Piques Bio

(Canadian Internet Celebrity and YouTuber)

Birthday: June 30, 1986 (Cancer)

Born In: Toronto, Canada

Jon Paul Piques is a Canadian Instagram star and social media influencer. He first rose to prominence on Vine, the six-second video sharing app, where he accumulated over 3.1 million followers. He initially gained attention on the app with his "That moment when your fav part of the song comes on” video. Currently, Piques is ruling Instagram where he is followed by millions. An avid traveler and adventure lover, he likes engaging in new and crazy activities. He also loves animals, especially dogs. He has an incredible sense of humor and is always up to silly and funny things! As an entertainer, Piques routinely shares fun-filled, humorous content on his Instagram profile. A former insurance agent, he loves being on social media and enjoys his current career more. As an Instagram star, he gets to influence the lives of the people who follow him. Piques, who was a professional soccer player once, is quite athletic. He loves technology and gaming as well.
Quick Facts

Canadian Celebrities Born In June

Also Known As: Jon Paul Piques

Age: 38 Years, 38 Year Old Males

Height: 6'1" (185 cm), 6'1" Males

City: Toronto, Canada

Rise to Stardom
Piques initially started out by making an account on Vine. He began creating random videos for the six-second video app. His first video was "That moment when your fav part of the song comes on”. With time, he garnered moderate popularity on the platform. He then went on to collaborate with numerous fellow Vine stars, including Christian DelGrosso, Jessica Vanessa, Jerry Purpdrank, Anwar Jibawi and Gary Rojas. His popularity continued to rise, and over a period of time, Piques earned more than 3.1 million followers on his Vine account.
He eventually made a compilation of his most popular Vine videos. Lasting 1 minute and 45 seconds, this video went viral on Facebook. It went on to earn more than 120 million views within four days of its release! The video’s success earned Piques hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook in no time. During this period, he was already active on Instagram where he used to post pictures. Around this time, he switched to videos. He would combine two of his Vines to fit into a 15-second Instagram video. His journey of sharing content on Facebook and Instagram continued and Piques became an immensely popular social media star. Today, he has more than 9 million likes on his page at Facebook. Also, he has over 2 million followers on his Instagram account.
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Personal Life
Jon Paul Piques was born on June 30, 1987 in Canada. He worked as a business insurance agent in the past and was earning in six figures. According to him, it was quite scary quitting his cushy job and switching to social media full time. However, he also states that if there are no risks involved, there are no chances of rewards either. So, at certain times, one has to take the risk and see where it goes! He believes that social media is very powerful and can help make a celebrity out of an ordinary person.
Information regarding the Instagram star’s parents is not available. He often posts pictures of his niece, nephew, and girlfriend on his Instagram handle. He loves playing video games in his free time.

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