There are hardly a few people around the world who are not aware of the influential Kennedy family of the United States. John F Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, is a name famous in most households. He had introduced several reforms during his tenure as the president, such as the ‘Trade Expansion Act’ and the ‘Nuclear Test Ban Treaty’. His assassination sent shock waves across the globes and there are several conspiracy theories surrounding John F Kennedy’s death. John’s younger brother Robert F Kennedy was also a political stalwart, who was assassinated just like his older brother. Jacqueline Kennedy, JFK’s wife, Caroline – his daughter, Ted Kennedy and Joseph P Kennedy Sr. are other members of the Kennedy family. Ted, who passed away in 2009, was a senator and a member of the Democratic Party. JFK’s daughter Caroline too was a politician who has served as the Ambassador of the United States to Japan for a period of 4 years. Here’s more about the reputed Kennedy family.
John F. Kennedy Jr.John F. Kennedy Jr.
25 November 1960, American
Son of John F. Kennedy
Caroline KennedyCaroline Kennedy
27 November 1957, American

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
17 January 1954, American
Environment Activist & Attorney

Rose KennedyRose Kennedy
22 July 1890, American
American philanthropist

Jacqueline Kennedy OnassisJacqueline Kennedy Onassis
28 July 1929, American
Publisher, U.S. First Lady

John Fitzgerald KennedyJohn Fitzgerald Kennedy
29 May 1917, American
Politician, Military Officer, Author
Mary KennedyMary Kennedy
1960 AD

William KennedyWilliam Kennedy
16 January 1928, American
American writer

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy OnassisJacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis
28 July 1929, American