Throughout history, there have been many female record producers who have made significant contribution to the field of music. The list includes many familiar and great females such as Bebe Rexha, Vanessa Lynn Williams, K. D. Lang, Imogen Heap and Bonnie Raitt. The women featured in this list are from United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and many more countries.
Bebe RexhaBebe Rexha
30 August 1989, American
Maren MorrisMaren Morris
10 April 1990, American
Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer

Brandy NorwoodBrandy Norwood
11 February 1979, American
Singer-songwriter, Composer, Actor, Record

Erykah BaduErykah Badu
26 February 1971, American

07 November 1996, Croatian

Faith HillFaith Hill
21 September 1967, American
Country Singer
11 November 1968, Canadian

Claire Elise BoucherClaire Elise Boucher
17 March 1988, Canadian
Record Producer

K. D. Lang K. D. Lang
02 November 1961, Canadian
Singer, Songwriter

Vanessa Lynn WilliamsVanessa Lynn Williams
18 March 1963, American
Singer, Actress, Model
20 May 1946, American
Actor, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Film

Alanis MorissetteAlanis Morissette
01 June 1974, Canadian, American
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Actor, Composer,
Linda PerryLinda Perry
15 April 1965, American
Singer, Composer, Musician, Songwriter, Record

Debbie GibsonDebbie Gibson
31 August 1970, American
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Actor, Composer, Film

06 February 1993, American
Actor, Singer-songwriter, Dancer, Film director,
03 December 1978, American
Singer-songwriter, Music executive, Model, Rapper,

Teena MarieTeena Marie
05 March 1956, American
Singer, Musician, Guitarist, Record producer,
Imogen HeapImogen Heap
09 December 1977, British
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Record producer

Gretchen WilsonGretchen Wilson
26 June 1973, American
Singer-songwriter, Composer, Musician, Songwriter,

Joan OsborneJoan Osborne
08 July 1962, American
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Record
Ayumi HamasakiAyumi Hamasaki
02 October 1978, Japanese
Singer, Seiyū, Songwriter, Model, Actor,

Buffy Sainte-MarieBuffy Sainte-Marie
20 February 1941, Canadian
Actor, Singer-songwriter, Visual artist, Record
Sona MohapatraSona Mohapatra
17 June 1978, Indian
Composer, Songwriter, Record producer, Singer

Melissa Auf der MaurMelissa Auf der Maur
17 March 1972, Canadian
Singer-songwriter, Photographer, Film producer,

Laura PausiniLaura Pausini
16 May 1974, Italian
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Record

Joan ArmatradingJoan Armatrading
09 December 1950, British
Guitarist, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Record
Willa FordWilla Ford
22 January 1981, American
Actor, Model, Singer, Composer, Dancer, Musician,
Tina ArenaTina Arena
01 November 1967, Australian
Singer, Songwriter, Television presenter, Actor,

Paula ColePaula Cole
05 April 1968, American
Singer, Musician, Singer-songwriter, Record

Angie StoneAngie Stone
19 December 1961, American
Singer, Actor ,Singer-songwriter, Composer,

Marsha AmbrosiusMarsha Ambrosius
08 August 1977, British
Singer-songwriter, Composer, Singer, Record
Sister BlissSister Bliss
30 December 1970, British
Pianist, Disc jockey, Composer, Record producer

Barbara OrbisonBarbara Orbison
10 January 1950, German, American
Record producer, Music publisher, Composer

30 September 1954, Polish
Singer, Jazz musician, Record producer, Composer

Jean GraeJean Grae
26 November 1976, American
Musician, Rapper, Songwriter, Record producer

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Myriam FaresMyriam Fares
03 May 1983, Lebanese
Singer, Record producer, Dancer, Actor
Sylvia MassySylvia Massy

Jane ChildJane Child
15 February 1967, Canadian
Singer, Record producer, Composer
Judy TenutaJudy Tenuta
07 November 1956, American
Actor, Writer, Record producer, Musician

Little BootsLittle Boots
04 May 1984, British
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Pianist, Record

Emilie-Claire BarlowEmilie-Claire Barlow
06 June 1976, Canadian
Singer, Jazz musician, Music arranger, Record
Keren AnnKeren Ann
10 March 1974, French, Israeli
Singer-songwriter, Writer, Engineer, Singer, Audio

Ellie GreenwichEllie Greenwich
23 October 1940, American
Singer-songwriter, Composer, Songwriter, Record
Lauren PopeLauren Pope
29 September 1982, British
Disc jockey, Record producer, Entrepreneur, Model

Diana HaddadDiana Haddad
01 October 1976, Lebanese
Singer, Record producer, Composer

07 July 1978, Japanese
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Lyricist, Composer,

Marisa MonteMarisa Monte
01 July 1967, Brazilian
Singer, Composer, Record producer, Guitarist,

Mai KurakiMai Kuraki
28 October 1982, Japanese
Singer, Composer, Lyricist, Songwriter, Record
Butterfly BoucherButterfly Boucher
02 June 1979, Australian
Singer-songwriter, Record producer, Singer

10 June 1983, Russian
Singer, Composer, Record producer

Anna Maria JopekAnna Maria Jopek
14 December 1970, Polish
Singer, Jazz musician, Pianist, Lyricist,

Sam BrownSam Brown
07 October 1964, British
singer, singer-songwriter, record producer