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Born: 1947

Born In: South Korea

Park Makrye is one of the oldest YouTubers from South Korea. She is famous for her hilarious videos that document her everyday life as a fashion-conscious pensioner. Posting under the name ‘Korea Grandma’, she posts everything on her channel, from makeup tips to her adventures abroad. Her videos are all about flaunting her wrinkles and the travails of elderly living. Makrye, who is defending against the risk of dementia daily, also runs a diner in Yongin, Seoul. Having been urged by her young granddaughter to make videos, today Makrye has earned herself a celebrity status in South Korea. People from all over the country come to her diner just to meet her. Her popularity has grown to such an extent that even tech giants like Samsung are aware about her! Not only has Makrye appeared in a YouTube commercial for Samsung, but she has also posed for a high-end women’s magazine. Besides these, she has hosted a home shopping show as well. Full of life and enthusiasm, the funny and adorable grandma has the passion to do a lot more in the upcoming years. Apart from vlogging and running her diner, she loves to travel, eat, and take photographs just like teenagers and youngsters.

Quick Facts

Age: 77 Years, 77 Year Old Females

Born Country: South Korea

Park Makrye started her career as a YouTuber back in January 2017. She got inspiration from her granddaughter, Kim Yura who first posted her grandmother’s holiday video online. This video featured Makrye enjoying her first-ever diving experience. Soon this video became a huge hit in South Korea. Encouraged by its popularity, Yura advised her grandmother to start making videos on YouTube. Then on Jan 30, 2017, Makrye created her channel under the name ‘Korea Grandma’. Since then, she has been posting her hilarious and interesting videos every week.
Her first video on her channel was ‘Grandma MakRye's (curse inducing) trip to Cairns, Australia’. This was followed by other videos such as ‘Thin Film Making Ryan Chocolate in Grandma’, ‘Is this the same movie we did? Thin film grandmother's air conditioning review is available’ and ‘What is in her grandmother's bag’. These videos were successful in garnering numerous views from the audience. Then came Makrye’s videos like ‘Going to the dentist and market makeup look’, ‘It is a challenge for the first time kayaking in 71 years’, ‘Beauty and the Beast Movie Review by Korea grandma’ and so on.
The most recent videos one will find on her channel are ‘Too Dirty Grand Daughter’ and ‘Grandma's Hip Hop Make Up 'Yozm Gang'. Today, Park Makrye has over 313k subscribers and about 22 million views on her channel. She is sure to earn even more views and subscribers in the coming future!
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Personal Life
Park Makrye was born in South Korea. As she was a girl, her parents refused to educate her and forced her to do household work such as washing, cleaning, cutting firewood, etc. After a few years of her marriage, her husband abandoned her, putting on her shoulders the responsibility of raising their three children alone. Then Makrye opened a restaurant and raised her kids single-handedly. Currently, she lives with her family in South Korea and her family includes her granddaughter Kim Yura who inspired her to become a YouTuber.

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