Steel McBroom Bio


Birthday: June 20, 2020 (Gemini)

Born In: California, United State

Steel McBroom is the third child and the only son of American social-media stars Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz. The family is known for their YouTube channel, The ACE Family. Catherine announced she was going to have a son through an Instagram post in January 2020. The couple’s vlogs showcased their hospital visits and Steel’s birth. Steel became an Instagram star soon after his birth, and the account his parents have set up for him on the platform has gained over a million followers already.

Quick Facts

Age: 3 Years


father: Austin McBroom

mother: Catherine Paiz

siblings: Alaïa Marie McBroom, Elle Lively McBroom

Born Country: United States

U.S. State: California

Steel’s Birth & Family

Steel McBroom is the third child and the only son of social-media stars Catherine Paiz and Austin McBroom. Steel was born on June 20, 2020, in California. He has two elder sisters, Elle Lively McBroom (born in May 2016) and Alaïa Marie McBroom (born in October 2018).

Steel’s father, Austin, is a former NCAA basketball guard who played for the Saint Louis University men's basketball program in 2011–2012. Austin then plunged into social media.

Steel’s mother, Catherine Paiz, is French–Canadian. She was born in Montreal, to parents who were from Panama. She later moved to Miami and is now a famous fitness model, TV host, and Instagram star.

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Steel McBroom on Social Media: The Newest Member of The ACE Family

Steel McBroom’s parents run a collaborative family YouTube channel named The ACE Family. Fans of the channel were looking forward to Steel’s birth since his parents’ pregnancy announcement.

As soon as he was born, Steel’s parents created an Instagram account for him. Named steelmcbroom, the account gained more than 500 thousand followers within a day of its launch. It now has over a million followers.

Steel was also featured on his parents’ social-media profiles as soon as he was born. They also discussed the labor process and their daughters’ reactions to their little brother.

However, Steel’s name was revealed only after 10 days. Austin feels the name reminds him of superheroes and seems “strong.” Catherine’s labor video, THE ACE FAMILY OFFICIAL LABOR AND DELIVERY!!!,’ was posted on YouTube on June 23, 2020 and has gained over 12 million views.

Both Austin and Catherine are popular on Instagram and have 7 million and 8 million followers on the platform, respectively. However, their main claim to fame is The ACE Family. The YouTube channel has gained over 19 million subscribers and more than 3 billion views. Launched in January, 10, 2016, the channel hosts pranks and daily vlogs, mostly focusing on the children.

The family sells their own brand of T-shirts, hoodies, stationery, phone cases, and masks on Their fans can also subscribe to an Ace Club membership, which offers live interactions with Austin, Catherine, and their children.

In 2017, the family had released a music video titled You're My ACE, which gained over 27 million views. In 2019, the family moved into a mega-mansion. They have private chef, a home gym, a pool, and a home theater.

Before Birth

Long before Steel McBroom’s birth, Austin and Catherine had announced through their first YouTube video that they had plans to have three children, although Austin had stated that that he wished to have children till they had a little boy who would be his "mini me."

In January 2020, Catherine revealed that that she was about to have a son through an Instagram post that showed the family on the beach. The video also showed Austin and their daughters placing their hands on Catherine’s baby bump.

Catherine had kept the pregnancy a secret for months. She stated in the caption that she was "privately enjoying some time” with her family. She also called her son "the missing puzzle piece."

A few weeks later, they released a video on their YouTube channel, The Ace Family, through which they revealed that their son was to be born on June 25.

How Steel Revealed His Parents’ Marriage

As soon as Austin and Catherine revealed in January 2020 that they were to have a baby boy, their marriage, which had been kept a secret for years, was also revealed.

Catherine revealed on Twitter that they had been married for a while after a fan commented that it was "no bueno" that they had three kids and were still not married to each other. Catherine responded by saying that they had kept their marriage to themselves. She revealed that Austin and she had married a couple of years back in a private ceremony in their backyard.

Both she and Austin wish to organize a bigger wedding ceremony in future, where they plan to invite their family and friends. The couple also stated through a YouTube video that not even their parents had been at their wedding and that only Austin’s grandmother and Catherine’s brother were present as witnesses. They apparently wore flip-flops to their own wedding.

Catherine and Austin had first met at a dinner date at Nobu in 2015. Austin had proposed to her soon. They got engaged in August 2017. Their secret wedding was also held that year.

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