Explorers and discoverers held a quintessential position in the old world civilization due to the nature of their work. Brave and courageous, explorers journeyed through oceans and deserts to find new lands and water. While some were motivated by the basic instinct of knowing the unknown, most others explored new lands for wealth, power, prestige and trade. Spreading of religion and expanding the empire were other important motives that prompted explorers and discoverers. Just like explorers from round the globe, Spanish explorers undertook voyages of discovery to spread the Spanish Empire and spread Catholic faith. Some of the most famous amongst them include Juan Ponce de Leon - the first European to set foot in Florida and establish the oldest European settlement in Puerto Rico, Juan de Onate y Salazar - the first to establish the colony of New Mexico for Spain, Fray Marcos de Niza - a priest who travelled the fabled seven golden cities and even reached the shores of America and Captai Alonso Alvarez de Pineda - a map maker who became the first European to set foot in Texas. Others include Hernando de Soto, Hernan Cortes, Francisco Pizarro, Diego Velazquez de Cuellar and so on. Check this section to get details about the life and profile of Spanish explorers.

Francisco PizarroFrancisco Pizarro

26 June 1478

Juan Sebastián ElcanoJuan Sebastián Elcano

1476 AD

Pedro de ValdiviaPedro de Valdivia

17 April 1497

Diego de AlmagroDiego de Almagro

1475 AD

Bartholomew ColumbusBartholomew Columbus

1460 AD

Alonso de OjedaAlonso de Ojeda

1466 AD

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Ruy López de VillalobosRuy López de Villalobos

1500 AD

Beatriz Enríquez de AranaBeatriz Enríquez de Arana

1467 AD

Antonio de UlloaAntonio de Ulloa

12 January 1716

Alonso Álvarez de PinedaAlonso Álvarez de Pineda

1494 AD

Álvar Núñez Cabeza de VacaÁlvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca

1490 AD