Discover the notable alumni of Sibelius Academy. The list includes people like Jean Sibelius, Tarja Turunen, Tuomas Holopainen, Einojuhani Rautavaara & Kaija Saariaho. This list of notable alumni is loosely sorted by popularity and has people from different domains of life, such as musicians, writers, singers etc.
Jean SibeliusJean Sibelius
08 December 1865, Finnish
Tarja TurunenTarja Turunen
17 August 1977, Finnish
Singer, Opera singer, Composer, Pianist,

Tuomas HolopainenTuomas Holopainen
25 December 1976, Finnish
Pianist, Composer, Poet, Record producer,

Einojuhani RautavaaraEinojuhani Rautavaara
09 October 1928, Finnish
Composer, Musicologist, University teacher

Kaija SaariahoKaija Saariaho
14 October 1952, Finnish

Eicca ToppinenEicca Toppinen
05 August 1975, Finnish
Cellist, Composer, Musician, Drummer, Pianist
Perttu KivilaaksoPerttu Kivilaakso
11 May 1978, Finnish

Paavo LötjönenPaavo Lötjönen
29 July 1968, Finnish
Musician, Cellist

Jouni KaipainenJouni Kaipainen
24 November 1956, Finnish