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Ricky Berwick is a popular social-media entertainer from Canada. Check out this biography to know about his family, personal life, etc.

Quick Facts

Birthday: April 23, 1992

Nationality: Canadian

Age: 28 Years, 28 Year Old Males

Sun Sign: Taurus

Born in: Canada

Famous as: Social-Media Star


father: Devon

mother: Barbara Berwick

Popularity Index
Social Media Stars #889
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Ricky Berwick is a popular social-media entertainer from Canada. Born with a physical disability that has left him wheelchair-bound, Ricky did not let his disability curb his will to live. As a child, Ricky displayed a keen interest in creating online content. He began his career by posting videos on his 'YouTube' channel. Unfortunately, he failed to impress the viewers. Ricky bounced back after a hiatus of nine years and has been entertaining people with his funny videos since then. His videos show him doing random things in a comical manner. He has earned millions of followers on 'YouTube' and 'Facebook.' Ricky has collaborated with a few popular "YouTubers" and has appeared on a TV show, too.

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Social-Media Fame
  • Ricky was quite young when he displayed an interest in creating online content. He would shoot random videos with his webcam and soon made a huge collection of videos. He created a self-titled 'YouTube' channel, where he posted those videos. However, his 'YouTube' career was initially not too successful. Ricky then took a break and made a comeback after nine years.
  • Ricky bounced back in the social-media arena through 'Twitter.' He began posting short comedy-based videos to see how popular "YouTubers" reacted to those videos. The video that gave a boost to Ricky’s career was the one that showed him eating 'McDonald's' french fries. The video became viral and was then uploaded to 'Facebook,' where it received millions of "views." Ricky became popular overnight. He continued uploading on 'Twitter' and simultaneously rebranded his 'YouTube' channel. He also began posting videos on 'Facebook' at a consistent and rapid pace. Some of his initial 'YouTube' videos such as 'Darude – Sandstorm' and 'KA-CHOW!' helped Ricky gain further popularity. Most of his videos show him re-enacting events in pop culture, with strange twists. The most inspirational feature of Ricky’s videos is his ability to entertain people in spite of him suffering from a genetic disorder. He is known for his signature style of flicking his tongue and his creepy responses.
  • Ricky’s 'YouTube' channel and 'Facebook' page have both gained millions of fans. His 'Twitter' account has around 214 thousand followers. Ricky has taken over the internet with his funny and entertaining short videos and has captured three of the largest social-media platforms in the world. Ricky is also popular on 'Instagram,' where his posts have earned him over 342 thousand followers. He also has a personal website.
  • Ricky loves 'McDonalds' and 'Reese's' products. He often uses them in his videos. This has earned him an association with the brands. Ricky made his first TV appearance in April 2016, as a guest on the 'Comedy Central' show 'Tosh.0.' He was featured on popular "YouTuber" Daniel Keem's 'YouTube' channel, 'DramaAlert.’ Ricky appeared on the channel as the guest announcer, writer, and director for an episode titled 'RICEGUM HAS A GHOST WRITER.' He has also collaborated with 'YouTube' channel 'iDubbbzTV.' Ricky has partnered with 'DXRacer,' a manufacturer of gaming chairs. The partnership earned the company a huge profit, as they sold over a hundred chairs as part of the deal.
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Personal Life
  • Ricky Berwick was born on April 23, 1992, in Canada, to Devon and Barbara Berwick. Ricky lives in Ontario.
  • Ricky’s condition is known as the Beals-Hecht syndrome. Owing to this rare genetic disorder, Ricky has long toes and fingers and shrunken muscles.
  • Ricky has two cats named Shady and Sonny. He loves superheroes. He enjoys watching animation movies and has worked with many notable animators.

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Last Updated : November 03, 2018
Ricky Berwick

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