Throughout history, there have been many female Pop musicians who have made significant contribution to their field. The list includes many familiar and great female such as Taylor Swift, Rita Ora, Paula Abdul, Sheryl Crow, Vanessa Carlton. The women featured in this list are from United States, United Kingdom, Canada & Australia and many more countries.
Taylor Alison Swift Taylor Swift
13 December 1989, American
Lea MicheleLea Michele
29 August 1986, American
Actress, Singer, Composer

Sheryl CrowSheryl Crow
11 February 1962, American
Musician, Singer-songwriter

Charli XCXCharli XCX
02 August 1992, British

Paula AbdulPaula Abdul
19 June 1962, American

Rita OraRita Ora
26 November 1990, British, Yugoslav, Kosovar
Kacey MusgravesKacey Musgraves
21 August 1988, American

Tori AmosTori Amos
22 August 1963, American
Musician and Singer

Sarah McLachlanSarah McLachlan
28 January 1968, Canadian
AJ MichalkaAJ Michalka
10 April 1991, American

Natalia TenaNatalia Tena
01 November 1984, British
Jessica JungJessica Jung
18 April 1989, American
Singer-songwriter, Actress, Model

18 August 1998, American
Record Producer

Aimee MannAimee Mann
08 September 1960, American
Alternative Artist

Vanessa CarltonVanessa Carlton
16 August 1980, American
American singer-songwriter

Cassidy FreemanCassidy Freeman
22 April 1982, American
Jane WiedlinJane Wiedlin
20 May 1958, American

Katelyn NaconKatelyn Nacon
11 June 1999, American

Cassie ScerboCassie Scerbo
30 March 1990, American

Madilyn BaileyMadilyn Bailey
02 September 1992, American
Sinead O’ConnorSinead O’Connor
08 December 1966, Irish

Vera LynnVera Lynn
20 March 1917, British
Actor, Singer, Singer-songwriter
Adrienne BailonAdrienne Bailon
24 October 1983, American
Actor, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer,

Michelle PhillipsMichelle Phillips
04 June 1944, American
Television actor, Singer, Actor,

Sheila E.Sheila E.
12 December 1957, American
Chynna PhillipsChynna Phillips
12 February 1968, American
Singer, Actor, Television actor

Anni-Frid LyngstadAnni-Frid Lyngstad
15 November 1945, Norwegian, Swedish
Dusty SpringfieldDusty Springfield
16 April 1939, British
Singer, Artist, Cleric

Belinda CarlisleBelinda Carlisle
17 August 1958, American
Singer, Musician

Emma BuntonEmma Bunton
21 January 1976, British
Actor, Television presenter, Singer-songwriter,
Debbie GibsonDebbie Gibson
31 August 1970, American
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Actor, Composer, Film

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Kim WildeKim Wilde
18 November 1960, British
Singer, Landscape architect, Songwriter,
Patsy KensitPatsy Kensit
04 March 1968, British
Actor, Singer

Kiki DeeKiki Dee
06 March 1947, British
Singer, Musician, Songwriter

Peggy LeePeggy Lee
26 May 1920, American
Film actor, Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Jazz

Lesley GoreLesley Gore
02 May 1946, American
Singer, Musician, Actor
Sunidhi ChauhanSunidhi Chauhan
14 August 1983, Indian
singer, actor
Nicole AppletonNicole Appleton
07 December 1974, Canadian
Actor, Singer

Emily KinneyEmily Kinney
15 August 1985, American
actor, musician, singer, stage actor, television

Natasha BedingfieldNatasha Bedingfield
26 November 1981, British
Singer-songwriter, Singer

Sandie ShawSandie Shaw
26 February 1947, British
Rachel StevensRachel Stevens
09 April 1978, British
Actor, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Model

Mollie KingMollie King
04 June 1987, British
Singer, Guitarist, Model

Dana InternationalDana International
02 February 1972, Israeli
Singer, Songwriter

Cathy DennisCathy Dennis
25 March 1969, British
Singer, Songwriter, Singer-songwriter

