Throughout history, there have been many women figure skaters who have made significant contribution to the field. The list includes many familiar and great female figure skaters such as Tonya Harding, Dorothy Hamill, Monika Dannemann, Annabel Bowlen, Sonja Henie.The women figure skaters featured in this list are from United States, United Kingdom, Canada & India and many more countries.
Tonya HardingTonya Harding
12 November 1970, American
Former Figure Skater, Boxer
Nancy KerriganNancy Kerrigan
13 October 1969, American
American actress

Carol WayneCarol Wayne
06 September 1942, American

Monika DannemannMonika Dannemann
24 June 1945, German
Girlfriend of Jimi Hendrix

Dorothy Stuart HamillDorothy Hamill
26 July 1956, American
Figure Skater

Yulia LipnitskayaYulia Lipnitskaya
05 June 1998, Russian
Annabel BowlenAnnabel Bowlen
1956 AD, Canadian
Wife of Pat Bowlen

Michelle KwanMichelle Kwan
07 July 1980, American
Figure skater

Katarina WittKatarina Witt
03 December 1965, German
Actor, Figure skater
Tara LipinskiTara Lipinski
10 June 1982, American
Figure Skater

Alina ZagitovaAlina Zagitova
18 May 2002, Russian
Figure skater
Evgenia MedvedevaEvgenia Medvedeva
19 November 1999, Russian
Figure skater

Kristi YamaguchiKristi Yamaguchi
12 July 1971, American
Figure skater

Sonja HenieSonja Henie
08 April 1912, Norwegian
Actor, Figure skater

Mirai NagasuMirai Nagasu
16 April 1993, Japanese, American
Figure skater

Carolina KostnerCarolina Kostner
08 February 1987, Italian
Figure skater
Jamie SaléJamie Salé
21 April 1977, Canadian
Figure skater

Irina RodninaIrina Rodnina
12 September 1949, Russian

Tenley AlbrightTenley Albright
18 July 1935, American
Figure Skater

Barbara Ann ScottBarbara Ann Scott
09 May 1928, Canadian
Figure skater
Carol HeissCarol Heiss
20 January 1940, American

Cindy KlassenCindy Klassen
12 August 1979, Canadian
Speed Skater
Madge SyersMadge Syers
16 September 1881, British
Figure Skater

Cecilia ColledgeCecilia Colledge
28 November 1920, British
Figure skater

Dianne HolumDianne Holum
19 May 1951, American
Speed Skater
Lidiya SkoblikovaLidiya Skoblikova
08 March 1939, Russian

Karol KennedyKarol Kennedy
14 February 1932, American
Figure skater
Yu-Na KimYu-Na Kim
05 September 1990, South Korean
South Korean figure skater