Aquarius women are mysterious and interesting individuals blessed with unique sense of humour. Read this article to get info about personality traits and characteristics of Aquarius woman.

Paradoxical and eccentric, an Aquarius woman is made up of a strange concoction that no one can seem to get over with. She is like that old half-remembered song. You neither forget it completely nor recall it wholly. You hum the song but the lyrics elude you. Mysterious, intriguing and interesting, an Aquarius woman is there for everyone but none can claim her. She is blessed with a unique sense of humor and courage. Fiercely independent, an Aquarius woman guards her freedom closely and cannot sacrifice it for anyone or anything. She has a practical outlook in life and does not get carried away by aimless dreams. However, inconsistency and confusion is a constant problem for women born under this sign. They aren’t the types who would stick to a single mode of thinking and constantly get swayed. As such, this might cause a great deal of confusion in the life of an Aquarian and those associated with her. The following lines provide a full account of the positive, negative and romantic side of Aquarius woman. Read on to find more!

Alice Roosevelt LongworthAlice Roosevelt Longworth

12 February 1884

20 February 1980

New York City


Alice WalkerAlice Walker

09 February 1944



Alicia KeysAlicia Keys

25 January 1981

Hell's Kitchen


Alva MyrdalAlva Myrdal
(Nobel Peace Prize Winner)

31 January 1902

01 February 1986



Amal AlamuddinAmal Alamuddin
(Lawyer, Activist)

03 February 1978

Beirut, Lebanon


Amrita ShergilAmrita Shergil

30 January 1913

05 December 1941

Budapest, Hungary


Amy TanAmy Tan

19 February 1952

Oakland, California


Angela Davis Angela Davis
(Political Activist)

26 January 1944



Anita BakerAnita Baker
(R&B Singer)

26 January 1958



Anna Howard ShawAnna Howard Shaw
(Leader of the women's suffrage movement in the United States.)

14 February 1847

02 July 1919

Newcastle-on-Tyne, England


Anna PavlovaAnna Pavlova

12 February 1881

23 January 1931

Ligovo, Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire


Audre LordeAudre Lorde
(Writer, Poet & Activist)

18 February 1934

17 November 1992

New York City


Ayn RandAyn Rand
(Author, Screenwriter, Playwright, Developer of a philosophical system named by her as Objectivism)

02 February 1905

06 March 1982

Saint Petersburg


Barbara KrugerBarbara Kruger
(Conceptual Artist)

26 January 1945


Barbara MoriBarbara Mori
(Film actress)

02 February 1978



Belle PerezBelle Perez

29 January 1976



Bethany HamiltonBethany Hamilton

08 February 1990



Betty FriedanBetty Friedan
(Feminist, Writer)

04 February 1921

04 February 2004

Peoria, Illinois


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Beulah Louise HenryBeulah Louise Henry
(Lady Edison)

11 February 1887

1973 AD



Caroline, Princess of HanoverCaroline, Princess of Hanover
(Heir presumptive)

23 January 1957

Monte Carlo


Carson McCullersCarson McCullers

19 February 1917

29 September 1967

Columbus, Georgia, USA


Cathy FreemanCathy Freeman

16 February 1973

Slade Point, Mackay, Queensland


Christina RicciChristina Ricci

12 February 1980

Santa Monica


Corazon AquinoCorazon Aquino
(Former President of Phillipines)

25 January 1933

01 August 2009

Paniqui, Tarlac


Cristina Fernández de KirchnerCristina Fernández de Kirchner
(Former President of Argentina)

19 February 1953

La Plata


Diane LaneDiane Lane

22 January 1965

New York City


Edith ClarkeEdith Clarke
(Electrical Engineer)

10 February 1883

29 October 1959

Howard County


Edith WhartonEdith Wharton

24 January 1862

11 August 1937

New York City


Elizabeth BanksElizabeth Banks
(Actress, Producer and Director)

10 February 1974



Elizabeth BishopElizabeth Bishop

08 February 1911

06 October 1979



Elizabeth BlackwellElizabeth Blackwell
(First Woman Medical Graduate)

03 February 1821

31 May 1910



Elizabeth OlsenElizabeth Olsen

16 February 1989

Sherman Oaks


Elvira LindoElvira Lindo

23 January 1962



Etta JamesEtta James

25 January 1938

20 January 2012

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Eva BraunEva Braun

06 February 1912

30 April 1945



Fleur Adcock Fleur Adcock

10 February 1934


New Zealander

Geena DavisGeena Davis
(Actress, Producer, Model)

21 January 1956


Germaine GreerGermaine Greer

29 January 1939



Gertrude SteinGertrude Stein

03 February 1874

27 July 1946

Allegheny, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States


Gina RinehartGina Rinehart
(Mining Heiress)