Alexandra BurkeAlexandra Burke
25 August 1988, British
Kym MarshKym Marsh
13 June 1976, British
Actor, Singer

Tanita TikaramTanita Tikaram
12 August 1969, Malaysian, British
Singer, Composer, Songwriter
Carol KayeCarol Kaye
24 March 1935, American

Falguni PathakFalguni Pathak
12 March 1964, Indian
singer, composer

Ofra HazaOfra Haza
19 November 1957, Israeli
Singer, Voice actor, Actor, Composer, Journalist,
Tina ArenaTina Arena
01 November 1967, Australian
Singer, Songwriter, Television presenter, Actor,

Darlene LoveDarlene Love
26 July 1941, American
Singer, Film actor
Mutya BuenaMutya Buena
21 May 1985, British
Singer-songwriter, Singer

Helen ShapiroHelen Shapiro
28 September 1946, British
Singer, Actor

Alisha ChinaiAlisha Chinai
18 March 1965, Indian
Playback singer, Singer

Farrah FranklinFarrah Franklin
03 May 1981, American

Belinda PeregrínBelinda Peregrín
15 August 1989, Spanish, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Pianist, Television actor, Model,
Heidi RangeHeidi Range
23 May 1983, British

Sarah HardingSarah Harding
17 November 1981, British
Actor, Singer

Ana GabrielAna Gabriel
10 December 1955, Mexican

France GallFrance Gall
09 October 1947, French
Natalia LafourcadeNatalia Lafourcade
26 February 1984, Mexican
Singer, Songwriter

Laura PausiniLaura Pausini
16 May 1974, Italian
Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Record
Alessandra RosaldoAlessandra Rosaldo
11 September 1971, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Television actor

Nicola RobertsNicola Roberts
05 October 1985, British
Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Model

Kate CeberanoKate Ceberano
17 November 1966, Australian
Singer, Jazz musician
Sara DallinSara Dallin
17 December 1961, French
Singer-songwriter, Singer

Liz MitchellLiz Mitchell
12 July 1952, Jamaican
Dulce MaríaDulce María
06 December 1985, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Composer, Poet, Vedette, Television

Keisha BuchananKeisha Buchanan
30 September 1984, British
Singer-songwriter, Singer

Cindy HerronCindy Herron
26 September 1961, American
Nina NesbittNina Nesbitt
11 July 1994, British
Musician, Singer, Songwriter

Willa FordWilla Ford
22 January 1981, American
Actor, Model, Singer, Composer, Dancer, Musician,
Mariska VeresMariska Veres
01 October 1947

Marcia BarrettMarcia Barrett
14 October 1948, Jamaican

Rosario FloresRosario Flores
04 November 1963, Spanish
Actor, Singer, Musician

Mylène FarmerMylène Farmer
12 September 1961, Canadian, French
Singer-songwriter, Writer, Singer, Actor,
Cathy GuettaCathy Guetta
27 March 1967, French
29 April 1974, French, Indonesian
Singer-songwriter, Singer

Jade EwenJade Ewen
24 January 1988, British
Actor, Singer-songwriter, Singer

Gabrielle AplinGabrielle Aplin
10 October 1992, British
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Actor, Pianist

Sam BaileySam Bailey
29 June 1977, British
Singer, Musician
Caro EmeraldCaro Emerald
26 April 1981
Singer, Jazz musician

Faye TozerFaye Tozer
14 November 1975, British

Adina HowardAdina Howard
14 November 1973, American

Elis ReginaElis Regina
17 March 1945, Brazilian
Singer, Jazz musician

Alannah CurrieAlannah Currie
20 September 1957, New Zealander
Singer, Songwriter
Eliza DoolittleEliza Doolittle
15 April 1988, British
singer-songwriter, singer

Alejandra GuzmánAlejandra Guzmán
09 February 1968, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Television actor
Natalia JiménezNatalia Jiménez
29 December 1981, Spanish

Sylvie VartanSylvie Vartan
15 August 1944, French
Singer, Actor
Sally CarrSally Carr
28 March 1945, British
Ninel CondeNinel Conde
29 September 1970, Mexican
Actor, Singer, Television actor, Model