Norvina Claudia Bio

(Romanian Instagram and You Tube Star)

Birthday: November 16, 1987 (Scorpio)

Born In: Romania

Norvina Claudia is the President of the beauty salon ‘Anastasia Beverly Hills’ which her mother pioneered. She owes her career and inspiration to her mother, Anastasia. But that does not mean that Norvina Claudia had it easy. She worked harder and knows more about the initiative, because her mother insisted that Claudia should scale up the ladder and reach the top, which the young woman has managed. This celebrity loves her work and is quite passionate about what she does. Claudia is a beautiful, talented and passionate beauty professional who understands her products really well and even designs them. The youngster inherited this business trait from her mother who made her own products after she started her own salon during the 90’s. She has seen her mom grow from rags to riches – from anonymity to inspiration; not only to her, but to all those whom she has interacted with.

Quick Facts

Nick Name: Claudia

Age: 36 Years, 36 Year Old Females


mother: Anastasia Soare

Born Country: Romania

Height: 5'7" (170 cm), 5'7" Females

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Claudia started working as a front desk telephone operator right out of high school. She handled the phones when her mother just started getting famous after appearing in ‘Oprah’. She learnt many tricks of the beauty business because she had to work from the bottom rung. Claudia has always been a perfectionist and her mother has lauded this trait of hers. She moved onto handling more and more of the business as time went on and currently she is beginning to involve herself in the development of cosmetic products that the brand churns. Norvina was instrumental in bringing her mother’s business initiative, ‘Anastasia Beverly Hills’ into social media. Though she is not as active on social media herself, Claudia knows how to utilize its benefits and has used it creatively and optimally to market her brand and its products to gain more visibility. This young woman has made several videos of how to do eye makeup, dress casually or like a business chic and many other tips to look beautiful. Of course, the products used are mostly those that her company makes, but this kind of unobtrusive product marketing blends in beautifully with the video. The products of the company are genuinely made with an intuitive understanding of what the user would need to get the best look. She has gathered more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram and has amassed over 95,000 subscribers on YouTube.

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What Makes Claudia So Special
The women of the Soare family – Norvina Claudia and her mother – are dedicated and passionate about what they do. Norvina’s talent coupled with inspiration and dedication would definitely help the lass achieve her goals and reach for the stars. Theirs is an innovative cosmetics company that has a unique formula to ensure their products sell. They are unique since they are also stylists who boast of many famous customers like Cindy Crawford, Oprah Winfrey and many others of their likes. Norvina’s foresight and dedication has established the brand ‘Anastasia Beverly Hills’ as one of the world’s leading cosmetic brands.
Beyond Fame
Norvina Claudia’s has set many goals, which she plans to achieve in the near future. She wants the brand ‘Anastasia Beverly Hills’ to have a wide range of products and not merely offer face makeup options. She also wants her products to be available in more number of retail outlets. Her long term goals include creating an academy that teaches young people about makeup and makeup products. Her videos also deal with topics such as fashion and makeup. Her grandmother was a tailor and her mother has a fair idea of what looks good. Seems like Claudia has inherited the best of both and this is pretty evident in her videos. For her, the brand is not just a business, but an inspiration and her thoughts and life revolves around it.
Behind The Curtains
Norvina is not all about makeup and cosmetics. During high school, she wanted to be an actress and pursued dramatics during her school days. This diva was a talkative student and an extrovert who always wants a laugh and expected others to be in a joyful mood as well. A true Scorpion, she gets totally focused when she is doing a task or anything at all, that she wants. She is closely linked to her family business and likes to do research or connect to others in social media. She is a person who is grounded and loves what she does. She is one of the few who has found a perfect balance between her career and social life.
She is named Norvina after her grandfather but since Romanian authorities insisted that she must have a Romanian name, her mother named her Claudia. She randomly chose the name ‘Claudia’ because the lady in front of her mother chose the same. At home, she is called Norvina, but in all her certificates, she is referred to as Claudia – which is her official name.

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