09 February 1954



Griselda BlancoGriselda Blanco
(Drug Trafficker)

15 February 1943

03 September 2012



Irena SendlerIrena Sendler

15 February 1910

12 May 2008



Isabel Martínez de PerónIsabel Martínez de Perón
(Former President of Argentina)

04 February 1931

La Rioja


Jane SeymourJane Seymour

15 February 1951

Hayes, Middlesex, England, UK


Janet Lane-ClayponJanet Lane-Claypon

19 February 1905

20 May 1905



Janice DickinsonJanice Dickinson

15 February 1955



Jean Merilyn SimmonsJean Simmons

31 January 1929

22 January 2010

Lower Holloway, London, England, UK


Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston

11 February 1969

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Aquarius Woman Personality Traits & Characteristics

The Bright Side
If you want to describe an Aquarius woman in one phrase, it would definitely be, ‘out of this world’. For she is not the usual types, she has distinctive ideas and atypical attitude that is just her own. An Aquarius woman is intuitive and prefers to live in her future than her past. She is the one who would never be tied down and cannot surrender her independence for anything or anyone. Witty and charming in her disposition, an Aquarius woman follows her heart and does what she likes. She has strange principles in life to which she swears by and lives for. Her code of ethics is distinct and unusual. However, she makes it a point to live up to them. An Aquarius woman is like the sand in the desert. The more you try to hold it tightly, the more it slips away. Just release the pressure and it’ll be there with you. Also, just like it is impossible to come back from a desert safari without getting some of the sand in your shoes and in your clothes, in the same way, it impossible to get over an Aquarius woman without being inflicted by her charming manners and amusing disposition. Aquarius women are not money minded. In fact, they least care about money and bank balance. It is intelligence and mental prowess that an Aquarius woman looks for in a man. She would be more than happy to get into the relationship with a man known for intellectual achievements that one who has overflowing bank balance.

The Dark Side
What happens when you cage a free flying bird? Given the slightest bit of opportunity and the bird flies millions of miles away from you! Wondering what has that to do with an Aquarius woman? Well, everything, for try restricting the space and curb the freedom of a woman born under this sun sign and she would fly off far beyond your reach and control. On the other hand, let her enjoy her freedom and she would come back to you after her expeditions get over. An Aquarius woman is like the butterfly in a garden. She hops, skips and plays with every flower there is but she belongs to none and none is her own. Inconsistency and confusion come naturally to Aquarius woman. She may be acting as your best friend today, but the very next day, she will ignore you as if she never knew you. Also, it gets extremely difficult to track the mind of an Aquarius female, which is continuously on the go. Aquarius woman also tend to be confused and disorganized. In matters of love, an Aquarius woman is neither emotional nor detached. Even if she is committed, her freedom is sacred to her and she can sacrifice or let go off it for no one. Aquarius women are not the passionate types. As such, expecting an intense emotion from them would be like discovering a well in a dessert!

Romance Quotient
If you thought that this flighty bird is easy to catch, wait till you get your hands on it. And when you do, hold on to it tightly and enjoy the ride. Only when you would successfully pass through the heavy storm and a roaring tempest, would the bird take you to an island where there is peace, calmness, solitude and of course, love. Aquarius women are not the ones to easily fall in love. They do not believe in the concept of love at first sight.  Instead, they are the ones who would try and test you before committing their love for you. Only after they are convinced of your integrity of love would they take the relationship to the next level. Therefore, it is quite difficult to bait this bird into the cage. But once you have successfully passed the test, an Aquarius woman would confirm her love for you. She is the types who would completely trust you and will not be unduly suspicious of you. In return, an Aquarius woman would seek her freedom and independence. When in love with an Aquarius female, know that only when you offer her boundless limits will she overwhelm you with her limitless love.

Aquarius women are not the passionate types. So, expecting an act of passion from your Aquarius lover girl can be a fruitless experience. Instead, an Aquarius woman’s love would be quite subtle, unassuming and on a platonic level. This does not mean that she does not love you much. It is just that expression of emotion does not come naturally to an Aquarius girl. She is the types who would walk with you, hold your hands and listen to what you say but looking deep into your eyes, forget it, for it isn’t an Aquarius woman’s cup of tea! You would have to teach her how to express love through small yet significant gestures like hugging, kissing and so on. With an Aquarius woman, out of sight is out of mind. This leaves no scope for carrying out long-distance relationship with a woman born under this sun sign. In no time, you would be out of her mind and she would open her wings of flight and fly away to the next best flower. To keep the things interesting, an Aquarius woman would play different roles for her lover. In return, all that she craves for is freedom and independence. Don’t smother your Aquarian woman with too much closeness. Give her the space that she desires and she would make your life blissful and your home a paradise!

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