List of famous video jockeys with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history.

A Video Jockey, usually simply called a VJ, is an announcer who introduces and plays music videos on television by providing lively and amusing commentary. VJs are similar to Disc Jockeys or DJs, the main difference being that VJs introduce music videos on television as opposed to the DJ’s role of introducing songs on the radio. They have to be aware about the latest trends in music, and have knowledge about various musical genres and the artists performing them. VJs need to directly address the audience and therefore should have a pleasing and interesting personality. Naturally charming people blessed with a cheerful demeanor and talkative nature make good VJs. Successful VJs are the ones who are able to develop their own unique style of presenting and are able to connect with their audiences at an emotional level. Having a pleasant appearance as well as a good voice is essential for a VJ. Even though the VJ is mainly responsible for videos on television, with changing times, their roles too are changing. With each television channel competing with others for TRPs, VJs are expected to host game shows, interact with the public, travel for promoting the channels, and interview music celebrities in addition to their traditional roles. This section brings you information about the life and works of world famous Video Jockeys through their biographies and timelines which contain information about the lives and triva about them.

Rhea ChakrabortyRhea Chakraborty

Amanda SealesAmanda Seales
Ranvir ShoreyRanvir Shorey

Shibani DandekarShibani Dandekar

Amrita AroraAmrita Arora

Rahul KhannaRahul Khanna

Rannvijay SinghRannvijay Singh
Sarah-Jane DiasSarah-Jane Dias
Indian, Omani

Megan YoungMegan Young
Filipino, American

Downtown Julie BrownDowntown Julie Brown

Solenn HeussaffSolenn Heussaff
French, Filipino
Zhu ZhuZhu Zhu
Nadya HutagalungNadya Hutagalung
Australian, Indonesian