Scientists From North Carolina

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North Carolina has produced a number of Scientists who have made it big. These include Kary B. Mullis, Howard T. Odum, George Christopher Williams, John Cocke, Karl Z. Morgan and others.
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Kary B. Mullis
Kary B. Mullis
Birthdate: December 28, 1944
Sun Sign: Capricorn
Died: August 7, 2019
Biochemist Kary Mullis won the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for inventing the polymerase chain reaction. He was also known for practicing clandestine chemistry and researching on hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD. He also wrote several books, including an autobiography named Dancing Naked in the Mind Field.
Howard T. Odum
(American Ecologist Known for His Pioneering Work on Ecosystem Ecology)
Howard T. Odum
Birthdate: September 1, 1924
Sun Sign: Virgo
Died: September 11, 2002

Known for his ground-breaking work on ecosystem ecology, Howard Thomas Odum paved the way for a large-scale experimental study of energy flow in natural ecosystems, shaping how the ecologists think about energy today. Author of numerous books and scientific articles, he also trained nearly one hundred students, who continue to develop his ideas, often identifying themselves as Odumites.

George Christopher Williams
Birthdate: May 12, 1926
Sun Sign: Taurus
Died: September 8, 2010
John Cocke
(Computer scientist)
John Cocke
Birthdate: May 30, 1925
Sun Sign: Gemini
Died: July 16, 2002
Karl Z. Morgan
Karl Z. Morgan
Birthdate: September 27, 1907
Sun Sign: Libra
Died: June 8, 1999