on: 06 March 1973


    Born in: Hillsboro

    Nationality: American

  • Phyllis Diller
    Phyllis Diller

    Born on: 17 July 1917


    Nationality: American

  • Sophia Anna Bush
    Sophia Anna Bush

    Born on: 08 July 1982

    Born in: Pasadena


    Nationality: American

  • Susan Eloise Hinton
    Susan Eloise Hinton

    Born on: 22 July 1950

    Born in: Tulsa


    Nationality: American

  • Suzanne Nadine Vega
    Suzanne Nadine Vega

    Born on: 11 July 1959


    Nationality: American

  • Twyla Tharp
    Twyla Tharp

    Born on: 01 July 1941

    Born in: Portland, Indiana, USA


    Nationality: American

Cancer Woman Personality Traits & Characteristics

The Bright Side
Sensitive, stubborn, docile and distant – that is a Cancer female for you. Confused? Don’t be, for she is all of these and much more. Now, don’t confuse her with the chameleon Gemini female. For, unlike the latter who changes her personality in different situations, a Cancerian just goes through a change in her mood, which causes the variation. Thus, a Cancer woman becomes difficult to judge as she sad one moment and happy the other. However, excepting for this, a Cancerian female is the kind of girl which every boy would like to take home to. She has a friendly and caring nature which extends to motherly affection. Once committed, she will go to any lengths to help her friend/lover who is in trouble. She is not just sympathetic but empathetic towards others feelings and emotions. A Cancer woman has oodles of patience and perseverance which she uses quite generously. As such, she will seldom show her fiery temper, her anger or resentment.  However, with a Cancer woman around, you will have to constantly display your love and affection to her as she is highly insecure. Reassurance is what a Cancer woman longs for in a relationship. In matters of money, women born under this sun sign have a balanced approach. As such, they would neither be stingy, nor totally extravagant.

The Dark Side
If you have ever had a Cancer woman as a friend, you would know that she is a hard one to crack. Not because she lacks intelligence or is a dumb-headed female, but due to her incessant mood swings. Happy one moment, sad the other, witty the next and gloomy the following! It is very difficult to judge what is going on in the mind of a Cancerian female and how to react or respond to it. You may find her melancholic and depressed one moment. But just when you feel like putting your arm around to comfort and pacify her, out goes the wistfulness as she turns into a sparkling girl full of wit, humor and life. A Cancer woman has the capability of being stubborn, criticising, furious and docile all at the same hour. Another aspect that works against a Cancer woman is her over protective nature. Females under this zodiac sign tend to get sticky and can be really annoying. They are full of insecurities and hate to be criticized, ridiculed or rejected. As such, a Cancer woman never makes the first move in a relationship for the fear of a negative answer. Cancer women are secretive in nature and do not express their true feelings even to their lovers.

Romance Quotient
If loyalty, dedication and devotion are what you are looking for in your partner, note that a Cancer woman has all of those in immeasurable amounts. But if you think you can easily date this reliable lady, be forewarned as she is no pushover. Cancer woman likes to take it slow in matters of heart because once she commits, she likes to give her all. As such, she is never in a hurry while choosing her love and weighs the pros and cons before saying a yes. While dating a Cancer woman, you would have to play the role of the initiator all the time, as expecting her to make the first move is far too much. Remember, a Cancer woman only knows how to move backward or sideward in a relationship. This is mainly due to her shy and reserved nature and the fear of rejection. Only when a Cancerian female is more than 100 percent sure of your love to her will she ever let out her feelings and emotions. Until then, loving her can seem to be a one-side affair to you.

Once committed, a Cancer woman is an extremely devoted and dedicated lover. She knows not the trade of deceiving and can never think of anyone else except you. Tender, womanly, timid and modest, a Cancerian female is constantly in need to reassurance of your love to her in the forms of gifts, flowers, surprises, celebrations, holiday and so on. Since she is extremely sentimental and emotional, a Cancer female can never stand harsh words or an aggressive behaviour. She can get easily hurt, following which she may even retreat to her shell and take a long time to come out. When sad and melancholic, she would need you by her side to caress her, console her, take care of her and love her. Note a Cancer girl always wants to be told how much desirable she is to you and how you still need her at every step of your life. But don’t mistake this for her weakness as if needed, a Cancer woman can be as strong as a rock and sacrifice her everything for her loved ones. It is just that she loves to be pampered and spoiled after every few days.  In short, one can say, a Cancer girl is a perfect take-away package, who will always be there to love you, take care of you, get rid of your worries and make you smile again!